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Lake County Marriage Licenses

New Licenses
Elmer Rose, of Whiting, to Lucille Boyle, of Hessville
Georgeo E. Complin, of Hammong, to Leona L. Towns, of Hammond.
Delbert Lanham, to Andra Brown, both of Whiting.
Owen Caldwell to Helen M. Kennedy, both of Gary.
Charles Golaski to Valena Pruszynski, both of Gary
Tommy Paulk to Willia Mae Hicks, both of Gary.
Michael Racich, of East Chicago, to Stephanie Yuran, of Benton Harbor.
[Hammond Times, 23 Jan 1934]

New Licenses
John Ocskay and Rose M. Skedtich, both of East Chicago
Apolinar Torrez, and Antoinette Trejek both of East Chicago
William M. Russel, of Gary and Irene Seldenrust of Harvey, IL
George J. Menthentes and Mary J. Turpor, both of Gary
[Hammond Times, 4 Oct 1935]

David Blade of Hammond and Madelyn F. Beach of Lowell
Edward Rucker of East Chicago and Gussie Baldwin of East Chicago
Heinz Gleeberg and Clara Mutzel, both of Hammond
Clayton C. Wules and Gertrude Hicks, both of Gary
[Hammond Times, 6 Dec 1935]

Marriage Licenses
Theodore Sudis and Katharine M. Ratkay, both of East Chicago.
Joe Leonides and Genora Ramerz, both of Gary
William J. Aulwurm and Esther E. Nicoles, both of Gary.
Albert A. Mosak, of East Gary and Grace Roush, of Gary.
Edward Burke and Mony Maty, both of Whiting.
Jerome F. Walker and Gene F. Ferguson, both of Gary.
Arthur E. Wilson and Ina B. Gaunt,both of Gary.
Jack T. Snyder and Margaret E. Considine, both of Gary.
Robert Olds and Nora McCree, both of Gary.
Dudley Sanders and Ann Moses, both of Gary.
James M. Brown and Rosalie K. Smalls, both of Gary.
Warren F. Carrier, of Hammond and Martha Zigterman, of Highland.  
[Hammond Times (Hammond, IN) Sunday Oct 10, 1937]

Licensed to Wed
Crown Point, March 4 - Special - Marriage Licenses have been issued recently to the following:
Gerald Gagnon, Hamond, Frances Daniels, Hammond
Ben Finke, Mary Pavolich, Gary
Teddy Struble, Lydia Peral FLoyd, Gary
Juan Tobias, Fannie Kubecki, E. Chicago
William Martin, Mary Ella McGee, East Chicago
Clarence F. Prater, Cynthis M. Starr, Hammond
Loyd R. Watson, Ruth M. Meryman, Gary
Horace Lee Lankster, Anna Lee Hicks, Gary
Licensed in Chicago
Chicago, March 4 - Joseph Presdies, 46 and Mrs. Domicela Sienjkiewicz, 35, both of Calumet City
[Hammond Times, March 4, 1938]

Licenses at Crown Point
Andrew E. Jakubowicz and Victoria Lukawski, East Chicago
William Wargo, Whiting and Estelle Mihalik, East Chicago
John Messick and Gilberta Barnes, Gary
Malcolm Hicks and Maria Olson, East Chicago
Joseph Dybiec, Chicago and Jean Frankowski, East Chicago
Robert W. Russell and June Bates, Detroit
Cervasco A. Rodriquez and Eduviezo Reyes, Chicago
Paul Gard and Ann Kennedy, Hammond
Donald S. Farqubarson and Susanne M. Henderson, Gary
Rurodph Mrak and Helen J. Smolkovich, Gary
James A. Baker and Mary A. Hickman, Lowell
Jack Wojtena and Henrietta Wach, Hammond
Leonard Saken and Leona Smith, Chicago
Fritz A. Eck and Julia Milsie, Chicago
Raymond Cherry and Catherine Shines, Chicago
William Bohanan and Varonica Graef, Chicago
Emil Costello, Peoria, Ill., and Catherine Driscoll, Chicago
James B. Adams and Geraldine O'Halloran, Gary
John A. Keagle and Lois M. Cox, Hammond
[Hammond Times, 4 Aug 1940]


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