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The Passing of the Old Settler


(Source: "History of Lake County, Ind."
by the Lake Co. Historical Association, Vol. 11, 1934)


Death Records from 1929-1933

Transcribed by K. Torp

Lewis Gerrish Little.
Born February 21, 1861 in West Creek Township. At an early age he became a pillar in the Lake Prairie Presbyterian Church and was an elder in the church for over 40 years. Married Effie G. Kearney June 12, 1890. d. Jan 12, 1928, 67 yrs old.

Charles Gruel
A prominent business man of Hobart. d. Jan 24, 1929, 68 yrs old.

Julia Merrill Vilmer
Born at Merrillville, Lake County, IN. daughter of John Merrill and Martha Randolph Merrill. Married William Vilmer, the photographer, who preceeded her in death. She took an active part in social and religious work. She was a good singer and was often called on for the purpose. d. Apr 8, 1929, 60 yrs old.

Joseph Henderson
of Leroy, Lake Co. d. June 6, 1929

Anna Roper
of Hobar. d. Jun 10, 1929, 74 yrs old.

Edwin B. Odell
of Hobart. d. July 15, 1929, 67 yrs old.

Nina Ward Ross
Daughter of Henry and Delia Ward, former residents of Crown Point. Wife of John Ross. Born and raised in Lake county where she taught school. Active in church and club work. d. Aug 23, 1929, 63 yrs old.

The above were omitted in the last publication.

Homer L. Iddings
One of the best known physicians and surgeons in Lake County. Coming to Lake County in 1882 he began to practice at Merrillville and continued to serve a large territory until the time of his death. An honor to his profession, a civic leader and a man who lived his religion every day. d. in Crown Point, Oct 31, 1929

Edward A. Mee
Manager of the Commercial Hotel in Crown Point for several years. d. Nov 1929. 80 yrs old.

Carrie L. (Millikan) Ingersoll.
probably best known through her long and faithful service in the offices of the auditor of Lake county (35 years as chief deputy). Her record of efficiency led ot her serving in both democratic and republican administrations, having complete mastery of the affairs of that office. d. Nov 16, 1929, 74 yrs old.

Henry W. Hoshaw
Born in Shelby County, Ohio, 1836. Interested in the social and religious life of the community and on Aug 26, 1878 was licensed by the N.W. Indiana conference as local preacher and class leader in the M.E. Church of Lowell. d. Nov 19. 1929, 93 yrs old.

Albert Halstead
of Hobart. Son of a pioneer. d. Dec 27, 1929. 67 yrs old.

Fedde G. Carstens
Creston. Born July 5, 1859. Married May 11, 1880 to Cynthia Mitsch. Lived entire life on the farm home where he was born except 4 or 5 years at the mill site one mile east. d. Jan 20, 1930, 81 yrs old.

Helen M. Fowler
Widow of Luman A. Fowler, Civil War veteran. Known for her lovely traits of character. d. Feb 3, 1930 at Flagler Beach, Fla.

Albert Byron Chipman
One of Crown Point's substantial citizens and for many years a member of the city council. d. Feb 12, 1930, 62 yrs old.

Caroline Sanford
One of Crown Point's oldest and best loved characters. d. Mar 7, 1930, age 91

Gottlieb Bartholomae
For 30 years he was one of Crown Point's foremost citizens, known for his industry, honesty and courtesy. d. May 25, 1930

Dr. Herbert S. Ball
Son of the Rev. T.H. Ball, minister, writer and historian of Lake county. Stricken with paralysis while sojourning at Camp Walton, Fla. d. Mar 25, 1930. Survived by a sister, Mrs. I.W. Martin of Georgetown, Ky. Sole survivor of a once prominent Lake county family.

George M. Wise.
Pioneer resident of Crown Point and of Winfield township since 1849. Grain and hay buyer. Sponsor and inspector of frist gravel road in Winfield township. d. July 1, 1930

Thomas Pearce
Born in Eagle Creek township, Lake County, Feb. 23, 1858. Mr. Pearce was the youngest of a family of ten children. He was a farmer and a stock raiser and an influential citizen. d. Apr 7, 1930, 72 yrs old.

Emma Sautter Bailey
Wife of Charles T. Bailey. Born Feb 12, 1873. Her christian faith and devotion to the church and the work of the Kingdom was not only a delight to herself, but a blessing to others. d. July 4, 1930.

Eliza Jane Ferris
Wife of Cyrus Hayden. Interest in home and community welfare. d. July 21, 1930, 64 yrs old.

George M. Horst
Born and raised in Crown Point. d. Aug 12, 1930, 53 yrs old.

Mrs. Paul Raasch.
Daughter of Timothy Rockwell, prominent in the early history and settlement of Crown Point. d. Oct 20 1930, age 82

Peter J. Howkinson
Born in Sweden. Migrated ot America when a boy. He worked for a time as a farm hand and brick yard helper. Later he built an ice house at Cedar Lake the year the Monon Railroad was built. He became a progressive dairy man and land owner. In 1898 he came to Lake county for permanent residence. d. oct 23, 1930, age 85 yrs.

Julia Lenney
Identified with public life of the county for years in politics and business. One of the first women in Lake County to be admitted to the bar. d. Nov. 7, 1930

Frederick Passaw
of Hobart. d. Nov 28, 1930, age 78 yrs old.

John O. Bowers
of Gary, formerly U.S. referee in bankruptcy. Past president of the Old Settlers and Historical Society. Interested in the welfare of the association and the history of Lake County in general. His good work and wise counsel is missed by all. d. Dec 27, 1930

John Hack
Born in Hanover township, Dec 12, 1843. He was a road and bridge builder and built the first stretch of stone road in Lake County. He was also in the dredging business and dredged most of the ditches on the Kankakee marsh. He lived in Lowell over 70 years. d. 1931, age 88 yrs old.

Ardelle Washburn Fancher
Widow of Thaddeus Fancher. d. Jan 11, 1931, age 83 yrs

William Matthews
of Gary. A man of wide public interests. Interested in historical facts in relation to the county. d. Feb 18, 1931

James N. Turner
Farmer and stock raiser in Eagle Creek township. d. March 15, 1931, age 75 yrs

Adam Ebert
Born in Germany, Jan 18, 1839. He learned the blacksmith trade in his youth. He came to this country at the age of 18 years. One by one the other members of the family joined him here and in 1871 the family was united again. He followed blacksmithing in the early days and set many a tire on the covered wagons that were making their journey to the west. He later took up farming and was a property holder of some means at the time of his death. d. May 28, 1931, age 92 yrs

Margaret Mellon
d. June 30, 1931, age 79 yrs

Mary Mundell
d. Sept 1, 1931, aged 88 yrs

Thomas McCay
Former Lake county treasurer. Active in affairs of township, city, county and state. Born Mar 14, 1845. d Oct 9, 1931, age 86 yrs

Jerome Dinwiddie
son of John Wilson Dinwiddie and Mary Jeanette (Perkins) Dinwiddie, was born at Crown Point, Feb 8, 1848. He moved with the family to Eagle Creek township in 1852. He went through the hardships of pioneer life with his brothers after the death of his father. He was married Dec 27, 1871 to Mary M. Chapman. Three children were born to this union, the faithful wife passing away in July 1913. He was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1892, re-elected in 1894, served in Revenue Service from 1900 to 1911. He resigned from the U.S. service in 1911 to look after his farming intersts. He was always active and in good health, interested in civic affairs until his death in Nov 1931 at 83 years of age.

Herman Christopher Beckman
Born Dec 28, 1873 at Brunswick, Ind. Mr. Beckman was of pioneer stock and graduated from Purdue in 1893. Following this he studied dairying at Ames, Iowa. After serving as instructor at Purdue he joined the DeLaval Company and rose to the position of research engineer. Of the 74 inventions for the DeLaval Co., perhaps the most important was the DeLaval milker, a model of which is in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Married in 1899 to Geneve Baum of West Lafayette, Indiana. d. Nov 24, 1931, age 58 years.

James W. Smith
Born near Deep River Mar 11, 1856. A doctor by profession and the son of one of Lake county's pioneers. d. Dec 2, 1931, aged 75 yrs

George E. Jaqua
d. dec 1931

Mrs. George Jaqua
d. Jan 1932

Adelia Sherman Cooper
Daughter of one of Crown Point's oldest pioneers. Wife of Frank Cooper, county superintendent of schools for over 25 years. d. Mar 28, 1932

Mary Jane Turner
Born in Tyrone county, Ireland, Mar 12, 1855. Married Thomas Pearce Mar 13, 1883. d. July 2, 1932 in Eagle Creek township.

Charles T. Bailey
Born in Yellowhead Township, Kankakee County, Ill., April 12, 1863. Son of Josiah B. Bailey and Nancy Kile Bailey. Having lived in West Creek his entire life he built himself an interest into the very heart of the community. He served for a number of years as one of Lake county's councilmen. d. Aug 7, 1931

William Wishman
of Hobart. d. July 17, 1932, age 90 yrs

Frank Baughman Plummer
Born Jan 16, 1858 on the old Plummer farm. He operated a threshing machine until 1907 and then moved to Lowell where he became engaged in the implement business for a number of years. d. Aug 3, 1932, age 76 yrs

A.P. Melton
A pioneer engineer of Gary. A World War veteran. d. Sep 28, 1932

Alfred H. Scholler
of Hobart. d. Oct 16, 1932, age 70 yrs

Ursula (Vandacarr) Pulver
Born in Cedar Creek township, June 15, 1848. Married in 1879 to David C. Pulver, she moved to the Pulver home in West Creek township. Mrs. Pulver was a member of the Old Settlers Association and for several years was the oldest lady present, born and riased in Lake County. d. Dec 11, 1932, age 84 yrs.

Jennie Maxwell Hathaway.
Born at Wakeman, Ohio, 1856. She came to a farm in southwest Lake County with her parents in 1860. She was a teacher in West Creek township, Indiana and in Kankakee County, Illinois before her marriage. Married to Henry Hathaway in 1883. In March 1933 she and her husband celebrated their golden wedding. d. in 1933.

Benjamin Laybourn.
Born in Ohio, Oct 17, 1842. The last but one of Lowell's Civil War veterans. Oldest memeber of the Masonic Lodge. d. Jan 29. 1933. Age 91 years.

Grace Hill Root
Wife of Clayton Root, d. May 19. 1933

Ben. F. Worley
Born Oct 7, 1855. Son of John L. and Maomia Worley and lived his entire life on the farm on which he was born in Cedar Creek township. d. June 28, 1933, age 77 yrs

Emma Alice Huehn
Her death meant more to the members of the Old Settlers and Historical Society than ordinary as she was a faithful and competent secretary of the association for a number of years. Much of the success of the association depended upon her good work. d. Oct 28, 1933. Age 51 yrs.

Anna Margaret Herlitz
Born on a farm at the north end of Cedar Lake, April 13, 1883. Educated in Lake County. Married to J. Harry Howkinson, Mar 29, 1905. d. Nov 18, 1933, age 50 yrs

Peter K. Love
Winfield township. born 1867, d. Dec 14, 1933

Tom Roper
Hobart. d. Dec 15, 1933, age 82 yrs

Jane Livingston Hill
Born Mar 27, 1850 at Belfast, Ireland, of Scotch parentage. She came with her parents to Lake county in 1854. Most of the remainder of her life was spent in Lake county. She began teaching school at fifteen and taught in the county until she was 30. Married to Dr. Jesse L. Hill. d. 1934.

Mrs. Elizabeth Crowell
born in 1838. A remarkable strong character and a good woman. d. Jan 2, 1934, age 96 yrs

Effie (Kearney) Little
b. Peotone, Ill., Nov 10, 1866. Both Mr. and Mrs. Little were ardent naturalists. Mrs. Little was very much interested in bird study and the conservation of bird life. She was a member of the Lake Prairie Presbyterian Church and had charge of the cradle roll department. d. Jan 8, 1934, age 68 yrs

Frederick C. Dahl.
b. in Germany, May 6, 1842. He came to this country when a young man. Married to Henrena Avis in 1874. d. Mar 11, 1934, age 93

Alexander H. Scritchfield
of Creston. b. near Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana November 7, 1837. He came to Lake county in the fall of 1852. d. Apr 29. 1934, age 87 yrs

Starr Brownell
Lowell. b. Feb 26, 1871. d. May 22, 1934, age 63 yrs

Eunice A. Youche
Daughter of Dr. John Higgins. d. May 24, 1934, age 78

Belle Lathrop
d. June 1934 at Miami, Fla.

Paul E. Raasch
d. Aug 13, 1934, age 86 yrs

Mrs. Helen Grimmer
Wife of Michael Grimmer. d. Oct 9. 1934

Emma Gruel
Hobart. d. Oct 13, 1934, age 70 yrs

Marion C. Huffman
In the employ of the Erie R.R. for 34 yrs. Died Oct 14, 1934, age 62 yrs

Mrs. Frank Kilborn
died Oct 19, 1934, age 77 yrs

Mrs. Samuel Love
(Jennie Stewart) d. Oct 22, 1934

Homer J. Carr
An early resident of Gary. Editor of Gary Tribune. d. Nov 29 1934

Henry Dick Meyer
West Creek township. Born July 6, 1881. A mighty man in his community with a host of friends. d. Dec 8, 1934

George H. Smith
of Hobart. One of the pioneers. d. Dec 27 ,1934, age 82

Mrs. Emma Taylor Nichols
Lowell, great-granddaughter of Obadiah Taylor, the pioneer, wife of Marshall A. Nichols. d. May 29, 1934, aged 75

Benjamin Palmer
Lowell. age 81 years

Walter L. Woods
Son of Bartlett Woods. Successful business man in Chicago. age 66 yrs

Guy Dexter Clark
Born July 29, 1869. age 63 yrs

George M. Eder
prominent in official and commercial life of Crown Point. Born in 1855

Sylvester Fuller
Lowell. d. Dec 12, 1934. age 80 yrs

Neil Brown
Crown Point. Banker. Son of John Brown. Born 1872

Alva Saxton
Merrillville. Pioneer settler. 77yrs old.

Mrs. Celesta Wells.
Pioneer resident. Wife Homer Wells

Mrs. Frances Blakeman

W.O. Hughes

Fred Krieter
A resident of Ross township and Lake county for over 55 yrs. Influential and respected age 75 yrs.


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