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Gary, IN Neighborhoods

Gary is more or less "T" shaped, with its northern border on Lake Michigan. At the northwesternmost section Gary borders Hammond and East Chicago. As one moves from West to East across the top of Gary's aforementioned "T" shape, the city changes from being decidedly urban to being a bit more suburban, culminating in what is called the city's "Miller" or "Miller Beach" section, at its northeastermost point, which borders Lake Station and Portage. The city's southernmost section borders Hobart and Merrillville.

Gary Neighborhoods

Aetna is located on Gary's far east side along the Dunes Highway. Aetna was developed in the 1930's and is home to an impressive collection of art deco architecture. The eastern edge of Aetna is marked by wilderness and borders Miller Beach and the Indiana Dunes.

Ambridge is located on Gary's near west side along 5th Avenue. Ambridge was developed for workers at the near by steel plant in the 1910's and 1920's, and is named after the American Bridge Works, which was a subsidiary of U.S. Steel. The neighborhood is home to a huge stock of prairie style and art deco homes. The Gary Masonic Temple is located in the neighborhood along with the Ambassador Apartment building. Located just south of Interstate 90, the neighborhood can be seen while passing Buchanan Street.

Black Oak is located on the far southwest side of Gary, in the vicinity of the Burr Street exit to the Borman Expressway. It was annexed in the 1970s, and prior to that was associated with Hammond, and the area has Hammond telephone numbers.

Brunswick is located on Gary's far west side. The neighborhood is located just south of Interstate 90 and can be seen from the expressway. The Brunswick area includes the old Tri-City Plaza on west 5th Avenue (U.S. 20). The area is just south of the Gary-Chicago Airport.

Downtown is the heart of Gary and is home to a number of large buildings. Interstate 90 divides downtown Gary from the United States Steel Plant. Downtown Gary was developed in the 1920's and houses several pieces of impressive architecture, including several structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A new office building was constructed in the downtown in recent years, as was a new baseball stadium for a local team, the Gary SouthShore RailCats.

Glen Park is located on Gary's south side. Glen Park is divided from the remainder of the city by the Borman Expressway. The northern portion of Glen Park is home to Gary's Gleason Park Golf Course and Indiana University Northwest. The western portion of Glen Park is home to the Village Shopping Center.

Ivanhoe is a housing project located on Gary's west side along 11th Avenue west of Chase Street.

Marshalltown is a subdivision located on Gary's east side along Central Avenue and 21st Avenue to the east of Martin Luther King Drive.

Midtown is located to the south of Downtown Gary, along Broadway.

Miller Beach is located on Gary's far east side. The neighborhood is located north of Miller which was developed in the 1930's around the old train station. Today, Miller Beach is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. The neighborhood borders Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Tarrytown is a subdivision located on Gary's west side between Whitcomb Street and Clark Road.

Tolleston is one of Gary's oldest neighborhoods, predating much of the rest of the city. It was named for an old settlement along the railroads of the area. The area is to the west of downtown Gary and south of the Ambridge area.

Westbrook is an apartment complex on the west side of the city between Taft and Chase streets, and the neighborhood surrounding that complex. It lies just to the north of Tolleston.

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