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1884.F. A. BATTEY.  F. W. TEPPLE

RICHARD A. ABRAHAM was born in Morgan County, Ind., July 4, 1842.  He is the son of William and Maria (Arnold) Abraham, both natives of England.  William Abraham was a resident of this township for thirty seven years.  He was born in the Isle of Wight, England, in 1815, and is the son of James and Sarah (Pittis) Abraham. James was born in the Isle of Wight about the year 1777.  His wife Sarah also was born in the Isle of Wight.  James and Sarah were married in 1810;  on May 26, 1821, the husband, wife and five children embarked for America, arriving in Philadelphia July 19, 1821, and thence proceeded to Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and thence in a few years to Deersville, Harrison County, Ohio, where they permanently resided until his death at the age of eighty two years.  He was the father of seven children,  three of whom are still living, and of whom William is the second son.  The latter was only six years of age when he crossed the Atlantic, but he still remembers many
incidents of the voyage.  After reaching manhood, he traveled down the Ohio River into the then wild regions of the Lower Mississippi River through the States of Louisiana,  Mississippi and Arkansas, and as far north as Wisconsin.  Returning home to Deersville, he there married, on October 7, 1840, Maria, daughter of John Arnold. She was also born in the Isle of Wight on September 18, 1817.  With her parents and in the same vessel with the Abraham family, she emigrated to America in 1821. John Arnold, soon after his arrival, proceeded with his family to Rush County, Ind., and entered a half section of land east of Rushville, which land is still owned by his children, and on which he died June 27, 1864, aged seventy six years.  His wife, Mary Ann Cole, was also born in the Isle of Wight.  After his marriage, William  Abraham proceeded with his young wife to Cumberland, Marion County, Ind.,  where, ten miles from Indianapolis, he purchased 160 acres of land, and moved on it.  The land at that early day not being considered desirable, he soon disposed of it and came to Green Township, Morgan County, and moved on a farm he had previously purchased, and which is at present owned by his son, Richard A.  He moved on this farm in December, 1845, and lived here about sixteen years.  In 1861, he moved to what was known as the John Hughes farm now owned by William R. Abraham, where he lived until 1882, when he moved to near Providence, Johnson County, where he still resides.  During the many years which William Abraham has been a resident of Morgan County, he and his wife have braved many hardships and suffered many privations, but they have been rewarded with a competence for themselves and their children.  Richard A., the eldest of the children, and our subject, came to this county with his parents, and, on April 6, 1870, was married to Mrs. Mary A. Flake, the widow of Aimor Flake, and daughter of Henry and Sarah (Davis) Elkins.  She was born in this county on March 22, 1849.  After his marriage he settled in this township, where he has since remained, moving on the farm which he at present occupies in the year 1873.  He owns over 700 acres of land.  Mr. Abraham and wife are the parents of three children, viz., Alfred O., Nora and Richard.  Both are members of the Christian Church.

WILLIAM ADAMS was born in Morgan County, Ind., on April 9, 1844, and is a son of Henry and Nancy Adams, natives of Kentucky and Virginia.  Henry Adams was born February 2, 1804;   married Emily Kephart, and moved to this county, where he now lives.  He lost his wife Emily by death, and subsequently married Nancy Slusser.  His family were Jacob, Abraham, Rebecca, George W., William, Elizabeth, Amanda, Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, Sarah T. and Emily C.  William Adams was married, in this county, November 31, 1865, to Charity, daughter of Henry and Lavina Pearce.  She was born in Morgan County on April 4, 1848. They have six children, Minnie E., Nancy B., Mary J., Martha C., Clarence E. and Lavina D.

JOHN F. BRAUN was born in Germany on September 29, 1819, and is a son of Christian and Eliza (Schnider) Braun, natives of Germany, where they remained until their death.  They had born to them, Christian, George and John F.  Our subject was youngest of the three children, and at the age of fourteen began learning the tailor's trade of his father, and followed it for a number of years.  Mr. Braun, our subject, was married in Germany, in 1846, to Catherine Miller, and in 1850 they came to the United States, and settled in this county.  Mrs. Catherine Braun died September 22, 1871, and on April 23, 1872, Mr. Braun was married to Louisa, daughter of Peter and Hannah Schniter.  She was born in Germany July 12, 1842. Mr. Braun is the father of thirteen children Eliza B. (deceased), Henry, Frederick,
Elizabeth, Christian (deceased), Augusta (deceased), Mary J. (deceased), Minnie H., George W., Franklin A., Mary I., and two infants (deceased).

JOSEPH EGBERT was born in Warren County, Ohio, September 4, 1835, and is a son of James and Sarah (Brandenburgh) Egbert, natives of Pennsylvania.  James Egbert was a son of John Egbert, a native of New Jersey, who was born January 13, 1752, and in 1774, married, in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Bowman.  They moved to Warren County, Ohio, and remained there the rest of their lives.  He was a soldier of the Revolutionary war.  James, the father of our subject, was born in 1798, went to Ohio in 1818, and on October 11, 1821, married Catherine Pauley, who was born on June 28, 1803, bore her husband four children and subsequently died.  These children were Lydia E., George W., John P. and Catherine.  Mr. Egbert, August 18, 1830, married Sarah Brandenburgh, and by her had ten children Israel, Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, Jonathan, Celia, Elvy, Martha, James and Thomas.  Mrs. Egbert was born in Pennsylvania on November 3, 1808.  In 1836, they moved to Dearborn County, Ind., and in 1838 to this county, and remained here until their death, on January 11, 1868, and on September 16, 1875. James accompanied his parents to this county in 1838, and married on November 1, 1859, Julia A., daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Brain.  She was born in this county April 15, 1839.  After marriage, Mr. Egbert settled on a farm in Green Township, and has since lived here.  He owns 140 acres of land.  They have a family of ten children, Willard B., Lorena A., Sarah J., Vilena (deceased), Laura E., Luella, Joseph O., Ora, Elva P. and Dora.  He and his wife belong to the Christian Church.  Mr. Egbert has been Township Assessor for three terms.

S. H. PEARCY was born in Shelby County, Ky., on March 13, 1829, and is a son of William and Mary (Holly) Pearcy, natives respectively of Virginia and Pennsylvania. William was a son of George Pearcy, a native of Pennsylvania.  In an early day, George Pearcy moved to Virginia, and there married Esther Campbell, moved to Greene County, Tenn., and in 1795 went to Fayette County, and two years afterward to Shelby County, Ky., and there remained until their death.  Their children were John, Hugh, George, Henry, Elizabeth, Robert, Ann and William.  William Pearcy was born in Rockingham County, Va., on March 4, 1784, and in Shelby County, Ky., married Mary Holly, who was born in Pennsylvania on January 2, 1790.  In 1836, Mr. Pearcy moved to Morgan County, Ind., settling in Green Township, on the farm which our subject now occupies.  Here he remained until death overtook him.  His children were as follows:  Charity J., Elizabeth A. (deceased), Jeremiah H., Elizabeth E., Samuel H. and Mary A.  Samuel H. Pearcy  was next to the youngest in the family, and came to this county with his parents in 1836, and has lived here since that time.  On February 12, 1852, he was married to Mary H., daughter of William and Jemima Hughes.  Mrs. Pearcy is a native of this county, and was born April 18, 1832.  They have seven children, Sarah E., Charity L. E., Stanton W., William T., Jemima E., John K. and Mary V.

JACOB PIERCE was born in Greene County, Ind., and is a son of John and Frances Pierce, natives of Kentucky and South Carolina.  John Pierce was born January 31, 1797, and his wife, Frances, in 1801.  They were married in Kentucky, and moved thence to Greene, and finally, in 1834, to Morgan County, Ind.  Here they remained until their deaths, Mr. Pierce dying in 1883, and his wife preceding him in 1865.  Their children were Nancy, Mary, Elizabeth, William John S., Eliza J., Jacob, Rachel, Sarah, Angaletta, George, James M. and Jeriah.  Jacob Pierce, our subject, married, in this county, on November 16, 1859, Catherine, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Flake.  She was born in Morgan County, Ind., on March 16, 1842.  After his marriage, Mr. Pierce settled in Johnson County, where he purchased land, and remained for about five years.  The family then moved to this county, and have lived here since.  To this household were added ten children, George W. (deceased), Sarah A., John, Arrena E., Cordelia (deceased), Thomas W., Cornelius, James, Oliver and Elmer.

SARAH RADCLIFF, widow of John Radcliff, was born in Madison County, Ky., on April 1, 1824, and is a daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Johnson) Holman, natives of Virginia.  Daniel Holman was married in Virginia in an early day, and then moved to Kentucky, where he died.  Mrs. Holman afterward moved to this county, and died here.  Their children were Alfred, Joel, Abel, Harden, James, Harrison, Tarleton, Jackson, Madison, Perlina, Parmelia, Amanda, Minerva and Sarah.  Sarah Holman, our subject, was married in Anderson County, Ky., on August 15, 1844, to Edward J. Rice.  The couple settled in Mercer County, Ky., and in 1848 came to Morgan County, Ind., where Mr. Rice died November 18, 1867.  In 1869, Mrs. Sarah Rice married John Radcliff, who died on January 25, 1879.  She owns 175 acres of very fine land.  Mrs. R. has no family.

WILLIAM RADFORD was born in Shelby County, Ky., September 11, 1833, of parents William and Nancy Radford, natives of the same county and State.  William Radford, Sr., was a son of George Radford, a Virginian, who married Catherine Woodcock.  They moved to Shelby County, Ky., in an early day, and resided there until their death.  He was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, and was the father of these children:  Jacob, Henry, Elizabeth, Richard, Mary and William.  William Radford, father of our subject, was the youngest of these children, was born n 1809, and in course of time married Nancy Pearcy, in Shelby County, Ky., who was born in 1806. After marriage, they settled in that county, where he died in 1833.  She was subsequently married to John Radcliff, and moved with her husband to this county in 1838.  Mrs. Radcliff died in 1868, mother of two children, Mary, and William, our subject. William Radcliff was married on November 31, 1854, to Elizabeth, a daughter of Enoch S. and Sarah (Dugan) Tabor. She was born on March 18, 1838, in Nelson County, Ky.  After marriage, the couple moved to Green Township, remained here  until 1871, when they went to Martinsville, and there Mr. Radford opened a hardware store.  He continued in that business for three years, and then returned to this township where he has resided ever since.  They have had four children, John L., Mary (deceased), Thomas B. and Frances.   Mr. Radford was elected Justice of the Peace in 1876, and has retained that office until the present time.

S. N. RUNDELL, M. D., was born in Morgan County, Ind., August 6, 1844.  He is the youngest son, and his parents were Hiram R. and Mercy (Wyett) Rundell, both natives of New York,  the father born on November 9, 1796, the mother on Decembe r23, 1805.  On October 16, 1823, the parents were married, in 1837, moved to Ohio, and in 1842 came to Morgan County, where the father died November 2, 1850. The mother still survives, and lives in Jackson Township.  Their children were William W., Hester A., Andrew J., Reuben J., Malvina, John W. (deceased), Fletcher, Amy I. and Samuel N.  The latter, our subject, was fairly educated at Attica, N. Y.;  from thence he was sent to Greencastle, Ind., but completed his education at Franklin, Ind., after which he engaged in teaching school.  In 1869, he began the study of medicine,  Drs. Griffin and Sparkes, of Morgantown, being his preceptors, until 1870, when, in the winter of 1870-71, he took a course of lectures at the University of Louisville, Ky. 
He then taught school in Johnson County, Ind., continuing his studies in medicine in the meantime, and in the winter of 1873-74 again attended lectures, graduating in February, 1874.
He entered upon the practice of his profession at Elkinsville, Brown County, Ind.
He was there married on November 21, 1874, to Anna B., daughter of Reuben and Amanda Varney.  She was born on August 19, 1853.  In 1875, the Doctor moved to Cope, Morgan County, and resumed his practice, which he has since pursued with flattering success.  To the Doctor and his wife have been born four children, Ora E., Mabel M., Reuben and Esther.  The Doctor is a member of the Masonic fraternity, also of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

FREDERICK SANDERS was born in Germany November 13, 1837, and is a son of Julius and Minnie (Bundgard) Sanders, natives of Germany. They were married in Germany, and in 1846 emigrated to the United States, coming at once to this county, and Julius Sanders still lives here, but lost his wife in October, 1851.  He next married Annie E. Miller.  Mr. Sanders has the following children:  Charles, Dolly, Augusta, Robert, Edward, Mariah, Elizabeth and Frederick.  Frederick Sanders, the second of the family, and our subject, accompanied his parents to this county in 1846, and has lived here ever since.  On October 8, 1858, Mr. Sanders married Mary, daughter of John Green.  She was born in this county on September 25, 1839.  Mr. Sanders settled in this township and has made it his home ever since.  Mrs. Mary Sanders died on March 14, 1865, having borne four children, John J., Frederick, George W. (deceased) and Jacobina.  Mr. Sanders took for a second wife Martha M. Bailey, widow of Benjamin
Bailey, on June 2, 1865.  She has had six chlordane, Hanford E., Jacob, Harriet S., Charley (deceased), Francis M. and Bartholomew (deceased).  Mr. Sanders is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and of the Masonic fraternity.

ROBERT H. SCROGIN was born in Lexington, Ky., October 22, 1810, of parents Joseph and Martha (Campbell) Scrogin, natives of Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  The former was a son of Robert Scrogin, who was a native of Maryland;  married a Miss Cullinson;  went to Fayette, and finally Woodford County, Ky., and there lived until their death.  Robert was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary war, and the father of thirteen children, Nathanial, Robert, John, Samuel, Luther, Sarah, Nancy, Millie, Ann, Elizabeth, Julia, an infant (deceased, unnamed), and Joseph ( father of our subject). Joseph Scrogin was born in 1790, and his wife, Martha, in 1785, and they died respectively on May 25, 1841, and May 26, 1846.  They had these children:  Nancy, Robert H., Thomas B., Grandison J., Ann A., Julia E., Cordelia E., Ethelinda B., and Martha J.  Robert H. Scrogin married, on January 1, 1837, in Henry County, Ky., Nancy B., daughter of James and Letitia (Bryan) Hays.  She was born in Washington County, Ky., on September 25, 1807.  They moved to Morgan County, Ind., in 1839, and settled on the farm upon which the family has since resided.  Mrs. Scrogin died on October 21, 1875, the mother of nine children, Martisha, Ethelinda C., Ann E., Joseph S., William H., Robert J., Thomas B. C., and two infants who died unnamed.

JOHN SICHTING was born in Germany, July 22, 1834, and is the son of Henry and Louisa Sichting, Germans, born respectively in 1800 and in 1807, and were married in 1830.  They emigrated to the United States in 1848, landing at Baltimore, and from there coming to Morgan County, Ind., and here they still reside.  They had children, Mary, John, Minnie, Augusta, Caroline and an infant (deceased).  Of this family, John was next to the oldest, and came with his parents to this county in 1848, and was here married on March 29, 1859, to Martisha E., daughter of Robert H. and Nancy B. Scrogin.  She was born in this county, August 7, 1839.  After his marriage, Mr. Sichting settled on the farm which the family now occupy.  They had nine children, Robert H., John G., Felix B., Mary E., Minnie E., Nancy C., Ida E., Emma A. and Frederick W.

JOHN S. SKAGGS was born in Morgan County, Ind., February 5, 1831, and is a son of John and Edna (Ennis) Skaggs, Kentuckians, born respectively October 16, 1800, and in January, 1801;  they were married in Barren County, Ky., in 1818, and came thence to Indiana, locating in Morgan County in 1828.  Mr. Skaggs died in July, 1870, and his wife in May, 1881.  Their children were James E., Mary J., Thomas P., Zachariah, Elizabeth B., John S., Eliza A., Jonathan W., Harriet and Madison V. John S. was married, on September 26, 1854, to Perlina, daughter of William and  Sarah Franklin.  She died October 1, 1864, the mother of six children Sarah E., Eliza C., Mary J. (deceased), Elva A., Henriette and Lavina.  On February 15, 1866, Mr. Skaggs married Martha A. Crawford, widow of James Crawford, and a daughter of James and Matilda Morris.  Mrs. Skaggs was born February 20, 1838, and by her Mr. Skaggs had born to him three children, Walter M. (deceased), Stella M. and Nellie M.  Mr. Skaggs belongs to the Masonic fraternity, is holding the office of Township Trustee, and is a highly respected citizen.




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