Noble County Indiana



Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Broadway Cemetery 412105N 0853550W
Eagle Lake Cemetery

Fulk Cemetery 411631N 0851722W
Grays Cemetery 411728N 0852129W
Gragg Family Cemetery

Hooper Cemetery 412028N 0851511W
Hughs Family Plot

Joe Evers Cemetery

Kammerer Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery 412729N 0851515W
Lower/Lauer Family Plot
413051N 0852922W
Merriam Cemetery 411736N 0852623W
Metz Cemetery 411920N 0853511W
Northport Cemetery 413027N 0852156W
Oak Park Cemetery 412714N 0853507W
Old Cemetery 412700N 0851612W
Orange Cemetery 412815N 0852332W
Perseverance Cemetery 412952N 0851504W
Rose Hill Cemetery 412346N 0852553W
Saint Gaspars Catholic Cemetery 413022N 0852228W
Saint Marys Cemetery 412231N 0851420W
Shobe Cemetery 412640N 0853800W
South Milford Cemetery 413136N 0851635W
Stanford Cemetery 411817N 0852557W
Stewart/Greisinger Cemetery

Swan Cemetery 411830N 0851214W
Thorn Cemetery 411811N 0853230W
Valley Cemetery 412331N 0853549W
Weston Chapel Cemetery 413045N 0851324W
Wolflake Cemetery 412046N 0853035W
Wright Cemetery 412528N 0852710W
Swan Twp, Sec. 4, Noble Cty,IN.
This single stone was found in the woods, past the gatre at the very back of the Hooper-King Cemetery. The cemetery is located on the west side of 900 E. and just North of Hopewell Rd.
Secor, Sydia w/o Henry d. 4,23,1864 (1861-1864?) 34 yrs 1 mo 8 days (31 yrs-34 yrs?) (CR-AOS Secor, Charles A. s/o Henry & Lydia d. 8,25,1853 1 yr 2 mo’s 4 days

Source: GNIS
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