Kosciusko County Indiana

The History of Etna Green High School


High school like many other institutions must have a beginning and so it has been with the high school at Etna Green.

In the early history of the town a school system was established and a three room building erected on the lot just west of the Christian church. There the school continued without much change as [did] all the schools [in] small towns in the County.

In 1897 the town School Board secured Mr. Thomas as principal, who introduced the first High School subjects in the Course of Study. Among the subjects offered were Algebra, Latin, Literature and Rhetoric; but as only one teacher was employed for Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade and High School not much progress could be made with the new work.

Mr. William McApline was his successor. He continued the work as outlined and added some new subjects. After two years he resigned and Mr. Samuel Kent taught for one year.

In 1902 Mr. Thomas was again secured as principal. The Seventh grade was dropped from the principal's room and more High School subjects were adopted. In 1904 the Town School Corporation was abandoned and the school was turned over to the Township Trustee, Mr. S. B. Iden who at once began to lay plans for a new school building. Having secured
ground at the present location of our High School, he and his successor, Mr. F. J. Snyder, erected a fine four room building which most people thought large enough to accommodate all the pupils Etna Green and Etna Township would produce.

In 1905 school began in the building with four teachers in charge. The principal was relieved of grade work and his whole time was given to High School work; but the school had few pupils in High School work and did not succeed very well.

In 1906 Mr. F. E. McLucas became principal and taught one year with no better results. Mr. Thomas again taught in 1907.
In 1907 Mr. Marsh was principal but did not succeed any better than his predecessors. In 1909 Mr. McLucas who had returned from his two years teaching in the West, and had taken one of the former Etna Green girls as his wife, took charge of the school with the aim in view to make it a graduate school.
After this the school began to grow in interest and in numbers. In 1912 Mr. Sharon Ulrey, a graduate of Indiana University, was secured to aid Mr. McLucas in High School work and the next spring the school became a certified High School. In 1913 the first class graduated from the school. In 1913 Miss Olive Sarber succeeded Mr. Ulrey and continued for two years.

In 1914 the old four room building was found to be too small for the growing school and a new addition was erected. In 1915 the first commission was received for the school and in the same year the Manual Training and Home Economics Departments were added.
Mr. Wright of Eariham College succeeded Miss Sarber and the next year Mr. Blank, Miss Martin and Miss Walker were added to the teaching force. In 1917 Mr. Hepburn succeeded Mr. Blank and Miss Hull and Miss Larzeleren were the other teachers.

In 1918 Mr. Ehrenmann succeeded Mr. McLucas and Mr. Laird followed Mr.Hepburn. In 1919 Mr. Laird succeeded Mr. Ehrenmann as principal and Miss Holtzman, Miss Wymond and Mr. Beck were the new teachers. Miss Holtzman and Miss Wymond were followed by Miss Hamman and Miss Davis. The next year, 1921, Mr. Beck resigned and Miss Sheplar took his place.

In 1922 Mr. Laird did not apply for the school and Mr. W. L. Adams took his place as principal with Mrs. Mason, Mr. Austin, Miss Cena Landis, and Mrs. Rarick as the other members of the faculty. The present year Miss Shively followed Mrs. Mason, Miss Landis was followed by Mr. Dickson, and Mrs. Rarick was followed by Miss Alber.

Etna Eruption - 1924
Editorial Staff
Birdie Hess, Editor In Chief
John Meridith, Assistant
Mark Heisler, Assistant
Harold Sharkey, Assistant
Ina Mae Hoffer, Advertising Manager
Russell White,  Assistant
Mary Sparrow, Assistant
Nellie Mikel, Assistant
Lora Belle Poor, Business Manager
George Jones, Circulation Manager
George Feldman, Assistant
Wayne Stackhouse, Assistant
Noble Miner, Assistant
W. L. Adams, Faculty Adviser
Mildred Shively, Faculty Adviser


Senior Class:
David Baker, President
Birdie Hess, Secretary and Treasurer
Ruth Anglin, Vice President
Nina Johnston, class Reporter

Honorable Members
Lora Bella Poor
Vernon Sharkey
Joseph Dunfee
Ina Mae Hoffer
Violet Walters
Faith Kintzel
Esther Jones
George Jones

Junior Class:
Paul Vawter, President
Russell White, Vice President
John Meridith, Secretary and Treasurer

Sophomore Class:
Dale Stackhouse, President
Mark Heisler, Secretary and Treasurer
Mary Sparrow, Vice President
Magdaline Kintzel, class Reporter
Irma Smiley, others
Olga Thomas, others
Glenn Pittman, others
George Feldman, class Reporter
Lyman Baker, Fellow Agitator
Isaac Wright, Fellow Agitator
Landis Cain, others
Paul Burgh, Others
Miriam Shively, others
Zedna Vining, others
Iloe Vining, others
Theo Baker, others
Edna Heisler, others
Bemice Douglass, others
Wayne Stackhouse, others
Vernon Egolf, others
Merl Sponseller, others
Ervin Jones, others

Freshman Class:
Joe Fretz, President
Joe Hatfield, Vice President
Lester Baker, Secretary and Treasurer
Dale White, Class Reporter
Harold Snider, Alsos
Walter Dinkledein, Alsos
Harold Sharkey, Alsos
Clinton Tobias, Alsos
George Baker, Alsos
Noble Miner, Alsos
Edward Flory, Alsos
Charles Ross, Leader
Mr. Adams, violin
Ruth Anglin, violin
Birdie Hess, violin
Miriam Shively, violin
Paul Vawter, violin
Lora Belle Poor, violin
Nina Johnson, Pianist
Marjorie Mason, Alsos
Marjorie Cain, Alsos
Ira Feldman, Alsos
Helen Forney, Alsos
Evelyn Ford, Alsos
Nellie Mikel, Alsos
Mabel Clabaugh, Alsos
Eva Miller, Alsos
Irma Rapp, Alsos
Alice Shumaker, Alsos


Marjorie Mason, saxophone
Olga Thomas, Saxophone
Joe Fretz, Drums
David Baker, Cornet
Russell White, Cornet
Wayne Stackhouse, comet
Joseph Dunfee, Trombone
Paul Vawter
Birdie Hess
Ruth Anglin
Lora Belle Poor
Miriam Shively


Nina Johnston
Marjorie Mason
Alice Shumaker
David Baker


Vernon Sharkey, Captain Paul Vawter, Center
Joseph Dunfee, Forward Harold Sharkey, Guard
Russell White, Forward Dale Stackhouse, Guard
George Jones, Forward John Meridith, Guard


Ruth Anglin, Captain Faith Kintzel, Center
Nina Johnston, Forward Magdaline Kintzel, Center
Mary Sparrow, center
Birdie Hess, Guard
Lora Belle Poor, Guard
Olga Thomas, Forward
Irma Rapp, Forward
Eva Miller, Guard

Doyle Rapp

Wayne Rapp
Lyman Baker
George Sparrow
Floyd Stackhouse


Spotted Poland

Zedna Vining
Iloe Vining
Roger Poor
Mary Sparrow
Lester Baker
Joe Hatfield
Hollis Snyder
Harold Snyder
Dale Stackhouse
Hilbert Stackhouse
Floyd Stackhouse
Victor Sparrow
Emma Sparrow
Wallace Anglin
Marshall Anglin
Mable Anderson
Esther Rlggs
Carieton Towns
Lloyd Poor
Forrest Lewis


George Sparrow
Wayne Rapp
Doyle Rapp
Landis Cain
Marjorie Cain
Hilda Harmon
Merl Sponseller
Dale Stackhouse
Hilbert Stackhouse
Edward Flory
Landis Cain

Jean Reed
Emma Sparrow
Helen Mellott

George Sparrow
Vernon Egolf
John Meridith
Lloyd Poor

[Note: The following items were copied from The Etna Eruption, VI:2 Feb. 14, 1924),
published by the Etna Green High School. Etna Green, Ind., is located on the far west side of Kosciusko County on Old US 30 at St. Rd. 19.]


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