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A Record of Indiana Men and Women who Died in the Service of the United States
and the Allied Nations in the World War.

Son of John and Catherine Albert (Prior); born June 12, 1898, Winamac, Pulaski County, Ind. Lived in Culver, Marshall County, twelve years. Railroad employee. Entered service August 26, 1917, Logansport, Ind. Sent to Ft. Thomas, Ky.; transferred to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind. Assigned to 13th Ambulance Company, 31st Hospital Train, Medical Department. Sent to Hoboken, N. J. for embarkation, where he died of pneumonia, May 6, 1918. Buried at Culver, Ind.

Son of Edgar and Blanche Halsey Anderson (Harper); born December 8, 1898, Plymouth, Marshall County, Ind. Employed at Culver Military Academy. Enlisted in U.S. Regular Army in August, 1917, Fort Wayne, Ind. Trained at Ft. Thomas, Ky., Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., Camp Greene, N. C., and Camp Merritt, N. J. Assigned to Company M, 30th Infantry, 3rd Division. Sailed for France April 2, 1918. Killed in action October 20, 1918, Argonne Forest.

BRYAN, DONALD CLARK - - - Corporal
Son of Joseph A. and Elnora Bryan; born August 1, 1896. Argos, Marshall County, Ind. Mechanic. Enlisted in U.S- Regular Army May 10, 1917, Mishawaka, Ind. Trained at Ft- Thomas, Ky., Camp Scurry, Tex. Assigned to Company B, 5th Engineers. Overseas July, 1918. Died of wounds October 9, 1918, received while Crossing Dead Man's Hill near Thiacourt. Buried in American Cemetery near Thiancourt, France.

Son of Ira D. and Charlotte Moriah Buck; born January 26, 1885, Plymouth, Ind. Employee of Swift and Company, Edmonton, Canada. Enlisted in 202nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Forces, in January, 1916, Edmonton, Canada. Sailed November, 1916. Returned to Canada about July 1, 1917, unfit for service, due to illness. Died while still in Canadian service, December 7, 1917, Ponoka Hospital, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth.

Daughter of Amos and Ida Burden; horn July 31, 1889. Inwood, Marshall County, Ind. Graduate of Geneva Hospital. Seattle, Washington. Member of Indiana State Nurses Association. Three times made application for work in Red Cross; rejected because of weak heart. Answered emergency call during the influenza epidemic; sent to Camp Sherman, Ohio, October 11, 1918, where she died of pneumonia October 26, 1918. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Argos, Ind.

CLARK, JAMES HOMER - - -  Private
Son of James William and Francenia Clark; born November 13, 1896, Tyner, Marshall County, Ind. Machinist. Entered service August 24, 1918, Chicago, Ill. Trained at Camp Wads- worth, S. C.; assigned to Company M, 58th Pioneer Infantry; transferred to Company G, 4th Pioneer Infantry. Sailed from Newport News, Va., in September, 1918. Died of broncho- pneumonia October 12, 1918, St. Nazaire, Loire-Inferieure, France. Buried in American Cemetery at St. Nazaire.

COREY, JAMES LOWELL - - - Private, U.S.M.C.
Son of Melon L. (deceased) and Mahala Corey; born December 16, 1894, Argos, Marshall County, Ind. Educated in Virginia Military Academy, and Marquette University. Employee of Western Union Telegraph Company. Enlisted in Marine Corps November 29, 1917, Louisville, Ky. Trained at Parris Island, S. C.; assigned to 83rd Company, 6th Marines, 2nd Division. Overseas in March, 1918. Killed in battle of Chateau-Thierry, July 19, 1918, near Vicrzy. (Burial place unknown). American Legion Post, Argos, Ind., named in his honor.

EAKINS, KASH THEODORE - - Seaman, 2nd Class
Son of Charles T. and Martha T. Eakins; born December 14, 1900, Bourbon, Marshall County, Ind. Student. Enlisted in U.S. Navy January 13, 1917, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Chicago, Ill., under the name of Frank Moffett. Transferred to Philadelphia, Pa. Served on board the Minnesota, Kansas, Solace, and Ohio. Died August 27, 1917, on board Hospital Ship Solace during operation for acute appendicitis. Buried in Park Cemetery, Marshall County, Ind.

Son of James and Fanny Yates Faleonbury; born February 11, 1895, Rutland, Marshall County, Ind. Machinist. Enlisted in Regular Army April 9, 1917, Fort Wayne, Ind. Sent to Ft. Thomas, Ky., and Ft. Hancock, N. J. Assigned to Company M, 320th Infantry, 80th Division. Overseas May 26, 1918. Wounded October 13, 1918, Argonne Forest, and died same day. Buried in American Cemetery, Cunel. Survived by widow, Mrs. Forest Faleonbury, Lakeville, Ind., and daughter Evelyn Forest.

Son of John C. and Melissa Fulk (Frost); born August 21, 1894, near Bremen, Marshall County, Ind. Farmer. Entered service June 28, 1918, Plymouth, Ind. Sent to Camp Sherman, Ohio; assigned to Company B, 334th Infantry; transferred to Company A, 2nd Development Battalion, 158th Depot Brigade. Died of pneumonia October 6, 1918, Camp Sherman, Ohio. Buried in Bremen Cemetery, Bremen, Ind.

Son of Charles and Mary Grover; born June 21, 1896, Plymouth, Ind. Farmer. Enlisted in U.S. Regular Army December 20, 1917, South Bend, Ind. Sent to Ft. Omaha, Neb.: assigned to Company 3, Balloon Squad, Aviation Section! later sent to Garden City, L. L; place in Casual Detachment, Signal Corps. Died of pneumonia February 5, 1918, Garden City. Buried in Poplar Grove Cemetery, Marshall County, Ind. Survived by widow, Cora Grover, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Son of Brad D. and Nellie Krouse; born December 19, 1897, Maxinkuckee, Marshall County, Ind. Farmer. Enlisted in Company I, 3rd Infantry, Indiana National Guard, Plymouth, Ind., July 2, 1917. Sent to Camp Shelby, Miss.; assigned to 2nd Motor Section Company, 113 Ammunition Train. Died of disease December 13, 1917, Camp Shelby, Miss. First man from Union Township to die in service. Buried at Poplar Grove, Marshall County, Ind.

LEE, JESSE KENNETH - - - Private
Son of Jonathan W. and Sarah Lee (Amones); born October 6, 1893, Plymouth, Ind. Farmer. Entered service June 15, 1918, Plymouth, Ind. Sent to Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Training School for instruction in gunsmithing. Transferred to Camp Sherman, Ohio; assigned to Company K, 358th Infantry, 90th Division. Sent to Camp Mills, N. Y. Overseas September 9, 1918. Killed in action, October 24, 1918, Meuse- Argonne Offensive, Verdun Sector. Buried near Quennel, France.

Son of Frank O. and Flora F. Shirk McCormick (Hunter) ; born March 8, 1892, El Paso, Tex. Moved to Lapaz, Marshall County, Ind. about 1895. Entered service March 15, 1918, Rawlins, Wyo. Trained at Camp Lewis, Wash.; and Camp Kearney, Cal. Overseas in August, 1918; assigned to Company C, 110th Infantry. Died from wounds October 6, 1918, at Mobile Hospital No. 2. Buried in American Cemetery Chateau de-Salvange, near Riaucourt, (Meuse).

Son of Fred H. and Dessa P. Thompson Myers; born May 19, 1891, Lapaz, Marshall County, Ind. Dental student, University of Michigan. Enlisted in Dental Reserve Corps April 27, 1918, Detroit, Mich. Assigned to Medical Section of Reserve Corps of U.S. Army. Did not enter actual service as class of 1918 was not called. Died of influenza January 20, 1919, Ann Arbor, Mich. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, Ind.

PLACE, OTHO BRADFORD - - - 2nd Lieutenant
Son of Bradford D. and Mary Caroline Place; born March 27, 1893, Bremen, Marshall County, Ind. Auditor, Electrical Mechanics Company, St. Joseph, Mich. Entered Officers Training School, Ft. Sheridan, Ill., in May, 1917. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. Stationed at Camps Custer, Mich., Camp Greene, N. C., and Camp Mills, N. Y. Overseas in December, 1917; assigned to Company G, 305th Infantry, 77th Division. Killed in action November 1, 1918, Argonne Forest. Buried where he fell. American Legion Post, Bremen, Ind., named in his honor.

REEVE, CHARLES BURROUGHS - - - 1st Lieutenant
Son of Charles Albertus and Mary Florence Burroughs Reeve; born February 19, 1894, Plymouth, Ind. Educated in Howe Military Academy, and University of Notre Dame. Entered First Officers Training Camp, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, May, 1917. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant. Overseas in September, 1917; assigned to Company D, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division. Killed October 7, 1918, near St. Etienne, Mont Blanc Ridge. Body to be returned home for burial. Awarded Distinguished Service Cross. American Legion, Plymouth, Ind., named in his honor.

Son of Peter and Eleanor Buchanan Rivar; born May 28, 1887, Bourbon, Marshall County, Ind. Farmer. Entered service about November 2, 1917, Ft. Benton, Mont. Trained at Camp Lewis, Wash. Assigned to Company K, 361st Infantry, 91st Division. Overseas in June, 1918. Killed in action November 2, 1918, Audenarde, Belgium. Buried beside the main road, across the river Escaut from Audenarde.

SELNER, CARL MILAN - - -  Private
Son of Jacob and Elta SeIner; born October 8, 1895, Wakarusa, Elkhart County, Ind. Farmer. Entered service September 4, 1918, South Bend, Ind. Sent to Camp Grant, Ill.; assigned to Company H, 2nd Battalion, 5th Limited Service Regiment, 161st Depot Brigade. Died of pneumonia October 12, 1918, at Camp Grant. Place of burial, Bremen, Ind. Survived by widow, Minnie Roth Seiner, and son, Kenneth Lloyd, Bremen.

SEWARD, CLARENCE JOHNSON - - - Apprentice Seaman
Son of Charles A. and Edith Idell Johnson Seward; born August 17, 1896, Plymouth, Ind. Clerk. Enlisted in U.S. Navy July 8, 1918. Sent to Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Chicago, Ill., where he was taken ill and died of influenza, September 26, 1918. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, Ind.

Son of John F. and Louisa Moyer Sherland; born July 21 , 1893, Chicago, Ill. Moved to Marshall County, Ind. in 1898. Bridge worker. Enlisted in U.S. Regular Army May 14, 1917. Chicago, Ill. Trained at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and Ft  Bliss, Tex. Assigned to Company C, 34th Infantry. Accidentally shot by comrade while on duty, June 12, 1917. Died from effects of the wounds June 22, 1917, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Buried in Donaldson Cemetery, Marshall County, Ind.

Son of Jacob and Lavina Boyd Snider; born January 17, 1895, Bremen, Marshall County, Ind. Farmer. Entered service June 15, 1918, Plymouth, Ind. Sent to Indianapolis, and assigned to Company H, Chamber of Commerce Training Detachment, No. 2. Transferred to Camp Jackson, S. C.; assigned to Battery F, 12th Field Artillery Replacement Draft. Died October 18, 1918, of influenza and pneumonia, Camp Jackson, S. C. Buried at Bremen, Ind.

Son of John and Ella Catherine Spencer Tong; born January 4, 1896, near Plymouth, Ind. Butcher. Entered service March 30, 1918, Plymouth, Ind. Sent to Camp Taylor, Ky.; assigned to 32nd Company, 8th Training Battalion, 159th Brigade; transferred to 15th Company, 4th Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade. Died of pneumonia September 23, 1918, Camp Taylor, Ky. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, Ind.

VAN PHERSON, BRYAN E. - - - Private
Son of William and Martha Ann Van Pherson; born October 17, 1896, near Tyner, Marshall County, Ind. Farmer. Entered service August 25, 1918, Warsaw, Ind. Trained at Camp Custer, Mich.; assigned to Battery E, 40th Field Artillery. Died of influenza-pneumonia October 14, 1918, Camp Custer, Mich. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, Ind.

Son of Charles E. and Cora Wright; horn October 31, 1895, near Lapaz, Marshall County, Ind. Core maker. Enlisted in Indiana National Guard July 2, 1917, Plymouth, Ind. Sent to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind.; then to Camp Shelby, Miss.; assigned to 137th Field Artillery. Transferred to Camp Mills, N. Y. Overseas in September, 1918. Assigned to the Thirty- eighth Division. Died of pneumonia October 14, 1918, Hurley Hospital, Southampton, England. Buried in Fair Cemetery, Marshall County, Ind.

Source: Gold Star Honor Roll: A Record of Indiana Men and Women who Died in the Service of the United States and the Allied Nations in the World War. 1914-1918
By Indiana Historical Commission, John Williams Oliver
Published by Indiana Historical Commission., 1921

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