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NEWSPAPER DATA - Political Stories

Mrs. L. G. Bedell, of Crown Point, has been appointed Deputy by the Lake County Auditor.  [Monday, June 7, 1869; Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH)  Pg: 1; Sub. by Barb Z.]

Gains in Lake County
CROWN POINT, Ind May 4 (1896). -- Republicans elected the entire ticket to-day by a majority of forty-two votes. The following were elected: Luman A Fowler, marshal; Martin Rudolph, councilman; William Martin, councilman; Claude Walman, clerk and treasurer. Reports from several towns in the county show Republican gains. [Indiana State Journal, 6 May 1896 - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Crown Point, IN. Feb. 2,1898. The Supreme Court of the Independent Foresters held its annual meeting in this city today and elected the following officers: High chief ranger. F.E. Cooper, Crown Point, Vice Chief, M.D. Crume, Wabash; Secretary, Frank Klein, Valparaiso; Treasurer, J. Lowenstein, Valparaiso; Medical Examiner, Dr.P.G. Moore, Wabash tonight a banquet was held for the visiting delegates, which numbered 250, and toasts were responded to by prominent members of the order. The organization seceded from the Illinois Foresters in 1893. [Indiana Journal - 09 Feb 1898 - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Tuesday, November 3 (1908) . Election day. A very red sunrise. A good day for voters to go out. November 4 the news comes that Wm. H. Taft has been elected president. Some are disappointed and some rejoice. The political gatherings in Lake county have been very large this year. The weather to-day very unpleasant.

November 7 (1908) . According to the election returns Lake county now has at least 9,500 Republican voters, 5,391 Democratic, 125 Prohibition, 303 Socialists, 8 People's Party, 28 Social Labor, and 78 Independent voters, making a total Of 15,433 [Source: "Reports of the Historical Secretary of the Old Settler and Historical Association of Lake Co, IN From 1906 to 1910" - Submitted by K. T.]


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