Lawrence County Indiana

1916 SpiceValley School enrollment


Names of Parents,
Guardians, Heads
of Families or
Persons having
charge of child
or children
Name of Child Date of Birth Place of Birth Signature of parent or guardian
Mary J. Terrell Alice Aug 1897  Huron

Inez May 1902 Huron

Hubert Mar 1905 Huron

Homer Feb 1907 Huron

Louise Dec 1911 Williams
Albert Baker Perry Baker Dec 1899 Oolitic W.  A. Baker

Ruth Baker Oct 1907 Bedford
Fred Adamson Vera Adamson Jul 1903 Williams F.  K. Adamson
Ott Williams Stanley Williams Apr 1907 Williams

Warren Williams Sept 1909 Williams
August Spreen Homer Spreen Sep 1896 Seymour A. F. Spreen
Dick Kern Walter Kern Mar 1903 Bedford Minnie Kern
Kimbell Kern Neathe Kern Dec 1903 Williams Kimble J. Kern

Hubert Kern Apr 1907 Williams
John Kern Ethel Kern Oct 1909 Williams John H. Kern
Mary Bowman Luther Kern Aug 1905 Barry, IL Mary Bowman
Ora Deckard Lizzie Bowman Aug 1894 Williams Ora Deckard

Ray Deckard Mar 1902 Elkinsville
Alex Barnes Mildred Deckard Mar 1905 Bloomington Alex Barnes

Glenn Deckard May 1909 Elkinsville

Gladys Barnes Sep 1899 Williams

Mabel Barnes Oct 1906 Williams

Forest Barnes July WW Williams
Sheridan Richison Ralph Richison May 19 Springville Sheridan Ritchison

Russell Richison Feb. ? Springville

Walter Richison May 1902 Springville

Lois Richison Aug 1903 Springville

Robert Richisson May ? Mitchell
John F. Kern Ida Kern Dec 1899 Williams John T. Kern

Crystal Kern Feb 1901 Williams

Pearl Kern Sep 1902 Williams

Lora Kern July 1905 Williams

jArthur Kern Dec 1907 Williams
Noble Sears Wayne Sears Mar 1908 Bedford

Ambrose Sears Aug 1910 Williams Noble Sears
L. L. Adamson Beulah Adamson Oct 1896 Williams L.L. Adamson
Alex Cox Frances Cox Dec 1905 Williams Mrs. Alex Cox

Mabel Cox June 1907 Williams

Christinia Gehring May 1897 Williams
H. E. Baker Charley Baker Nov 1900 Sellarsburg

Lloyd Baker Mar 1905 Bedford H E. Baker
Enoch Etenison Lester Etchison Jan 1906 Williams Enoch Etchison
Eunice Smith Donald Smith June 1902 Williams Eunice Smith
Fillmore Jones Joyce Smith Sep 1904 Williams Filmore Jones
Mary Roberts Millard Jones Aug 1898 Williams

Laban Roberts Jan 1904 Indian Springs

0lin Roberts Nov 1906 Williams

Olive Roberts Nov 1908 Williams Mary Roberts
Mary Inman Arthur Inman Apr 1898 Silverville Mary Inman

Evert Tindall Aug 1896 Shoals
W. Thomas Clara Thomas Feb 1899 Plainville W. Thomas

Ethel Thomas Nov 1910 Plainville
Eva McFarlin Lena McFarlin Aug 1895 Williams

Louise McFarlin Oct 1897 Williams

Dorothy McFarlin Oct 1900 Williams

Harold McFarlin Feb 1904 Williams Eva McFarlin
T. N. Pierce Leslie Sep 1908 Williams

Evadna Pierce Feb 1897 Williams

Dewey Pierce Aug 1898 Williams Mrs. T. M. Pierce
Claig Porter Olive Porter July 1904 Indian Springs

Holace Porter Aug 1906 Williams Clara Porter
Olney Mitchell Alta Mitchell Feb 1900 Williams

Lelah Mitchell May 1901 Williams

Dale Mitchell Apr 1903 Williams

Beryl Mitchell Oct 1905 Williams

Anna Mitchell Apr 1907 Mt. Olive

Emmet Mitchell May 1909 Freetown Olney O. Mitchell
S. B. Inman Russell Inman Jan 1909 Bedford S.B. Inman
C. W. Wilking Olive Wilking Feb 1900 Williams C. W. Wilking
Eugene Keller Loris Keller Dec 1908 Williams Eugene Keller
Sanford Hall Ernest Hall July 1899 Williams Sanford Hall
Pearl Hendrickson Ilene Hendrickson Oct 1903 Will iams Pearl Hendrickson

Gertrude Hendrickson Apr 1907 Williams
Charles Smith Clemmie Smith May 1899 Williams

Pearl Smith Mar 1901 Will iams

Thomas Smith Dec 1903 Williams

Teddy Smith Mar 1903 Will iams

Bernieece Smith Dec 1907 Williams

Maxwell Smith Mar 1909 Williams Charles Smith
Ella Hornocker Cleo Hornocker Dec 1899 Silverville Ella Hornocker
Albert Mundy Lavon Mundy Sep 1907 St. Berneice

Ilene Mundy Feb 1909 St. Berneice W. A. Mundy
Carl Stout Raymond Stout June 1902 Medora

Nellie Stout June 1904 Sparksville

Stanley Stout Aug 1907 Williams Carl Stout
Howard Hill Orval Hill Feb 1896 Bed ford

Ralph Hill Oct 1898 Bedford

Lester Hill Aug 1900 Bedford

Audra Hill Sep 1907 Williams

Hazel Hill Sept 1907 Williams Howard Hill
Edith Craig Ayna Craig Apr 1909 Williams Edith Craig
Elza Smith Roscoe Smith Sep 1900 Williams

Rachel Smith Oct 1905 Williams

Robert Smith Feb 1907 Williams

Richard Smith June 1909 Williams

Ruth Smith Aug 1911 Williams Elza Smith
Geo. Luttrell Mabel Luttrell Nov 1907 Cale

Ernest Luttrell Apr 1908 Cale

Homer Luttrell Nov 1910 Mt. Olive George Luttrell
Lora Hetler Elizabeth Hetler Feb 1903 Dixon, IL

Gertrude Hetler July 1908 Dixon, IL

George Hetler Aug 1909 Dixon, IL Lora Hetler
Delia Mayfleld Forest Mayfield Nov 1907 Williams

Berneice Mayfield June 1911 Williams Delia Mayfield
Nineveh Craig Pauline Craig Feb 1907 Williams M, N. Craig
Adda Wllliams Kenneth Williams Oct 1903 Williams

Josephine Williams Sep 1907 Williams Adda Williams
P. H. Mavity Cleona Mavity July 1896 Williams P. M. Mavity
Zemri Craig Erie Craig Feb 1907 Williams

Elmer Craig July 1908 Williams

Evert Craig Sep 1910 Williams

George L. Boden Feb. 1910 Huron Z. R. Craig
Albert Reuter Kenneth Reuter June 1910 Williams Albert Reuter
Addison Thralls Edith Thralls Dec 1909 Williams C. A. Thralls
E. E. Reuter Emil Reuter Dec 1898 Williams

Erie Reuter June 1903 Williams E. E. Reuter
Ella Craig Margaret Craig Apr 1910 Williams Ella Craig
Chas. Hackler Arlie Hackler July 1909 Williams Charles Hackler
Lydia Thompson Mayme Thompson Mar 1898 Huron Mrs. Lydia Thompson
Jack Glaziner Ida Glaziner Jan 1896 Trinity

Mary Glaziner Nov 1897 Trinity

John Glaziner Oct 1903 Williams

Howard Glaziner Aug 1907 Williams Jack Glaziner
Ed Holmes Cecil Holmes Nov 1896 Trinity

Clara Holmes Sep. 1899 Williams Mrs. Ed Holmes
Luther White Elsie White Nov 1903 Sargent

Hobert White Dec 1903 Sargent

Hubert White Aug 1910 Williams Luther White
Amos Jones Melkerd Jones Dec 1902 Owensourg

Merlie Jones May 1908 Williams

Eva Jones May 1908 Williams

Gladys Jones Sep 1909 Williams Amos Jones
Dorie Dorsett Edith Dorsett May 1898 Huron

Delia Dorsett Oct 1899 Huron

Marvie Dorsett May 1903 Huron

Vernie I. Dorsett Sep 1910 Williams Dorie Dorsett
Lola Williams Fred Williams June 1903 Williams

Mary Bell Williams July 1909 Williams Lola Williams
Walter Jones John Jones Oct 1899 Williams W. A. Jones

Dee Jones Jan 1901 Williams
Marion Hall Leland Hall Apr 1908 Mitchell Marion Hall
Lizzie Brock Gordon Brock July 1897 Cale

Ralph Brock May 1900 Cale

Elmer Brock Aug 1907 Mr. Olive Lizzie B. Brock
Charity Denem Lottie Roberts July 1902 Mt. Olive Charity Denem
Reta Dillman Wilbur Dillman Sep 1898 Williams

Walter Dillman Jan 1900 Williams

Ethel Dillman May 1901 Williams

Hazel Dillman Nov 1902 Williams

Wayne Dillman Aug 1907 Williams Rita Dillman
Zibe West Zona West Feb 1905 Indian Spgs

Melvin West Feb 1908 Williams

Inez West Feb 1910 Williams Ziba West
Ive Roberts Henry Roberts Dec 1902 Linville Ivan Roberts
Jacob Gehring Anna Gehring June 1901 Williams

Walter Gehring Aug 19 04 Williams

Paul Gehring June 1908 Williams

Marie Gehring July 1910 Williams Jacob Gehring
Sam Short Ermel Short Jan 1903 Williams

Cora Short Jan 1905 Williams

Ava Short Sep 1907 Williams

Maurice Short July 1910 Williams Mrs. Sam Short
Otto Wagner Dwight Wagner Dec 1908 Williams Otto Wagner
Bailie Craig Glenn Craig Dec 1907 Williams

Orgel Craig July 1908 Williams Bailie Craig
Delbert Mundy Delpha Mundy Dec 1905 Williams

Beulah Mundy Dec 1906 Williams

Mildred Mundy Mar 1908 Williams Delbert Mundy
Thomas Davis Mabel Davis Oct 1908 Williams

Ethel Davis July 1910 Williams Thomas Davis
Clara Sheetz Lawrence Sheetz July 1903 Williams Clara Sheetz
Zeblon Bolton Ferine Wagner Apr 1907 Williams

Wilma Wagner May 1901 Williams Zeblon Bolton
Ollie Kinder Beulah Kinder Apr 1902 Williams

Berylh Kinder Nov 1904 Williams

Cecil Kinder July 1906 Williams Ollie Kinder
Fred Short Bart Short Nov 1899 Williams

Nora Short Sep 1900 Williams

Ruby Short Jan 1903 Williams

Edith Short Aug 1906 Williams Fred Short
W. N. Reuter Pearl Reuter July 1903 Williams

Cecil Reuter Jan 1904 Williams

Gail Reuter May 1907 W illiams

Dorothy Reuter Apr 1908 Williams

Louise Reuter Dec 1911 Williams W. N. Reuter
Harry Hammersley Vernon Hammersley Oct 1905 Shoals Harry Hammersley
Wess Bolton Elsie Bolton Oct 1910 Shoals Wess Bolton
Carrie Wagner Oral Wagner Nov 1896 Silverville

Hazlel Wagner Nov 1898 Silverville

Marvel Wagner Feb 1901 Silverville

Dwight Wagner May 1903 Williams

Viola Wagner July 1905 Williams

Russel Wagner Nov 1907 Williams

Luclle Wagner Nov 1909 Williams Carrie Wagner
Ruth Craig Liane Craig July 1909 Dark Hollow Ruth Craig
M, G. Wagner Williae Henry Wagner Mar 1907 Silverville

Vivian Rose Wagner Jan 1909 Silverville M. G. Wagner
Jeff McCoy Ralph McCoy Aug 1899 Williams

Lois McCoy Nov 1901 Williams

Arnold McCoy June 1907 Williams

Roy McCoy Jan 1908 Williams

Harold McCoy Oct 1910 Williams Jeff McCoy
Logan Wagner Emory Wagner Feb 1901 Williams

Lena Wagner Oct 1904 Williams Logan Wagner
F. C. Inman Forest Mitchell Oct 1902 Williams H. C. Inman
Clara Wagner Clyde Wagner June 1903 Silverville

Grace Wagner Dec 1904 Silverville

Ulan Wagner July 1908 Silverville

Elisha Wagner Feb 1910 Silverville Clara Wagner
Wickliff Fisher Evert Fisher June 1897 Silverville

Roy Fisher July 1904 Silverville
G, A. Palmer Charley Palmer Jan 1907 Silverville G. A. Palmer
Jane Wagner Wayne Wagner Mar 1902 Silverville

Henry Wagner July 1905 Silverville

Eve Wagner Mar 1906 Silverville

Iona Wagner Oct 1910 Silverville Jane Wagoner
J. W. Gore Onis Gore Oct 1900 Silverville

Oral Gore Dec 1901 Silverville

Ralph Gore Jan 1906 Silverville

Marie Gore May 1907 Silverville J. W. Gore
L. M. Reuter Horatio Heckler Mar 1902 Fayetteville L.M. Reuter
J. L. Inman Goldie Inman Feb 1899 Williams J. t. Inman
J. B. Inman Harley Inman Apr 1897 Williams J. B. Inman
Frank Mitchell Mabel Mitchell Mar 1899 Williams Frank Mitchell
Alonzo Grissom Kelsie Grissom Apr 1899 Williams Alonzo Grissom

Pearl Wagner Nov 1905 Williams
Wm. F. Craig Oval Craig Aug 1902 Williams

Opal Empson July 1902 Williams

Myrtle Empson Mar 1914 W illiams W. F. Craig
J. A. Hall Eva Hall Sep 1899 Williams

Clinton Hall Sep 1908 Williams J. A. Hall
Allen Mallatt Fern Mallatt Oct 1899 Jamestown

Gladys Palmar Dec 1906 Silverville Allen Mallatt
Sallle Soloman Idis Soloman Oct 1899 Williams Sallie Soloman
Christiana Hildebrand Rosa Hildebrand Sept 1898 Williams Christiana Hildebrand
John Gehring Charley Gehring Dec 1900 Williams

Willie Gehring Jan 1896 Williams John Gehring
J. L. Padgett Arnold Padgett July 1904 Williams

Eva Padgett June 1903 Williams

Morris Padgett May 1910 Williams J. L. Padgett
James Bolton Hubert Bolton Sep 1900 Williams James Bolton
Pearl Roberts Lillie Craig Mar 1902 Williams

Mildred Craig Dec 1906 Williams Pearl Roberts
James Davis Herman Davis May 1906 Williams

Raymond Davis Aug 1909 Williams James Davis
Seth Thomas Daphne Thomas Jan 1901 Williams

Vashti Thomas Jan 1904 Williams

Perry Thomas Aug 1907 Williams

Winnie Thomas Sep 1909 Williams Seth Thomas
Noble Davis Delia May Davis July 1907 Bedford Noble B. Davis
Otis Short Iva Short Oct 1903 Fayetteville

Hershel Short Nov 1905 Williams

Be----Short Nov 1903 Williams Otis Short
Walter Rainey Dorothy Rainey Aug 1908 Silverville

Mabel Rainey July 1909 Fayetteville Walter Rainey
George Brown Opal Brown June 1896 Williams

Osborn Brown Aug 1898 Williams Ge Brown
Alma Moore Esther Moore July 1904 Williams

Beryl Moore Dec 1906 Williams

Crystal Moore Mar 1907 Williams Alma Moore
Euga Reeder Horace Reeder Apr 1898 Williams Alma Moore

Roscoe Reeder July 1901 Williams

Hazel Reeder July 1910 Williams Euga Reeder
Thomas L. Fiddler Gertie Fiddler Aug 1900 Williams

Flossie Fiddler Oct 1904 Williams Thomas L. Fiddler
George C. Weir Margaret Weir June 1908 Bedford

Mildred Weir Apr 1910 Bed:ford George C. Weir
Mary Hall Madge Hall July 1899 Williams
Maggie Stevens Brada Hall Sep 1903 Williams

Gladys Hall July 1905 Will iams

Minnie Hall Mar 1910 Will iams Mary Hall

Edgar Stevens Feb 1902 Owensburg Maggie Stevens

State of Indiana,

Lawrence County, ss:

Before me, Laurin S. Chase, personally came Otto Wagner, who being duly sworn, deposeth and saith
that the foregoing enumeration has been taken and returned accurately and truly to the best of his
knowledge andd belief, and that such list contains the names and age of the youths so enumerated, and
no others.

/s/   Laurin S. Chase

Apr 17, 1916   Spice Valley Tp.   Lawrence Co.


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