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(Miscellaneous Stories)

Local Matters
We have received a letter from J.H. SCOTT, dated Garden City, Kansas, November 28th, in which he expresses himself greatly pleased with that State. He says they (he and Frank FALK) will return this week to prepare for moving to Kansas for permanent location, and orders us to [advertise] offering his Aetna House, Livery and Feed Stable and Hack Line for sale at a rare bargain.
[Brownstown Banner, 3 December 1855 - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Duck Shooting and Other Matters
CROWN POINT, IND., April 6, 1876
This great rendezvous for shooters, sharp and otherwise, keeps pretty well filled up. The Ainsworth House, at the depot of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, and St. Louis Railway, is their point of departure and every day brings fresh arrivals from afar. Gunners came in this morning from New York City, Maryland, and other remote parts. Ducks are very plenty. Mr. E.W. Irwin, from near Buffalo, N.Y., killed 40 yesterday afternoon in one hour. They have been shot near Crown Point every month since last autumn -- though at times they were very scarce. There are some wild geese in this vicinity. Snipe have not made their advent this spring, though in twenty-four hours, perhaps, they may be seen by the thousand. They come suddenly and in immense numbers, like grasshoppers in June, in the valley of the Missouri. The roads are drying rapidly; three or four more warm sunny days will make them good for sportsmen and everybody else. Crown Point is only two short hours ride from Chicago. It is rejoicing in the prospect of another railroad, running from Valparaiso to Joliet. This township has voted $19,000 to this road.
Two churches were completed in Crown Point last year, and two stores and several fine dwelling houses put up. A German paper, the Press, has reached its fortieth number. The Register, Frank S. Bedell, editor, is in its nineteenth year, and young manhood sits upon it gracefully.
[8 Apr 1876, The Inter Ocean - sub by K. Torp]

Mr. L.D.
Search, of Crown Point, Ind., has leased the Leland Hotel and will refit, refurnish and open out a first-class hotel. ["The Iola Register". (Iola, Kan.), January 30, 1880 - - sub by K. Torp]

21 Dec 1881 - At Crown Point, Indiana, recently Mrs. Caroline Forsyth and her husband sold to Wm. W. Green, of New Jersey, an eight thousand acre tract of land situated at Sheffield, Indiana, about 14 miles from Chicago, for the snug little sum of $1,000,000, of which $300,000 was paid the very next day. Doubtless Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth thought they were doing well; and they must have been somewhat surprised when Green immediately disposed of his purchase without trouble to the East Chicago company for $3,000,000. Probably the Forsyths now wish that they had looked around a little before selling.
[The Macon Telegraph and Messenger - submitted by K. Torp]

Hammond, IN. Feb. 22,1896. The biggest deal in county real estate that has been made since the bottom fell out of things here, 5 yrs ago, was closed this week, and the deeds filed for record at Crown Point yesterday. The grantor is George T. Cline, who conveyed to Theodore H. Schintz, an attorney of Chicago, 2000 acres lying about 5 miles east of this city for the consideration of $2,000,000. It is generally thought that this land was purchased by Schintz for the Chicago, Lake Shore, & Eastern Railroad, now in course of construction through the northern part of this county. The land was purchased by Cline several years ago for $3 per acre, and is now considered one of the most valuable holdings in the county.
[The Indiana Journal - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Williams Found
Famous Old Wisconsin Pitcher Discovered at Merrillville, Ind.
Madison, Wis , Feb 15 -- After being mourned as dead for 12 years, Charles McGee Williams, the famous Wisconsin University base ball pitcher, who disappeared in Chicago in 1894, has been found at Merrillville, Ind. He had been living there since July 1894 as an ordinary workman. He is married and owns his home.
According to Williams' story, he suffered mental aberration when he mysteriously disappeared from a home in Chicago. "On July 6, 1894, I suddenly found myself in Hammond, Ind. I had no recollection of how I got there, and it was only by asking strangers that I found where I was and what day of the month and year it was. I began to trudge away without purpose and found myself some days later here in Merrillville."
[15 Feb 1907; Wilkes-Barre Times (PA) - Submitted by K. Torp]

The Lowell Tribune of July 9 (1908) states that Miss Edith Dinwiddie, our treasurer, having gone a few days before into the basement of their home, found herself surrounded by a little army of lizards, "over a hundred," the paper says. They are not specially dangerous, but, brave as she is, she called for help.

The same paper announces that on Friday night, July 3, their beautiful soldiers' monument was very shamefully treated by boys or young men, and the editor states that ever since the monument was erected it has been abused more or less. He adds, "Patience with such hoodlums should cease to be a virtue." One would be tempted to ask, Is there no patriotism or decency among the boys of Lowell ? If boys do not want such a record, they should not commit such deeds.
[Source: "Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910" - Submitted by K. Torp]

July 23. (1908) Dr. J. A. Dinwiddie, an enterprising dentist of Lowell, is now shipping from ten to fourteen dozen squabs a week, for which he gets $3 a dozen.
[Source: "Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910" - Submitted by K. Torp]

The Poultry and Farm Product display held at Lowell the first of January (1909) a large success.
["Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910"]

One of the very aged of the women of the county is now Mrs. Ellen Murry, of Indiana Harbor, 91 years of age. She was born in County Waterford, Ireland, is well and hearty, having "perfect hearing and eyesight," and "needs very little assistance in getting about." On March 17 she helped to celebrate St. Patrick's day.
[Source: "Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910" - Submitted by K. Torp]

May 28th. (1909) For several nights in the past week the comet known as Halley's has been a main object of observation. It was seen last night and the night before by citizens of Crown Point in very favorable circumstances, so soon as it was sufficiently dark. [Source: "Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910" - Submitted by K. Torp]

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