, is a native of Scotland, was born March 14, 1809, and is descended from James and Margaret (Murray) Bain, both natives of Scotland. The grandfather of our subject, John Bain, was a native Scotland, who married a Miss Christina Tait, with an issue of four children, William, Robert, Ellen and James.  James Bain was born in 1781, and was married in Scotland to Margaret
Murray, who died in 1814;  he subsequently married a second time, and died in Maryland August, 1841.  He was father of ten children, Catherine, John, Donald, Christina, William, Robert, margaret, Ozena, George and James.  Donald Bain, March 17, 1839, in Scotland, married Jeannette Davidson, and in the same year  emigrated to America and located in the State of Maryland.  In 1843, he moved to this county and State, and here has made a home.  Mrs. Bain died October 13, 1863,
having borne seven children, James (deceased), John, Esther, Christina, Catherine, Donald and William.  Mr. Bain is a highly regarded citizen.

J. G. BAIN, editor Martinsville Republican, and Postmaster, was born in Jefferson Township, Morgan County, on April 29, 1844, and is the son of John and Bridget (Gallagher) Bain, early settlers of Jefferson Township. Our subject passed his early life on a farm and attending a district school until he was seventeen years of age, when he enlisted in Company C, Thirty third Indiana Infantry, in August, 1861, for three years and participated in every march, battle and skirmish which the regiment was in. Near the close of the three years' term, the regiment "veteranized." During the Atlanta campaign, the regiment elected officers, and was under the fire of the enemy while balloting, and one man killed. Mr. Bain was elected Second Lieutenant, and remained with his command until the close of the war, having been mustered out August 20, 1865, after four years' service. Some of the battles and
skirmishes in which the regiment was engaged are as follows: Wildcat, Cumberland Gap, Thompson's Station, Tenn. (where the entire brigade was captured and confined in Libby Prison two months), Resaca, Cassville, Burnt Hickory, Golgotha Church, Pumpkin Vine, Peach Tree Creek, the Atlanta campaign, Sherman's "march to the sea," and through the Carolinas, being in the battles of Averysboro and Bentonville; thence to Raleigh, on to Richmond, and in the "grand review" at Washington; thence to Louisville, Ky., where the
regiment was mustered out. After his return home, our subject attended Mooresville Seminary six months, then Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., three years, and then the State University at Bloomington, graduating from that institution in the law course in the spring of 1870, after which he came to Martinsville and engaged in the practice of law. In August, 1870, he became connected with the Republican, which sprang into existence that year, and was made its managing editor. In December, 1870, with H. A. Smock, he purchased
the paper, and continued its publication for four years. Since September, 1874, Mr. Bain has been the sole proprietor. He has added to and improved the paper, now using a Campbell steam press, with a circulation of 1,700. In October, 1872, Mr. Bain was made Postmaster of Martinsville, and has held the office ever since. He has always been an active, influential politician in the Republican party, and is ranked among the energetic and progressive citizens, and as one of the representative men of Southern Indiana. In February, 1876, he was married to Sallie Johnson; a native of Morgan County, and daughter of Dr. J. J. Johnson. Four children have been born to them, Mary E., Katie R., Jarvis J. and Dora I. Mr. Bain is a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church, and his wife of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity, and of the G. A. R. Since Mr. Bain has been Postmaster, the office has increased its receipts threefold; and it is at present one of the best appointed and conducted post offices of any town of its size in the State.

W. G. BAIN was born in this county August 23, 1846, and is a son of John and Bridget (Gallagher) Bain.  John Bain was born in County Caithness, Scotland, October 13, 1806;  emigrated to America, landing at Halifax, in 1827;  came to the United States in 1828, and was for several years contractor for stone work on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.
In 1841, at Hancock, Md., he married, and in 1843 moved to this State; located near Martinsville, and there continued to remain until his death, September 24, 1872.  After he came West, he abandoned his trade of stone-cutter and adopted farming, being the owner at his death of several hundred acres.  After the death of his wife in 1855, he wedded
Mrs. Bethsheba Abbott in 1859, who survived him.  He was a Christian man, a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church, and father of eleven children, James G., William G., Mary C. (deceased), John E., Charles F., Benjamin F., Emma E. (deceased), Emma, Alfred M., Henry and Harvey.  Our subject, W. G. Bain, received his education at Richmond,
this State.  In 1867, he was appointed Deputy Sheriff of this county, and afterward acted as clerk at Martinsville.  July 29, 1862, he enlisted in Company H, Seventieth Indiana Volunteers, from which he was discharged March, 1863, by reason of disability.  In 1869, he purchased an interest in the Martinsville Flouring Mills, which he relinquished after about a year, and has since engaged in farming.  October 5, 1869, he married Miss Mary E., daughter of William and Susanna Hynds, who died February 11, 1874, the mother of two children, Lillie B. and John E.   October 25, 1877, Mr. Bain wedded Laura J., daughter of William W. and Sarah A. Yeager, and born in this county July 18, 1851, which marriage was followed by two children -- Maudie E. and Mary E.  In 1878, Mr. Bain was elected County Auditor for one term.  He is a highly respected citizen, a member of the A., F. &  A. M., the K. of P. and G. A. R. fraternities.

WILLIAM BEST was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, February 11, 1814, and is descended from George and Sarah (Kelly) Best, both natives of Ireland.  The grandfather of our subject, William Best, was born, married and died in Ireland at the age of one hundred and four years, the father of six children.  George Best was married in Ireland, and in 1812 emigrated to America;  located in Muskingum County, Ohio, whence he removed to Morgan County, Ind., where he and his wife died, the parents of twelve children, Valentine, William, Robert, George, Walter, James, Elizabeth, John, Richard H., Joseph, Isabelle and Sarah.  Our subject, William Best, began work when eighteen years of age in a flouring mill, which he continued for twenty one years.  September 15, 1836, he married Lydia, daughter of Amos and Nancy Longshore, who died July 12, 1844, the mother of four children, Sarah, George, Thomas E. and Josephine (deceased).  He subsequently married Ann Bond, a native of New Jersey, who died in 1863, the mother of nine children,  Harriet (deceased), James (deceased), Valentine, Charles H. (deceased), William S. (deceased), Emma E., Lydia N., and two infants deceased.  Mr. Best finally married, in 1864, Beulah L. Bond,
sister of his second wife, who gave birth to four children, Martha J., Albert M., Franklin O. and Cora E.

DAVID BOTHWELL was born in Ireland June 9, 1815, and is a son of Hugh and Ann J. (Gordon) Bothwell, both natives of Ireland, the former born in 1788, the latter in 1796.  They were married and died in Ireland, he in September, 1854, and she eight years later.  Their family was Mary, David, Jane, Sarah A., Samuel, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Henry, James,
Margaret and two which died in infancy.  David Bothwell emigrated to America in 1841, visited Ireland in 1846, returned to this country in 1852, settled in New Orleans, and shortly afterward removed to this county,  where April 8, 1855, he married Miss Letitia, daughter of Robert and Jane Wilson, and born in Ireland in 1825, who died September 18, 1878,
the mother of eight children, Ann J. (deceased), Hugh H., John J., Mary, David, Charles, William and Andrew.  Mr. Bothwell is a highly respected citizen.

WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM was born in this county January 13, 1847, and is a son of William N. and Nancy Cunningham.  William N. Cunningham was born in Woodford County, Ky., March, 1804, whence he moved to Johnson County, Ind., and afterward to Morgan County, where he married Nancy Lankford.  He was twice married, and the father of six children, Eliza, Nancy, Marion, Perlina, Norman T. and William A. Our subject married in Owen County, Ind., November 10, 1867, Mary J., daughter of George and Margaret Dittemore, and born in Owen County January 6, 1850.  In 1871, Mr. Cunningham moved to and occupied his present home and farm, which numbers 445 acres of good land.  Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham are parents of six children Emma J., Laura E., Edward, Benjamin F. and two which died before receiving names.  Mr. Cunningham is generally greatly esteemed and is a hospitable gentleman.

CAPT. WILLIAM A. DILLEY was born in Darke County, Ohio, January 7, 1840, and is a son of Arthur M. and Elizabeth (McInturf) Dilley, the former born in Ohio, December 27, 1814, the latter in Tennessee, July 29, 1816;  they were married in Preble County, Ohio, December 27, 1835, and in 1842, moved to and settled in this county.  Their family was Sarah J., William A., Martha A., Mary E., John W., Lucretia E., Elmira M., Oliver C., James M. and an infant deceased.  William A. Dilley enlisted April 20, 1861, in Company K, Seventh
Indiana Volunteers;  served three months and re-enlisted August 15, 1861, in Company A, Thirty third Indiana Volunteers.  In January, 1863, he was made Orderly Sergeant, and in February, 1864, again re-enlisted.  In April, 1864, he married Lucy A., daughter of Stephen L. and Maria A. Dane.  In November, 1864, he was promoted First Lieutenant, and March, 1865,  Captain of Company A, Thirty third Indiana Volunteers, and served as such until July 21, 1865.  Mr. Dilley saw considerable service;  he was wounded in the left ankle at Thompson's Station, March 5, 1863, and was also a prisoner in the famous "Libby" one month.  In 1866, he settled on his present farm, which he sold and moved to Wilson County, Kan., but returned and repurchased his farm in 1882.  Mr. and Mrs. Dilley have five children Augustus M. (deceased), Minnie V., Effie M., Pearl M. and Ruby;  they are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

THOMAS H. DIXON was born in this county Mary 4, 1840, and is a son of Thomas and Margaret (Hynds) Dixon, both natives of Ireland.  Thomas Dixon is a son of Henry and Sarah Dixon, who married and remained in Ireland until their deaths, and were parents of nine children. Thomas Dixon married in Ireland, emigrated to America, and in 1837 moved to this State and settled in this county, where he now resides.  Mrs. Dixon died August, 1866, the mother of seven children, Sarah, Mary, Margaret, Thomas H., William, John and Robert.
Thomas H. Dixon, our subject, married in this county, April 11, 1861, Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Kenworthy, and born in Marion County, Ind., May 30, 1844.  In August, 1862, Mr. Dixon enlisted in Company H, Seventieth Indiana Volunteers, and served until  January, 1865, during which he participated in all the engagements of the company.  In 1871, he purchased a saw mill, and engaged in the lumber trade until 1874, when he sold out, removed to Martinsville, and was elected Sheriff of this county, which he held for two terms.  In
1881, he moved to his home and farm.  Mr. Dixon is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and K. of P.

WILLIAM H. DIXON  a son of Thomas and Margaret Dixon, is a native of Morgan County;  he was born October 18, 1844, and was married in this county, October 24, 1869, to Rebecca, daughter of William and Mary Brown, and born November 16, 1841.  Mrs. Dixon died June 13, 1883.  Mr. Dixon is a much esteemed citizen, a practical man, and a member of  the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr. and Mrs. Dixon are parents of five  children, whose names are as follows:  Robert H., John P., Morgan, Mary, and Lawson J. (deceased).

WILLIAM DOWNEY is a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and was born April 17, 1843, being a son of John and Mary Downey, also natives of County Tyrone.  The grandfather of our subject, James Downey, was a native of and  married in Ireland, where he closed his life.  John Downey was born June, 1806. After his marriage he emigrated to America in 1857, located in Coschocton  County, Ohio, and in 1863 moved to this county.  His family consisted of Margaret,, James, William, Jane, Andrew, Robert, John, Mary, and three which
died in infancy.  Our subject, William Downey, came with his parents to this county, where, February 2, 1868, he married Rebecca J., daughter of William and Sinah R. Bragg, and born in this county December 15, 1848-a union which gave being to a family of five Harriet T., William M., Mary E., Pearl A. and  Edna.  Mr. Downey is the owner of 248 acres of superior land, a comfortable home and valuable property.  He is also a worthy gentleman and a member of the Masonic brotherhood.

JAMES M. DUCKWORTH is a native of this county, was born September 10, 1833, and is a son of John and Mary (Gwin) Duckworth, both natives of Virginia.  They were married in Kentucky, whence, shortly afterward, they  moved to this State, and settled first in Ray Township, and then moved to Martinsville, where they finished their courses of life he, October 17, 1867, and she three years thereafter.  Their family comprised Nancy A., William M., Malinda, Melvina, Andrew J., Mary A., Minerva G. and James M.  Our subject married in this county, November 8, 1860, Nancy M., daughter of William and Susanna Hynds, and born in this county February 14, 1842, who died April 15, 1882, the mother of eight children Ellen M., Mary B., Edward M., Susanna, Minerva G., William H., James M. and John L.  After marriage, Mr. Duckworth settled on the farm where he now resides, and where he has spent most of his life.  His farm embraces 404 acres of excellent and well improved land.  Mr. Duckworth is a valued citizen, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

JAMES R. ELMORE is a son of John and Andalusia Elmore, natives of Virginia.  The grandfather of our subject, James R. Elmore, was a native of Virginia and a soldier of 1812;  he afterward moved to Muskingum  County, Ohio, and there finished his life, the parent of six children.  John Elmore was married in Ohio, and in 1861 moved to Clarke County, Ind.,
where Mrs. Elmore died in 1865.  Mr. Elmore is yet living, the parent of the following family:  Levi R., Elizabeth J., John T., George A., Andalusia N. and James R.   Our subject, James R. Elmore, married in Clark County, in 1864, Malvina C., daughter of William and Sarah Sligar, who died in 1871, leaving three children, John W., Selby S. and Mary R.  In 1872, Mr. Elmore married Mrs. Sarah, widow of Levi Devore, which marriage gave issue to four children George A., Jennie J., Levi I. (deceased) and Benjamin F.  In 1874, Mr. Elmore moved to this county.  He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

LEWIS T. HANCOCK is a native of Anderson County, Ky., was born May 22, 1825, and is a son of Stephen F. and Martha (Lacey) Hancock, who, in 1826, moved to Owen County, Ind., and thence, in 1847, to this county, where he remained until his decease, in 1869, aged seventy six. Mrs. Hancock is yet living, at the advanced age of eighty six.  Their family
comprised six children Levi E., John W., Martha A., Stephen L., Elizabeth F. and Lewis T.  Our subject married, December 24, 1849, Harriet Farley, who died March 17, 1872, having borne seven children, Lorenzo D. (deceased), Nancy A., Sinah R., William L. (deceased), Thomas F., Mary J. and George A.  After his marriage, Mr. Hancock settled in Ray
Township, and later, in 1854, moved to this township, and to the farm which is now his home.  November 23, 1874, Mr. Hancock wedded Miss Emeline, daughter of Lewis and Margaret Fonville, and a native of Tennessee, born August 20, 1836.  Mr. and Mrs. Hancock are respected members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

W. J. HARRISON is a native of Morgan County, Ind., was born October 5, 1851, and is a son of William R. and Elizabeth J. Harrison, of Martinsville. In the year 1872, on the 18th of July, subject married Miss Margaret E., daughter of Christopher C. and Julia A. Bishop, and born in Guilford County, N. C., February 28, 1856.  After his marriage, Mr. Harrison settled on the  farm which he now cultivates and calls home a comfortable and valuable  property.  Mr. Harrison is now Township Trustee, and is a member of the ancient brotherhood of Freemasonry.  He and wife are parents of three children, Bettie J., Maud E. and William R.

BRICE M. HOWELL was born in Hendricks County, Ind., January 7, 1847, and is one of the eight children of Millar and Martha (Deanty) Howell, both natives of North Carolina, the former born in 1808, the latter in 1814.  They were married in Chatham County, N. C.;   moved to Hendricks County, Ind., and later to Morgan County, where he now  resides.  Millar Howell was twice married, and the father of fourteen children eight by his first, and six by his second wife.  Brice M. Howell enlisted, July, 1863, in Company D, One Hundred and Seventeenth Indiana Regiment;  served 100 days;  again enlisted February, 1865, in Company A, Thirty third Indiana Regiment, and served until June, 1865. October 3, 1869, he married Isabella, daughter of Robert and Ellen  Foster, a native of this county, born June 12, 1852.  This union was productive of six children, Martha E. (deceased), Theodosia E., Emma R., Robert M., William W. and Ethel E.  In 1869, Mr. Howell moved to the farm on which he now resides.  He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

L. C. KENNEDY was born in Hardin County, Ky., August 31, 1804, and is the fourth of the family of Peter and Rachel Kennedy, both natives of Pennsylvania. The grandfather of our subject, John Kennedy, was also a Pennsylvanian, and of Irish descent, who removed to Hardin County, Ky., in 1780, where he closed his valued life, having been a soldier of the Revolutionary war; he had been twice married and the father often sons. Peter Kennedy was born in 1769. When twelve years of age, he was stolen by the Indians; remained nine years a captive, and escaped and returned to his parents, in Hardin County, Ky.  He afterward was engaged as Government spy on the Kentucky frontier, then married Rachel
Calvin and settled on a farm, where he passed his life. He was the father to seven children -John, James, Nancy, Luke C., Sarah, Charles and Decker. Our subject, Luke C. Kennedy, married, June 20, 1830 in Hardin County, Ky., Miss Jane, daughter of William and Sarah Blackford. In October following, Mr. Kennedy moved to this county, and purchased and settled on the farm where he now lives. In 1850, Mrs. Kennedy died, and in 1855 he married Isabella, daughter of William and Mary Hindes. Mr. Kennedy is the owner of 220 acres of good land, and is comfortably situated. He is the parent of seven children - Samuel (deceased), John, James, Decker, Mary, William and Daniel P.

DANIEL KIRK was born in Shelby County, Ind., October 1, 1828. His parents were William H. and Elizabeth (Depew) Kirk, natives of Kentucky. The grandfather of our subject, Daniel Kirk, was an early settler of Marion County, Ky., where he died, the father of two children,  Lydia and William H. The latter was born March 1, 1799. In 1819, he and his wife, moved to Shelby County, Ind., where Mrs. Kirk died. Mr. Kirk subsequently married Susanna R. Sloan, and in 1838 came to this county, where he died in 1865, the father of sixteen children. Daniel Kirk, the subject of this sketch, married December 7, 1856, Martha E., daughter of Nathan and Matilda Dow, and a native of Clarke County, Ind., born September 9, 1835. This union was cemented by thirteen children,  Ellen M., William H. (deceased), Charles H., Harvey A., Mary E., Benjamin R. (deceased), Susan M. (deceased), James E., Daniel P., Nathan F., Benjamin A., Martha J. (deceased) and Maggie R. (deceased). Mr. Kirk is a generally respected citizen.

JAMES H. LANKFORD is a native of Morgan County, Ind., was born November 6, 1850, and is one of the family of William L. and Martha (Kirk) Lankford, natives respectively of Indiana and Kentucky.  The grandfather of our subject, Nathan Lankford, was a native of Virginia, where he married, and in an early day moved to this county, where he remained until death.  He was the father of seven children.  William L. Lankford was born August 16, 1828, married Martha Kirk, who  was born July, 1830, and died December 5, 1883.  They were parents of ten children Minerva G., James H., Nathan M., William P., Maggie M., Harvey M., Edward S., Joseph H., John H. and Toney H.  James H. Lankford, our subject, married, March 17, 1875, in this county, Mrs. Mary J. Stine, widow of James P. Stine, and daughter of Emanuel and Cynthia Isenhower.  Mr. and Mrs. Landford have a family of two children, Ida B. and Iva D. (twins).  Mr. Lankford is a worthy and much respected citizen.

L. B. LEWIS is a native of this county, was born October 2, 1828, and is  a son of Gideon and Lewis (Huston) Lewis, the former born in Kentucky in 1794.  After marriage, Gideon Lewis settled in this county, married, and afterward moved to near Martinsville, and in 1836 to a farm in this township, where they remained until their decease, he dying in June, and she in May,  1844, leaving the following family:  Elhanan, James, Hunstead, Harriet,  Jeannette, Kellis, William H., Angeline, Sarah and Leander B.  In December, 1847, Leander B. Lewis married Julia A., daughter of Benoni and Abigail Pearce, and a native of Chatham County, N. C., born February 12, 1823. After his marriage, Mr. Lewis settled in this township, and has a very fine and well improved farm.  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are the parents of ten children, Louisa J., William H., Elizabeth F., Benoni, Gideon, Ruth E. (deceased), Daniel A., James A. M. (deceased).  He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

ROBERT MILLER is a native of Greenbrier County, W. Va.;  was born July 21, 1810, and is descended from John and Jane (Hodge) Miller, both natives of Virginia.  They were
married in Augusta County, Va., and afterward moved to Greenbriar County, where they ended their lives, having been blessed with the following family:  Henry, James, Jane, Ervin B., Mary A., Margaret E., Alexander, William and Robert.  Our subject married in Monroe County, W. Va., February 13, 1834, Miss Ankey, daughter of James and  Elizabeth Alderson, which union was favored with seven children, Alexander, Louisa (deceased), Robert (deceased), Oliver, John, Martha and Isabelle (deceased).  After his marriage, Mr. Miller moved to Hancock County, Ind., and in 1836, to this county, where he located on the identical farm on which he now resides.   Mr. Miller is a practical farmer and an esteemed gentleman and citizen.

W. C. MILLER was born in Lincoln County, N. C., June 18, 1827, and is a son of Henry and Anna Miller, both natives of North Carolina.  Henry Miller was born in North Carolina in 1805, and married in Lincoln County.  In 1830, he moved to Owen County, Ind., and in 1835 to Morgan County, where his wife died in 1858, the mother of fifteen children.  His
second wife was Nancy Reins, who is the mother of two children.  In 1879, Mr. Miller  moved to Missouri, where he remains.  Our subject was married, March 31, 1853, to Hannah, daughter of Archibald and Lucinda Taylor, and a native of Hendricks County, Ind., born May 6, 1836.  This union was productive of fourteen children Henry A., Lucinda, Sarah R., Mary E., Anna E., John E., William J., Luther L., Silas C., Albert E. and four which died in infancy.  Mr. Miller is a respected citizen.

JOHN MOSER  was born in Randolph County, N. C., April 8, 1801, and is a son of John and Mary Moser, natives of North Carolina, and respectively  of German and Irish descent.  The grandfather of our subject, Tobias Moser, was a German, and emigrated hither previous to the Revolutionary war, during which struggle he was a soldier.  He settled in North Carolina, and afterward moved to La Fayette, Ind., where he died, aged one hundred and seven years.
He was also a soldier of the war of 1812.  His wife died in Orange County, Ind., aged one hundred and eleven years.  They had a family of seven.  John Moser was married in North Carolina, moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1812, and one year later to Orange County, Ind., where he was killed in 1821.  After this event Mrs. Moser moved to Owen County, and thence to Morgan County, where she died in 1861.  The children of these parents were  named Rebecca, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Kezia, Jane, Tobias, Joseph, Adam, Jacob, Alexander, Jeremiah and John.  Our subject, John Moser, married in Owen County, September 13, 1830, Miss Mary, daughter of David and Catherine Lukinbill, a native of Washington County.  In  1831, Mr. Moser moved to this county, which has since been his home. He and wife are parents of eight children, Kezia, David (deceased), Catherine, Julia A., Mary E., Margaret, John and William.

JAMES R. MOSIER was born in Lawrence County, Ind., August 16,1844, and is a son of John and Esther (Burris) Mosier, natives of North Carolina and Ohio respectively, who moved to this county in 1845, where Mr. Mosier died twenty years later.  Mrs. Mosier subsequently married  Joseph Lain, and still latter George Moore.  Our subject, James R. Mosier,
enlisted August 14, 1862, in Company H, Seventy ninth Indiana Regiment Indiana Volunteers, and served until April, 1863, having been shot through  the shoulder at the battle of Stone River. September, 1863, he re-enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Seventeenth Indiana Regiment, serving six months, and again enlisted March, 1864, in Company K, First Indiana Regiment, and served until January, 1866.  August 28, 1868, he married Mrs. Ann, widow of David Anderson, and daughter of John and Ann Dixon, by which union they had five children, Sarah R., James R., Hester A., and two infants, deceased.  Mr. Mosier is a highly respected citizen.

WILLIAM R. NOSLER was born in Owen County, Ind., November 9, 1835, and is a son of John and Mary (Pirtle) Nosler, natives respectively of Virginia and Kentucky.  The grandfather of our subject, Conrad Nosler, moved to this State in an early day, and finished his days here.  He was a soldier of the war of 1812, and father of five children.  John Nosler was  born January 4, 1806, came to Indiana in 1827, married, and settled near Spencer, where he and wife ended their lives, he in September, 1837, and she in February, 1837;  they had three children, Sarah A., James and  William R.  Our subject was reared by his uncle, James L. Pirtle, after his parents' death.  In 1850, he moved to Fayette County, Ind.;  thence, in 1851, to Connersville, where he learned saddle and harness making, and in 1855, to Rushville, where he pursued his vocation.  September 13, 1857, he married Viola, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Moore, who died July 13, 1873.  In 1858, he moved to Missouri, and in 1861 returned to Rush County, Ind., after which, in 1876, he came to this county, and
November 9, 1879, wedded Mrs. Matilda J. Garrison, widow of William Garrison.  Mr. Nosler is the parent of six children, Alethea M. (deceased), Mary A. (deceased), William E., Sarah A. and two that died in infancy.

JOHN REEVES is a native of Mason County, Ky., and was born February 20, 1802, and is a son of James and Sarah (Holton) Reeves, the former a native of Ireland, and the latter of Maryland.  John Reeves, Sr., emigrated with his parents, Isaac and Margaret Reeves, to America previous to the Revolutionary war, and when sixteen years of age entered the army under Gen. Washington, serving the seven years.  He then married and settled in Mason County, Ky., where he and wife ended their days.  John Reeves, our subject, is the only child of his father living.  In 1823, he moved to  Monroe County, Ind., and in 1824 to Owen County, where he married, in 1828, Mrs. Eleanor Hayward.  In 1829, he removed to this county,
where Mrs. Reeves died in 1861, the mother of eight children James, Nancy, Abigail, Austin S., Sarah, Samantha, Benjamin and Julia A.  In 1863, he married Mrs. Ann Edwards.  Mr. Reeves is an excellent gentleman, and he and wife are members of the Christian Church, of which Mr. Reeves has been an active worker for fifty years.

S. R. STILES, SR., was born in Orange County, Ind., October 12, 1830, and is one of the family of William and Mary (Bragg) Stiles, natives respectively of Georgia and Tennessee.  William Stiles was born January 22, 1798; was married in Tennessee, thence moved to Washington County, Ind., and thence to this county, where he ended his life in 1872.  He and wife were parents of eight children Sarah, Nancy, John B., Abigail, Jesse, Stakley R., Harriet and Mary A.  Our subject, S. R. Stiles, was reared in this county. December 24, 1852, he married Elizabeth Foster, who died August 24, 1854. He next wedded Louisa Miller, who died in 1858, and in 1859 he married Eleanor Secrest.  In 1865, Mr. Stiles enlisted in Company F, One Hundred and Forty eighth Indiana Volunteers, in which he served for seven months, and after which he purchased and occupied his present home and farm, comprising 420 acres of desirable and productive land.  Mr. Stiles has been the father of four children Indiana, Ida B., Candace, and an infant, deceased. He and wife are consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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