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Miami County's Dead In The War Of The Rebellion.

Company B, Thirteenth Regiment (Three Years)

Aker, Nelson, killed at Weir Church, May 80, 1864.
Baker, Daniel, died in Andersonville Prison, Sept. 30, 1864.
Cassady, Jno. R., died at Folly Island, Oct. 12, 1863.
Day, William, killed at Alleghany, Dec. 13, 1851.
Dolan, Patrick, killed at Chester' Station, May 10. 1864.
Fagan, Matthew, killed at Alleghany, Dec. 13, 1861.
Fox, William, June 7, 1864.
Gonser, Levi, died Folly Island, Oct. 21, 1863.
Gohn, John, died of wounds, May 20, 1864.
Gonser, Jonathan, killed at Weir Church, May 20, 1864.
Graving, Ernest, died at Beaufort, Jan. 15, 1864.
McFariand, Garrison, killed at Blackwater, Va., Dec. 12, 1862.
Stevenson, W. II. died Folly Island, Oct. 14, 1863.
Warner, John F., killed at Rich Mountain, July 11, 1861.
Watson, Robert, died at Folly Island, Nov. 3, 1863.
Widour, Francis, died at Clarksburg, Va., Aug. 6, 1861.

Company A, Thirteenth Re-Organized

Coromster, Alex., killed at Ft. Fisher, Jan. 15, 1865.
Hamilton, Daniel, died in Andersonville Prison, Dec. 9,1864.
Marquiss, J. M., died of wounds received near Petersburg, July 2, 1864.
McQuiston, J. C, died in Andersonville Prison, Aug. 30, 1864.

Company F, Sixteenth Regiment.

Brandorn, Abraham, died of wounds, July 5, 1863.
Brooks, Isaiah, died at Indianapolis, July 11. 1863.
Bennett, Donald W., died of wounds; September 6, 1862.
Buckley William P.. killed at Richmond, Ky., Aug 30, 1862.
Colay, Jesse P., died at Indianapolis, Nov. 26, 1862.
Gerrard, David D., died at Vickslmrg, Jan. 28, 1863.
Garrett, Salathiel, died of wounds, April 15, 1864.
House, Daniel, died at Indianapolis, Nov. 2, 1862.
Jay, Alfred, died Milliken Rend, April 27, 1863.
Jones, Daniel W., died at Milliken Bend, April 15, 1863.
Jester, Madison, died at St. Louis, April 8, 1863.
Johnson, William, killed Mansfield, La., April 8, 1864.
Keefe, James, killed Mansfield, La., April 8, 1864.
Lee, Andrew J., died at St. Louis, July 23, 1863.
Lanhorn, Burton, died at Milliken's Bend, May 26, 1863.
McDonald, William A., died at Millken's Bend, March 30, 1863.
Pond, Josiah, died at St. Louis, June 28, 1863.
Robinson, Andrew, died at Vicksburg, June 28,1863.
Ridde, Darius A., died at Milliken's Bend, April 8, 1863.
Sloan, William, killed at Mansfield, April 8, 1864.
Seger, Florian, died at Donaldsville, May 11, 1864.
Payne, Aaron E, died at New Orleans. April 18, 1864.
Vaughn, Jeremiah M., died at Young's Point, Feb. 22, 1863.
Venis, Henry, died of wounds, Sept. 12, 1862.

Company K, Seventeenth Regiment.

Jones, Newton, died at Boling, Ky., Sept. 1862.

Company A, Twentieth Regiment (Three Years).
Thomas, John F., killed May 12, 1864.
Ash, Amos D., killed at Gettysburg.
Brownlee, David P., killed at Gettysburg.
Cook, Benj. F., died at Washington, July 4, 1864.
Irvin, Henry, died at City Point, Va.
Robinson, George W., died at Alexandria, March 25, 1864.
Smith, Nicholas J., killed at Oak Grove, Va., June 25, 1862.
Seger, John M., killed at Gettysburg.
Smith, Charles W., killed at Gettysburg.
Stowe, George W., killed at Chickahominy.
Tice, Jno. M., killed at Gettysburg.
Wright, Daniel G., killed probably at Gettysburg.

Company H, Twenty-Ninth Regiment (Three Years).

Reese, Thomas EL, died in Libby Prison.
Goodbo, Jocko, died at Louisville, March 4, 1864.
Killian, John, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. IS1, 1863.
McNair, James, died at Camp Wood, Ky., Jan. 14, 1862.
McCain, James, died at Nashville, April 13, 1864.
Potter, Theron, died at Nashville, March 1862.
Rider, Leonard, wounded at Chickamauga, died Nov. 3, 1863.
Roccoon, Jackson, died at Nashville, 1865.

Company A, Eighth Cavalry (39th).

Hicks Abraham, killed at Stone River.
Renbo Wm., died at Chattanooga, Sept 29,1863.
Bigley, James L. died of disease.
Clark, Jno. EL, Died at Nashville, Dec. 4, 1863.
Harvey, Wm., killed at Shiloh, April, 1862.
Hicks, Patrick, died at Evansville, July 5, 1862.
Jackson, Jno., died of wounds at Shiloh, April 9,1862.
Jones, William W., killed at Stone River.
Landrum, Rufus, died
Lockwood, Geo. W., died April 1862.
Pearson, Perry D., died
Pontious, Benj., killed at Stone River, Dec. 31,1862.
Powell, Wm. B., died .
Repp, Christopher, died .
Taylor, Geo. I., killed at Stone River, Dec 31, 1862.
Utter, Thomas Q., died Dec. 26, 1864.

Company M, Eighth Cavalry (39th).

Cate, Martin, killed at Black River, March 16, 1865.
Raynor, Alfred, killed at Black River, March 16,1865.
Sharp, Henry, died at ('amp Webster, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1864.
Swengle, Sam., killed at Black River, March 16, 1865.
Thomas, Robert S.. died at Nashville, June 16, 1865.
Wilkinson, P. M., died at Nashville, June 23, 1864.

Company B, Fortieth Regiment (Three Years.)

Button, Jno. T., died Dec. 6, 1864.
Brower, Jeremiah, killed at Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864.
Thompson, Wm. L.,died at Evansville, Aug. 14, 1862.
Atchison, Robt., killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862.
Belew, Joseph A. killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864.
Bank, J. II., killed at Mission Ridge, Nov. 25,1863.
Beard, Geo. H., died of wounds. Mission Ridge.
Cook, C. M., died at Nashville, June 5, 1863.'
Collins, Onesmus, killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864.
Doud, Arthur, killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27. 1864.
Everhart, Lewis IT., killed at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1863.
Hahn, Jno., died of wounds, Nov. 29, 1863.
Hide, Austin D., killed at Shiloh, April 15, 1862.
Koff, Fred, died of wounds, April 13,1864.
Lesley, Morris, killed at Mission Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863.
Miller, Milton, killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862.
Mote, Eli, killed at Mission Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863.
Null, Jno. H., died at Tuscumbia, Ala., June 23,1862.
Ramsey, David, died Oct. 20, 1865.
Smith, Jno. W., died at Nashville, Dec. 5, 1864.
Stanley, Sanford, died of wounds, probably at Stone River.
Walters, James, killed at Kenesaw, June 27, 1864.
Walling, J., killed at Stone River, Dec. 30, 1862.
Wooley, Jno., killed at Kenesaw, June 27, 1864.

Company G, Fifty-First Regiment (Three Years).

Baker, Root., died at Sanford, Ky., Feb. 19, 1862.
Crooks, William, died at Nashville, Sept. 18, 1862.
Dyer, Charles, died at Lebanon, Ky., Feb. 19, 1862.
Ewing, Thomas, died at Nashville." March 30, 1862.
Faley, Thomas, died at Bowling Green, Sept. 17, 1862.
James, Martin V. B., died at Peru, Aug. 15, 1863.
Sullivan, George, died at Peru July 19, 1864.

Company C, Eighty-Seventh Regiment (Three Years).

Russell, Burr, died of wounds, Nov. 29, 1863.
Demuth, Jno., killed Aug. 22, 1864.
Brown, Elisha, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 1863.
Brown, Martin V. died at Chattanoosra, Nov. 22, 1863.
Clendenin, Andrew P., died at Dowd's Island, April 3,1865.
Deriek, George, died at Nashville, Mareh 6, 1863.
Edward, Sylvester, died of wounds, at Chattanooga, Oct. 11, 1863.
Foss, James G., died at Chattanooga, Oct. 11, 1863.
Glaze Geo., died at Chattanooga, Nov. 8, 1863.
Hart, Geo., died at Lebanon, Ky., Feb. 21,1863.
Hawyer, Win. H., died of wounds, Richmond, Va., Dec. 15,1863.
Kennedy, Joe J., died at Gallatin, Nov. 23, 1862.
Kepler, Jno., died at Ringold, Ga,, April 12, 1864.
Loyd, Wm. J., died at Louisville, Dec. 19, 1862.
Marine, Asa W., Waldon Ridge, Oct. 1863.
Marshall, Herman, died of wounds at Nashville, Dec. 14, 1863.
Newby, Isaiah J, died of wounds at Chattanooga, Oct. 17,1863.
Perkins, Ithamer, died at Gallatin, Tenn., Nov. 12, 1862.
Petty, Miles C, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863.
Reese, Jno., died at Gallatin, Tenn., Jan. 10, 1863.
Saxon, Wm. J., died at Gallatin. Tenn., Dec. 14, 1862.
Watler, Geo. F., died at Bowling Green, Dec. 23, 1862.
Wicker, Wm., killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863.
Woolf, Jacob, died at Triune, Tenn., May 2, 1863.

Company D, Ninety-Ninth Regiment (Three Years).

Connett, Jno. F., died at Memphis, Nov. 23, 1862.
Hitsmiller, Samuel, died at Memphis, Nov. 23, 1862.
Reamer, Wm., died at Memphis, Sept. 25, 1863.
Reamer, Jesse, died at Memphis, April 9, 1863.
Snider, Reuben, died at Fort Fowler, March 4, 1863.

Company I, Ninety-Ninth Regiment (Three Years).

Albaugh, Daniel, died at Indianapolis, Nov. 7,1862.
McGraw, Francis M, killed at Jackson Miss., July 11, 1863.
Studebaker, Andrew, died at Louisville, Feb. 4, 1865.
Freermood, Geo., died of wounds, Aug. 5, 1864.
Garsar, Jno., died at Scottsboro, Ala., Feb. 22,1864.
Sullivan, Jefferson, died at Fort Fowler, April, 1863.
Wilson, Leander, died at Memphis, Oct. 11, 1863.
Weeks, Jno., killed near Atlanta, July 28,1864.

Company L, Twelfth Cavalry, (One Hundred And Twenty-Seventh Regiment, Three Years).

Houk, Johnson M., died at Logansport, May 27, 1865.
Blackburn, Jno. died at Murfreesboro, Jan. 3, 1865.
Burnett, Sam M., died at Jeffersonville, Feb. 15, 1865.
Burk, Jno. W., died at Mobile, May 6, 1865.
Benner, Samuel, died at Montgomery, June 16, 1865.
Correll, Zacharas, died at Kendallville, April 7, 1864.
Clark, Samuel L., died at Goshen, March 4, 1864.
Ellison, Pleasant, died at New Orleans, April 16, 1865.
Geiger, Geo. W., died at New Albany, Jan. 10, 1865.
Karr, Jno., died at Point Rock Kidge, May 23, 1864.
Wilson, Geo. W., died at Kendallville, March 7, 1865.

Company M, Twelfth Cavalry, (One Hundred And Twenty-Seventh Regiment, Three Years).

Goodwin, Geo. W., died at Kendall, March 31, 1864.
Laux, Ephram K., died at New Orleans, May 21, 1865.
Shenkle, Win., died at Huntsville, July 10, 1864.
Wilcox, Martin, died at Madison, Ala.. June 14, 1864.
Wilcox, Ezra, died at Nashville, Feb. 15, 1865.
Willey, Jno., died at Camp Anderson, Jan. 21, 1864.

Company C, One Hundred And Fifty-First Regiment (One Year).

King, Stephen A., died at Nashville, March 25, 1865.
Smith, Adam W., died at Nashville, July 23, 1865.

Company D, One Hundred And Fifty-First Regiment (One Year).

Bell, Jno. C., died at Nashville, June 24, 1865.
Crider, Ephrian L., died at Tullahoma, May 31, 1865.
Coleman, Geo. W., died at Nashville, June 1, 1865.
Calvin, Jno. V., died at Mexico, March 4, 1865.
Harmon, David, died at Indianapolis, Feb. 20, 1865.
Hakins, Thomas W., died at Nashville, July 5, 1865.
Hoover, Mark K., died at Nashville, April 1, 1865. P
ackard, Noah F., died at Nashville, July 25, 1865.
Shanaberger, Geo. F., died at Tullahoma," May 1, 1865.
Whitney, Geo. W., died at Nashville, April 21, 1865.

Fourteenth Battery, Light Artillery.

Loveland, Henry C, died at Bethel, Tenn., June 14, 1862.
Hale, Ephrain, died at home, Oct. 26, 1863.

Twenty-First Battery, Light Artilery.

Montgomery, Wm. A., died at Lexington, Dec 28, 1862.
Despennet, Wm. S., died at Columbia, May 21, 1864.
Sullivan, A. W., died at Columbia, June 4, 1864


Cole, Ethan, died of wounds, Aug. 9, 1864.
Wilson, Taylor, died at Memphis, Oct. 28, 1862.
Hullinger, Jacob, died at Washington, D. C, Feb. 9, 1865.

Note.—The foregoing list is probably incomplete, as there are many unaccounted for in the official reports, who were no doubt killed.
Source: History of Miami County, Indiana: From the earliest time to the present ... By Brant & Fuller, Chicago

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