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(Read at the meeting of 1879)

I greet you all, old pioneers,
With pleasant words and hearty cheers,
Where yon shall meet this summer day
To celebrate your lengthened stay
In that fair land which erst you chose .
For living homes and last repose.
Alas! look round and count the faces,
And then again the vacant places,
Of those who are and those who were Partakers of our hardships share
In our old band of pioneers,
And give the absent ones our cheers.
I greet you all now once again,
As brothers all and noble men,
Beneath whose hands the wilderness
Did blossom as the rose, and bless
A thousand happy homes and dear,
Which greet you e'er with pleasant cheer.


The list of the original members of 1875 is not at hand and is probably lost. At the meeting in 1879 a list was made out and published in the Register - thirty-six "pioneers" and forty seven "old settlers" having been enrolled at that anniversary. From that list and the list of this year the following list of membership is compiled. After each date the names are given of members settling that year.

1835-John B. Wilkinson, Mrs. P. A. Banks, Loren Hixon, Amos Hornor, James Adams, Mrs. Susan Clark, Mrs. Wm. Fisher, Mrs. H. Robertson, W. A. W. Holton, W. R. Williams.

1836-Dudley Merrill, Charles Marvin, D. C. Taylor, H. R. Nichols, N. Wood.

1837-B. Woods, Henry Hayward, T. H. Ball, Mrs. Moses Phillips, O. W. Clark, Mrs. Betsy Frazier, Z. P. Farley, Joseph Hack, Mrs. James Fuller, George Phillips, Mrs. M. J. Pearce.

1838-John C. Kenyon, Mrs. J. C. Kenyon, Henry Sasse, Senr., J. W. Kenney, Henry Surprise, Henry Sasse, Junr., Adam Schmal, George Willey, David Turner, Mrs. M. J. Hack, Mrs. Cynthia Willey.

1839-J. J. Michael, James Fuller.

1840-L. W. Thompson, Mrs. L. W. Thompson, Mrs. T. Fisher, John Brown.

1842-Mrs. J. H. Luther.

1843-Wm. Brown, Mrs. W. Brown, Amos Allman, Mrs. Elmer Brannon.

1844 -D. K. Pettibone.

1845-Mrs. Susan G. Wood.

1846 -Henry Dickinson.

1848-C. Manahan, Jacob Wise, Mrs. Maria Wise.

1849-J. H. Luther, Mrs. Eliza Marvin.

1850-Henry R. Ward, Mrs. H. R. Ward, T. Fisher, Hull Irish.

1851-George Krinbill, Mrs. G. Krinbill, John Donch, Mrs. S. Witherell.

1852-L. Dresser, Mrs. L. Dresser, Mrs. Barbara Knisely, Major Atkins, Mrs. M. Atkins, Samuel W. Smith, Mrs. George Nichols, James Doak.

1854-Ross Wilson, Mrs. R. Wilson, P. A. Banks, John Martin, Thomas Bowers.

1857-H. Wason, Mrs. H. Wason.

1860-Mrs. Martin Foster.

Dates not given.-Mrs. W. A. Winslow, Mrs. M. J. Dinwiddie, F. C. Meyer, Mrs. M. C. C. Ball, Mrs. F. Foster, C. W. Wise, Moses Phillips, W. A. Winslow, Mrs. J. J. Michael, Mrs. D. A. Chapman, J. W. Bates, Mrs. E. Clark, O. Dinwiddie, A. P. Thompson, Mrs. H. Surprise, Mrs. P. Kenney, L. D. Holmes, Mrs. C. C. Merrill, Mrs. L. Teeple, Mrs. Zeni Burnham, Mrs. J. W. Hughes, Mrs. H. Sasse, Junr., Mrs. Margaret Cilman, Mrs. W. R. Nichols, Mrs. T. C. Rockwell, R. H. Wells, Mrs. J. Fisher, Mrs. D. Turner, Mrs. A. Allman, Henry Pettibone, Alfred Winslow, E. P. Ames, Mrs. C. C. Allman, John Frazier, Mrs. D. C. Taylor, Mrs. Nathan Wood, John G. Hoffman, Joseph A. Little, Mrs. M. G. Little, Mrs. B. Williams, Mrs. Mary Edgerton, Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. O. G. Wheeler, Mrs. L. V. Serjeant, Mrs. J. Doak, A. J. Pratt, Mrs. A. J. Pratt, Mrs. Smith, Charles Dolton, Mrs. C. Dolton, Mrs. A. Knowlton, Mrs. B. Judson, Mrs. R. H. Wells, B. Brown, Mrs. Brown.

There are probably other members, but their names are not on these two lists of 1879 and 1884.

1879.-The death was reported of Mrs. Ann C. Wheeler, daughter of J. D. Jones, who came to Lake county in 1847, widow of Col. Wheeler. She died Jan. 10, 1879, being nearly forty-nine years of age. Also the death of Alexander Clark, son of Judge Clark, who came as a boy among the pioneers in February, 1835, who died of a lingering disease Feb. 22d, 1879, fifty-six years of age. Also of Rev. R. B. Young, a resident for about twenty-five years, who died April 24th, 1879, seventy-four years of age. Also of Mrs. Julia Merrill, wife of O. L. Merrill, daughter of Jesse Pierce, who died May 7th, 1869, twenty-six years of age. Also Mrs. Martha Parrish, widow of an old settler, who died at the residence of O. Pierce, March 3d, 1879, eighty-four years of age. Also Mrs. E. Benton, mother of Mrs. Parley A. Banks, and widow of a pioneer, who died at Englewood, Illinois, July 19th, 1879, eighty-two years of age. Also Zerah F. Summers, who had almost completed twenty-five years of residence, who died July 31st, 1879.

1880.--The death was reported of Mrs. Harriet W. Holton, the first teacher in our county, and for several years the oldest woman in our limits, who died October 17th, 1879, at the residence of her son, William A. W. Holton, being ninety-seven years of age. This report made Sept. 9th, 1880, says:

"A member of one of the pioneer families, Mrs. Annie Turner Morgan, in October last, left the home of her father and the home circle and the land of her birth, crossed the ocean, landed in Europe, and then sailed for Southern Asia, where she is now with her husband and daughter, the first representative from Lake county as a Christian missionary among the heathen."

1881.-From a lengthy report the following is taken. Mrs. J. A. H. Ball died Oct. 14th, 1880, seventy-six years of age. John Mereness died Feb. 1, 1881, nearly seventy-two years of age. In the same month died Jacob Hurlburt, who was with the surveyors here in 1834, who guided Solon Robinson in October of that year to this spot which is now Crown Point, who, then a resident of Porter county, afterward removed into Lake, and at whose "home his fellow pioneers and settler friends were sure of finding the old-time hospitality." The deaths were also reported of two pioneer women, Mrs. J. C. Kinyon and Mrs. Henry Sanger.

Finding human remains at Cedar Lake in October, 1880, was also reported.

1883.-Several interesting items are found in this report .given at some length. The deaths are: Hiram Post, a resident in South East Grove for thirty-three years, died Aug. 19th, age eighty-seven years. Mrs. George Fuller, aged sixty-seven years, died Aug. 20th. Asa E. Flint, who came to this county in childhood in 1836, died Aug. 25th, fifty-four years of age. Jacob Platt died August 5th, age eighty-three. Lorenzo D. Holmes, a resident since about 1838, died at Ross in the spring of this year.

Among landmarks removed the following were reported: The first Methodist church building was taken down in the fall of 1882; the Crown Point bakery in July, 1883; and the First Baptist church building, completed in 1856, was taken down in August, 1883.

Source: Lake County, Indiana, 1884 : an account of the semi-centennial celebration of Lake County, September 3 and 4, with historical papers and other interesting records prepared for this volume
Authors: T H B; E H Woodard; Tuthill King; Charles W Cathcart
City of Publication: Crown Point, Ind.
Publisher: Printed at the Lake County Star Office
Date: 1884
Transcribed by K. Torp

Pioneers and Early Settlers
A List of members present at the Annual Meeting held in August 1922, who have resided in Lake County sixty years or more.

E.J. Nicholson, Crown point; 74 years of age, came to Lake County in 1860
Mrs. E.J. Nicholson
Mrs. William Lennertz, Turkey Creek, born in Lake County, 1846
Jerome Dinwiddie, born in Crown Point, April 17, 1848
F.E. Farley, born in Crown point, April 1855
O.G. Wheeler, born March 4, 1842; came to Lake County 1847
Mrs. Esther Underwood, born in Mishawaka, ind., 1837, came to Lake County in 1842, now resides at Crown Point
John Hack, born in Lake County, 1843, resides at Lowell
Mrs. John Hack (nee Ann Driscoll) born at Lowell, 1842
Mrs. Stella Wallace, Lowell, R.R.2; born at Orchard Grove, April 3, 1853
Joseph Reissig, born 1852; came from New York state 1854
W.H. Patton, born in Center township, 1859; resides at Crown Point
Mrs. C.N. Barber, (nee Ella Taylor) born at Lowell, May 25, 1862
Mrs. Fred Krieter, born near Hobart, August 27, 1857
Mrs. J.S. Crawford, born June 16, 1856, at South East Grove
Mrs. Edith B. Griffin, born near Lowell, May 13, 1857
Mrs. W.H. Michael, born at Lowell in 1850
W.H. Michael, born at Lowell, 1847
Mrs. W.T. Holm, born at Crown Point, April 28, 1857; resides at 18 Glendale, Hammond
Mrs. M.B. Meeker, Crown Point, born in Ohio, 1852; came to Lake County in 1854
John E. Fraas, born at Crown Point in 1859
John B. Turner, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, age 77; former resident of Lake County
Mr. Lennertz, Merrillville, born in Ross township, April 1, 1855
L.G. Little, Lowell, born in West Creek township, February 21, 1861
John Brown, Crown Point, born at South East Grove, October 7, 1840
Oscar Dinwiddie, born near Morris, Ill., September 2, 1845;came to Lake County in 1845, resident of Lowell.
George S. Doak, Hebron, Ind., born November 22, 1834 in Beaver County, PA; came to Lake County April 21, 1855
Samuel B. Woods, born in Ross township, 1856
Hiram Barton, born in Michigan, March 22, 1839,; came to Merrillville, September, 1848
Mrs. Elinore Phillips, born in New York state, March 22, 1832; came to Lake county about 1836, resides in Ross township, near Elliott.
Mrs. William H. Walter, formerly of Hammond, now residing at West Palm Beach, Florida
Colonel LeGrand T. Meyer, of Hammond, born at Cedar Lake.

"Pioneer" Deaths from 1923-1924
as published in the Historical Association's 1929 book

"Pioneer" Deaths from 1924-1929
as published in the Historical Association's 1929 book

"Old Settler" Deaths from 1928-1933
as pub. in the History of Lake County, Vol. XI, Lake County Historical Association. 1934


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