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Born to Mr. and Mrs. Reuben ARD, on the l8th, a fine boy.

Ira Coleman Batman, born January 20, 1862, at Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Bloomington, Indiana. Educated at Bedford schools. Degree, B. L. Occupation, in 1886, a teacher in the High School, Columbia City, Indiana; in 1887 practiced law in Grant, Nebraska, his former residence; in 1888 attorney for the city of Bloomington. Mr. Batman married Miss Mary T. Waldron, of Bloomington.

Born to Mrs. James BATMAN, Sunday, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus BEAVER, April 10th, a son.

Caswell Riddle Burton, born, 1831, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Died September, 1862, at Woodsonville, Kentucky. Educated at Hartsville. Degree, B. S., and M. D. at Michigan University, 1861. Occupation, practice of medicine. Position, Lieutenant of Co. G, 50th Indiana Volunteers. Fell mortally wounded at Woodsonville, Kentucky.

Thomas Reed Cobb, of the Vincennes bar, began a career of ten years' service from the Second district. He was born in Lawrence county, Indiana, July 2, 1828; educated at Indiana University; read law and practiced at Bedford from 1853 to 1867; then moved to Vincennes, where he practiced until his death, June 23, 1892. He served in Congress from 1877 until 1887.

Thomas Bartholomew Donica, born January 25, 1832, in Lawrence County. Residence, Ellenton, Manatee County, Florida; in 1887, at Bedford. Educated in the Bedford High School. Degree, LL. B. Occupation, commenced the practice of law at Bedford, Indiana; through failure of health engaged in farming; for the last three years, since 1884, a cultivator of fruits and vegetables in South Florida.

Born to T.H. TODD and wife Saturday Feb. 19th, a daughter.

Levi Hanson, born December 25, 1827, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, South Granger, Monroe County, Indiana. Educated in the Wabash College and Northwestern Christian University, and completed the full course at Indiana University, but graduated at the Northwestern Christian University (now Butler), receiving the degrees, A. B. and A. M.; degree, LL. B., Indiana University. Occupation and position, teaching, preaching and farming; evangelist and elder in the Christian Church.

John Fields, born April 14, 1848, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Educated at McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois. Degree, LL. B. Occupation and position, attorney at law, a Republican in politics, a soldier in the ranks—11th Missouri infantry—for 38 months, from June, 1861, till August, 18H4; a participant in fourteen battles, including siege of Corinth, Vicksburg, Island No. 10, Inka, Mississippi, etc; was in the Red River Company in 1864, under A. J. Smith, who was then on detached service in the 33d Missouri infantry.

Alexander Downing Lemon, born August 17, 1834, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Pheenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. Educated at district schools, Monroe County. Degrees, B. S. and LL. B. Occupation, attorney and counselor at law. Position, Superintendent of public schools; District Attorney ; member of Legislature, and Presidential Elector. Author of an address on the " Political Issues of the Day," published in 1868; "Facts for the People," 1872; "Influence of Popular Education," 1874; centennial oration, published by the citizens of-San Diego County, California, July 4, 1876; funeral oration on the death of Garfield, delivered September 4, 1881, in Phoenix, Arizona, and published by request.

Frank R. Ouo, born September 13,1845, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas (1887). Educated at Mitchell, Indiana, schools. Degree, LL. B. Occupation, attorney at law. Mr. Ogg was for four years Prosecuting Attorney of Johnson County, Kansas, and for the same length of time postmaster; for two years Mayor, and at present (1887) attorney for the A. & S. F. R. R. Co. and the Southern Kansas R. R. Co. Mr. Ogg married Mary E. Daggy, of Bedford, Indiana, November 14, 1869.

Pleasant Alonzo Parks, born November 12, 1828, in Lawrence County. Died February 11, 1875. Educated at county schools and Bedford schools. Degree, LL. B. Occupation, attorney at law, practicing in Bedford and the District Courts. Though physically weak, Mr. Parks was industrious, energetic and talented.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Porte B. LWIDY, Lakeland, Ky., Hon. night a son.

Emerson Short, born December 2, 1848, at Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Bloomfield, Indiana. Educated at Bedford High School, Indiana University till Senior year. Degree, LL. B. Occupation, attorney at law.

David Sheeks, born May 9, 1830, in Lawrence County, Indiana. Residence, Austin, Texas. Educated at the Indiana As- bury University. Degree, LL. B. Occupation and position, practicing attorney at law; Judge of District Court, Texas
Editor H.E. WOOLHEATER, of Mitchell Commercial, father of a baby boy, born Jan. ?th.


Mary Forbes COBB, New London, Howard Co. was 95 years old last week. Her father was a Rev. soldier, husband in war of l8l2.
Rev. and Mrs. F.A. ELLER of Bloomington, former resident of this county, celebrated their Golden Wedding Thursday. All 5 children and nineteen grand children present, CO. DOBBINS and Mrs. H.T. FIELDS vrent to Bloomfield this morning to attend funeral of Alvin FIELDS, who recently returned from Calif, and died at Bloomfield Saturday eve. He was brother of H.T. Fields.

THE BEDFORD DEMOCRAT Bedford, Ind, Volume, Fri. July 2, 1897, No. 24
Miss Wyrtis McGurdy, 16th birthday, entertained friends.

Warsaw, Ind. April 8 - Money loaned by Robert Morris to National (goverment, during Rev. War, which amounts to upward of $1 ,500,000 will be paid to Mrs. Catherine SNYDER, of this city, who has just been proved his grand daughter and rightful heir. Her father James Morris died at Ohio, seventy years ago. She was adopted early by another family.

THE BEDFORD DEMOCRAT Bedford, Ind, Volume, Fri. July 2, 1897, No. 24
Surprize Party for Lorenzo Dow WHITTED in Flinn Twp.



Goosetovm - Married at residence of bride's parents, near Pinhook, Mrs. Nettie ALLEN and William EDiVARDS of this place. Rev. C.S. Blair officating.

THE BEDFORD DEMOCRAT Bedford, Ind, Volume, Fri. July 2, 1897, No. 24
James W BATMAN and Miss Kate MATHES married at brides home last night by
Elder J.W. Newland.

Jesse B.BURTON married Lydia DSISHER last evening at 8 O'clock by Rev. F.A. Hutcherson at her residence.

Marriage of Miss Clara, d/o Mr. 2: Mrs. F.T. DUNIHUE to Wm. Franklin PERKINS, March 8.

Miss Emma FIELDS went to Indpls. Wed. to visit her sister Mrs. Will Davis.

Marriage of James GILL and Miss Fletta T.KF, at Crawfordsville .

Ed HORN and Miss May WHITE d/o John WHITE married in brides home at Englewood, Sunday afternoon by Rev. S.K. Hogan.

Married on Sunday afternoon April 17, by Rev. Williams, Jesse LAVETIDER of Limestone, to Miss Nora ALLEN.

Ted LEEHEY formerly of this city mil be married Monday to Miss Julia ASHE at Greencastle.

Aredas LONG of Childress, Texas, and Jesse LONG of Kiuncie attended golden wedding here of their father and mother, Mr. Pi Mi's. David LONG east of town, Tuesday.

Marriage: Gen. Passenger Agent H.H. R0SEHAM of Southern Ind. railway married at Evansville, Wednesday mom. to Miss Mary Fidelio Hodge of that city. Bride is youngest dau of Mr. & Mrs. F.T. HODGE.

Silver Wedding - Rev. & Mrs. E.R. VEST at the M.E. Parsonage.

Dr. J.D. YOUNGER and Mrs. M.A. JUDAH were married Saturday night by Dr. J. Newland .


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