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The Passing of the Pioneers


(Source: "History of Lake County, Ind."
by the Lake Co. Historical Association, Vol. 10, 1929)


Death Records from 1924-1929

Transcribed by K. Torp

"The following is a list (likely incomplete) of the names of the old settlers of the county, who have passed to their final abode since the date of our last publication, 1924, with the dates of their passing, and brief comments. The facilities of the Association for the compilation of such list, together with desired data, being very imperfect, the list doubtless unavoidably lacks many names and considerable data which should have been included.

Such names and data as we are able to give, subject to probable errors and ommissions, follow":

John Brown, a prominent and highly respected citizen, was born at South East Grove, Lake county, Oct. 7, 1840; was raised on a farm; was a soldier in the civil war, and prisoner at Andersonville; county treasurer; President of First National Bank, Crown Point; an organizer of Commercial Trust Company, of Gary; died Nov. 9, 1924.

William Barringer Brown, (brother of John) a well-known and respected citizen, born at South East Grove, June 17, 1843; farmer and owner of large tracts of land in south part of county; died Dec. 26, 1924.

Edwin W. Dinwiddie, of Eagle Creek township, born Dec. 18, 1856, served in U. S. revenue service, died May 14, 1924.

William Turner, of Winfield township, merchant and postmaster at LeRoy, born Aug. 15, 1846, died Nov. 27, 1924.

Caroline (Woods) Randolph, daughter of Bartlett and Ann Eliza Woods, wife of George Randolph, born Nov. 5, 1847, died at Crown Point, Feb. 17, 1925.

Jay Crawford, member of a family of pioneers of that name in Eagle Creek township, born Dec. 22, 1856, died April 28, 1925.

Mrs. Francis Kilborn, born at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 14, 1826, died July 6, 1925.

Elder Nathan Worley, of Cedar Creek township, born June 16, 1845, minister in Christian Church for many years, died Aug. 18, 1925.

Louise Gruel, wife of John G. Gruel, Hobart, born Nov. 10, 1860, died Jan. 10, 1925.

Hannah C. Gibbs, of Winfield township, born July 12, 1843, .died Feb. 24, 1925.

Fredricka Kaiser, of Ross township, born Nov. 13, 1839, died July 6, 1925.

Henry Batterman, Sr., born Sept. 29, 1853, died April 13, 1925.

Mary Ann Blanchard, Born Nov. 29, 1836, died Aug. 30, 1925.

Dennis Brown, of Eagle Creek township, born July 23, 1845, died Sept. 21, 1925.

Rachel Ann Phillips, of Ross township, born Sept. 22, 1833, died Dec. 5, 1925.

Ella D. (Ross) Taylor, widow of the late George W. Taylor, born at Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 15, 1857, died at the home of her son, Arthur G. Taylor, at Crown Point, March 8, 1925.

Elinor Phillips, St. John township, born March 28, 1832, died Sept. 14, 1926.

Louis A. Bryan, a well-known figure in real estate investments in post Stock Yards boom days in the area now known as Gary, then known as East Tolleston, having located in this locality in 1896; held the office of Justice of the Peace in Calumet township; was admitted to the bar in Chicago and in Lake county, Indiana; was active in the organization of the town of Gary, and became its first treasurer; was born Sept. 16, 1855, and died at his Island Park home, in Gary, May 16, 1926.

Alvina Surprise Wheeler, of West Creek township, born Dec. 2, 1842, died Sept. 21, 1926.

Louisa Livingston, of Hanover township, born June 28, 1848, died Dec. 23, 1926.

Joseph Wilson, a pioneer farmer, near LeRoy, member of family of that name at that place, died Dec. 6, 1926, aged 92 years.

Rev. David Handley, civil war veteran, minister in M. E. church born in Ohio June 10, 1842, spent many years in Lake county, died at Gary, Oct. 12, 1924.

Francis James Smith, a civil war veteran, and at the time of his death the oldest pioneer of Hobart, died Jan. 17, 1927, aged about 83 years. His father, Henry S. Smith, a mechanic, built for George Earle the first saw-mill in Hobart.

Rachel Hayden, of Center township, born Feb. 16, 1841, died Feb. 10, 1927.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Small) Crisman, wife of John Crisman, of Deep River, died Feb. 15, 1927, aged about 74 years.

Mary Jane Wood, of Deep River, born March 15, 1836, died March 1, 1927.

Alvina Sanders, Cedar Creek, born March 12, 1843, died April 6, 1927.

Sophie Batterman, of Center township, born Jan. 4, 1858, died July 25, 1927.

Mrs. Wilhelmina Hagen Scharbach, widow of William Scharbach, of Hobart, died Aug. 19, 1927, aged 81 years.

John Crisman, Ross township, born Feb. 19, 1846, died Oct. 22, 1927.

Jay Spencer, son of Stephen and Naomi (Stearns) Spencer, pioneers of Portage township, Porter county, Ind., born Oct. 11, 1863, died in Hobart July 21, 1927. He had been in street railway business in Lake county 28 years.

Edward Batterman, a resident of Hobart for 47 years, born March 6, 1858, died Dec. 7, 1927.

Mrs. Amanda (Shearer) Scholler, of Hobart, widow of William Scholler, died Dec. 20, 1927, aged over 82 years.

Mrs. Johanna Randhan McIntire, of Hobart, died Dec. 8, 1927, aged about 77 years.

James N. Carpenter, of Hobart, a mason contractor and a former township trustee, born May 26, 1862, died Oct. 24, 1927.

Margaret Hillbrich, of Hanover township, born May 18, 1840, died Feb. 3, 1927.

William Randolph, born Sept. 16, 1859, died Oct. 22, 1927.

Henry Cochran, a retired farmer, of Crown Point, died March 18, 1927, aged about 83 years.

Margaret Wilson, died Nov. 13, 1927, aged ---- years.

Nathaniel P. Banks, born in Lake county, Ohio, 1845, came with his parents to LaPorte county in 1846, and with them to Lake county, Indiana, in 1852, settling first in Ross township and later in Hobart township. He was a soldier in the Civil War, a teacher in public schools. He married Miss Clara E. Chandler in 1869; he became a trustee of Hobart township and also a member of the state legislature. He was for a time president of the First State Bank of Hobart, and was a man of high character. He died May 6, 1927.

Henry Watts, of Ross station, born Feb. 19, 1853, was a prominent farmer of Lake county many years, was a Justice of the Peace, died March 26, 1928.

Mrs. Dr. H. L. Iddings, of Merrillville, died June 23, 1928, aged about 70 years.

Mrs. Jennie Pierce Saxton, born August 22, 1859, died at Merrillville, March 26, 1928.

Caroline Houk, died Nov. 22, 1928, aged about 76 years.

Martha Ann (Rooney) Barton, born Feb. 15, 1857, died July 8, 1928.

Louis C. Breyfogle, born in Ohio, Sept. 21, 1865, a substantial farmer of Lake county, Indiana, died at Crown Point, May 24, 1928.

Anna Lloyd Stilson, born Aug. 20, 1855, died Dec. 21, 1928.

Mrs. Charlotte (Woods) Merrill, daughter of Bartlett and Eliza Woods, born in Ross township, Aug. 16, 1858, died at Chicago, June 4, 1928.

John Pearce, the oldest of a large family of that name, in Eagle Creek township, a prominent farmer and stock-raiser, died Oct. 15, 1928, aged over 86 years.

Oliver G. Wheeler, a prominent citizen of Crown Point, born March 4, 1842, died Nov. 17, 1928.

Mrs. Charlotte (Woodbridge) Shaw, daughter of George A. and Jane Woodbridge, pioneers of Lake county, at Ross station, born June 27, 1852, died Aug. 4, 1928.

Dr. Fred H. Werner, a practicing dentist for 25 years in Hobart, died March 6, 1928, aged 56 years.

Wilhelmina Hamman, of Creston, born Sept. 20, 1842, died Feb. 13, 1928.

Charles Hawkinson, of Center township, born July 15, 1843, died May 5, 1928.

Margaret Gerlach, St. John, born Dec. 9, 1845, died June 15, 1928.

Anna May Massoth, of Hanover, born Jan. 9, 1845, died July 24, 1928.

Margaret Schultz, Hanover, born Sept. 24, 1845, died Sept. 4, 1928.

Almeda Nelson, of Cedar Creek township, born Aug. 12, 1846, died Nov. 11, 1928.

John Burt, a resident of old Lake Station, now East Gary, for 60 years, died March 19, 1928.

Kathryn Lidia (Kern) Canzler, formerly a teacher in the public schools, born Jan. 1861, died Feb. 24, 1928.

Mrs. Louise Catherine Killigrew, widow, mother of former county clerk John Killigrew, born in Hobart Aug. 3, 1865, died Aug. 1, 1928.

Mrs. Florence Isabel (Blackham) White, wife of Nevin B. White, one of the publishers of the Hobart Gazette, born at Dunkirk, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1857, died April 5, 1928.

Herman J. Rosenbaum, a farmer, died at Hobart, Sept. 29, 1928, aged 69 years.

Mrs. Lizzie Pedersen, wife of George Pedersen, once blacksmith at Hobart, died Sept. 24, 1928, aged 59 years.

Mrs. Sabrina (Sawyer) Rifenburg, widow of William H. Rifenburg who was a man of large influence as a resident of Hobart, was born at Summit, N. Y. July 26 1842 and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grace Conroy, of Hammond, Sept. 26, 1928.

William J. Boldt, a well-known brick-layer of Hobart and resident of Lake county 62 years died Nov. 17, 1928.

Mrs. Hannah Fredericka (Blank) Peterson, a Pioneer of Miller, died at her home there Oct. 9, 1928, aged 77 years. She was born in Sweden.

John Killigrew, Clerk of Lake Circuit Court, son of the late John and Louisa Killigrew and grandson of the late Jeremiah and Johanna Killigrew, early settlers of Hobart, born Aug. 5, 1892, died Dec. 2, 1928. He was prominent in republican party politics, county, district and state and highly respected.

Wallace Halstead, son of the late James and Mary Halstead, pioneers of Ross township, born in that township Aug 27, 1853, died at Hobart Dec. 30, 1928.

Thomas H. Scholl, son of William H. and Jane Anne (Mann) Scholl, pioneers of Ross township, born April 21, 1863, died at Hobart Feb. 11, 1929.

John Wheeler, of Hammond, formerly of West Creek township, died July 16, 1929, aged 56 years.

Mrs. Susan Kenny, died April 11, 1929, aged 71 years.

William Beach, died May 1929, aged 78 years.

Alva M. Phillips, died March 20, 1929, aged 68 years.

Susan (Newkirk) Hall, wife of Thomas Hall, born May 28, 1853, died May 9, 1929.

James Lane, born March 5, 1859, died May 14, 1929.

Henry Ohlenkamp, born Dec. 14, 1859, died Feb. 3, 1929.

Henry Endress, died April 1929, aged 71 years.

John Malmstone, father of Dr. Malmstone, of Griffith, died Jan. 1, 1929, aged 90 years.

Norris O. Bibler, died May 1929, aged over 74 years.

August Hamman, of Creston, died Jan. 4, 1929, aged 86 years.

Mrs. Mary Mathias, born May 19, 1844, died June 1929.

John Kimmet, prominent in business in Lowell, died March, 1929, aged 73 years.

Mrs. Margaret Heiser, died July, 1929, aged 81 years.

Emma Coffey Menton, born March 5, 1852, died Jan. 14, 1929.

Mrs. Ella Warner Jones, formerly of Eagle Creek township, died Aug. 10, 1929, aged 65 years.

Carl Geis, of Center township, born May 10, 1853, died April 25, 1929.

William Segut, of Hanover, born Sept. 2, 1845, died May 30, 1929.

James Love, of West Creek township, born March 5, 1859, died May 15, 1929.

John Demmon, of Ross township, born Dec. 11, 1855, died June 6, 1929.

Adam Schieser, born March 28, 1868, died August 2, 1929.

Peter Ehrsam, died Jan. 2, 1929, aged 79 years.

Mary Ehrsam, died July 17, 1929, aged 76 years.

Charles Gruel, born Oct. 9, 18--, died at Hobart Jan. 22, 1929.

William Rossow, formerly a farmer near Hobart, died at Gary, Dec. 29, 1928, aged 63 years.

Mrs. Johanna Bergman Berndt, wife of John Berndt, farmer near Hobart, born Oct. 18, 1844, died April 9, 1929.

Phoebe O. (Hollister) Strong, wife of Thomas Strong, born in Porter county, Ind., Sept. 27, 1857, died at Hobart, March 28, 1929.

Mrs. Mary Georgette Phippins, daughter of Aaron H. and Drusilla (Hardesty) Gerhart, early Porter county settlers, who came to Hobart in 1871, a milliner in Hobart for 10 years prior to her marriage to William Phippins, died at Tescot, Kansas, July 28, 1928, aged 80 years.

Rev. Merrit F. Stright, a circuit rider of M. E. church in the early days ; long a resident of Lake county ; well-known in religious work; died March 9, 1928.

William Michael, prominent farmer, born in Lake county, March 23, 1847, died March 21, 1929.

Mary Rimbach, widow of Jacob Rimbach, well known Hammond pioneer, born in Germany; married in 1858; moved with her husband from Gibson to Hammond in 1877 ; died, 1929, aged 83 years.

Rev. Father Barrett, for many years pastor of Holy Angels' Catholic Church, at Hammond, died Nov. 5, 1928.

Lawrence Cox, an early settler in Hammond, once chief deputy sheriff under sheriff George Lawrence, and later head of a bank in Hegewisch, Ill., died July 7, 1929.

Rudolph Muenich, a long and well-known resident of Hammond, died Oct. 2, 1928.

Fred Friedley, long a resident of Hammond, died June 16, 1928.

John W. Dyer, born in Stratford, Canada, Jan. 11, 1849; enlisted in the Civil War while a boy at Detroit and served to its end; married Hannie Townsend, 1879; came to Hammond 1890; elected to office of county treasurer 1896; engaged in banking; was appointed federal pension agent for Indiana 1910 ; active in G.A.R. activities ; affable, and a popular citizen; died July 14, 1929.

Alfred A. Winslow was born in Lake county, June 20, 1854; was a teacher, and publisher of Hammond Tribune; was appointed to U.S. consular service and served as consul at Liege, Belgium; Valparaiso, Chili; Aukland, New Zealand, and Cape Town, South Africa; was highly respected; died at his old home, Crown Point, August 15, 1929.

Calista (Andrews) Peterson, wife of Hon. John B. Peterson, able and distinguished lawyer and former congressman, of Crown Point, was born February 23, 1851. She was a very charming and sociable woman, held in high esteem by alló"an ideal neighbor, wife and mother;" died August 16, 1929.

Frederick William Howat, M. D., was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1869; came to the United States in 1889; graduated in medicine at U. of Pennsylvania in 1892; engaged in the practice at Hammond in 1895; was prominent in local and state medical circles, and took active interest in public affairs, died at Hammond, August 7, 1929.

The foregoing list has been compiled up to September first (1929), thereabouts.


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