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June 11,1919  Minor Accidents in Northeastern Indiana
Kendallville, IN. 6-11-1919
___  (first name not readable) Vega a Mexican, one of three carloads of laborers enroute from Mexico to Toledo met with a peculiar accident here yesterday afternoon. Evidently his arm was hanging out of the car window when it was struck by a loose door on a passing freight on the opposite track and the arm was badly mangled. The accident happened just west of Kendallville, and he was taken from the train here, rushed to lakeside hospital and his arm amputated.

Ligonier, Ind., Jan. 9
James Brown, the notorious Kesler bandit, was to-day sentenced to twelve years in the Indiana Prison North. Brown took the stand and made a confession.  He stated that John and Abe Smalley, two desperadoes of this county, forced him into the crime and that on the night of Sept. 12, as the train was nearing the Kesler switch the train was stopped and he shot the engineer. The Smalleys then blew open the express car and jumped in, bound and gagged the messenger, and with dynamite they blew open the safe and took about $16,000. They all ran for the woods and divided the money, afterwards going to Ionia, Mich., traveling only by night. The judge read a petition signed by two hundred citizens of Allegheny county; Michigan, praying for Brown's dismissal, as he was considered a good citizen. Brown made a plea for clemency and took the verdict very coolly.  Engineer Knapp, who was shot by Brown, appeared against him.
Indiana Journal January 15, 1896

Curtains Destroyed by Blaze,
KIMMELL Ind., July 21
After doing some cleaning with gasoline, Mrs. Leonard Van Vorris forgot there was any danger and struck a match to light a lamp which ignited the window curtains. Help was rolled and the blaze was soon extinguished without much damage, except to the curtains and the wall paper. She escaped without Injury.

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind , July 21
Joseph Rogers, who was arrested several weeks ago for contempt of court for failure to provide for his four minor children and pay the money to support them which the court ordered paid when his wife was divorced from him, was before Judge Wrigley yesterday in the Whitley circuit court. An affidavit in four counts was filed against him, each count charging that he had not supported his four children, Edayl, Frances, Fred and Williard, and had deserted them. The case was continued until the, September term and Rogers was remanded to Jail where he has been since he was brought back from Wellington, Ohio, to answer to the charge of contempt of court.

Farm Home Burnt.
The Joshua, Schuman farm home in Richland township was destroyed by fire which started in the roof from sparks from an overheated stove yesterday shortly after noon and the lose will be in the neighborhood of $2 000 which is partially covered  by Insurance. The house was unoccupied at the time as the Schumans recently built a new house near the old two-story frame house which was used as a storage place and summer kitchen. Part of the furniture and goods stored downstairs were gotten out by the neighbors but none of the articles stored upstairs were saved. The Brand garage In this city was called for help and Will Brand and Karl Diffendarfer responded with fire extinguishers which were used to save the chicken coops The wind carried the flames away from the new building.

S. Anderson COVILL, of Ligonier, twenty-one years ago suddenly abandoned his family and disappeared. His business affairs were found in excellent condition, and it was supposed he met with foul play. Day before yesterday he equally as suddenly returned home, and he offers no explanation for his long absence. Mr. Covill was drawing a pension at the time of his disappearance, and this has been suffered to accumulate during his absence.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 11 December, 1890 Page 6 column 5 and 6

Delia BIRD, the sweetheart of Mervin KUHNS, the Noble county desperado, is only fifteen years old. She was married when thirteen years of age to William OCTOBOCK, of Waldron, Mich., but after six weeks he deserted her and she has never seen him since. Kuhns found her at Defiance, 0., and the attachment being mutual, he took her to his father's home in Noble county, where they remained for several weeks, and then went to Fostoria, O. Here he robbed her of all her money, even taking her bracelets, and his capture soon after followed. She wants him hung on general principles, claiming if he is ever released he will kill her on site because he has been made to believe she betrayed him to the Fostoria authorities.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 11 December, 1890 Page 6 column 5 and 6

LIGONIER, Ind., Jan.16. 1896 – Henry Rosenberger, charged with arson, was to-day sentenced to five years in the Indiana Prison North. He set fire to the buildings on the Kendallville fair grounds, destroying property and valuable horses amounting to $16,000. Governor Matthews, who was addressing the people on the grounds at the time of the fire, was compelled to stop owing to the excitement.
Contributed by Laudi (Albers) Culbertson

Ligonier, Ind., Oct. 23.—Miss Faye Tyler, daughter of Mrs. Matilda Tyler and Luther L. Prye, a prosperous young farmer near Kimmel, were married last Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Prye will reside on the groom's farm.

Joe Croop had his tonsils removed Monday.

Leon Schlotterbach, who is employed in Elkhart, spent Sunday with his parents.
Ira Miller is working at the carpenter's trade in South Bend.

Miss Willena Wigton .has scarlet fever. There is also a case, in the Carper family, southwest of town.

Dr. and Mrs. Blackspent Monday and Tuesday in Chicago.

Albert Warner has sold, his property on the North side to Mrs. Christian Slabaugh, and with his family expects to move to Elkhart.

J. C. Hite had several fingers mangled by a revolving saw at the Ligonier Autobody factory where he is employed.

Will Gibson is visiting local friends.

Robert  Randall  the  well known painter and paper, hanger suffered an injured shoulder when he fell from a ladder.

Through, the efforts of Mrs. E. G., Thompson a beautiful picture,  "The Birth of the American Flag," has been placed in the public library.

Arrangements are completed for the opening of the new skirt factory next Monday. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Myers are moving to Mendon, Mich.

B. F. Wllkerson of Fort Wayne has leased the room formerly occupied by Sack's bakery, and will open a harness repair shop November 1.  Mr. Wiikerson was formerly employed in the A. Beazel shop. 

George Hostetter is limping painfully as the result of being kicked by a horse while at his farm a  few days ago

The W. F. M. S. of the Methodist church was very pleasantly entertained Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Jennie Drain and Mrs. Harry Mentzer. The meeting was held a week-prior to the regular day for the meeting, complimentary to Mrs.  M. R. Collins, who will leave next Monday; for Muskogee, Oklahoma, to remain several months.
Wiley Pollock, who has been acting as principal of the High school since the resignation of E. H. Mundell, will retain that position for the rest of the year.
LeMar Hussey of Toledo visited his parents the first part of the week.
Mrs. Claude Brown of Toledo is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. W. C. B. Harrison. 

Charles A. Joray, who recently returned from service overseas, has resumed his former position with the National Carbon company of Cleveland.     
Mrs. Howard Brown and daughter, Helen, who were the guests or Dr. and Mrs. Black, returned to their home in Garrett last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wagner of Elkhart spent Sunday with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Green have gone on a two weeks' automobile trip to Fort Wayne and Ohio.
A daughter was born Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Avery Nulpa.
Date: October 23, 1919 Paper: Elkhart Truth

Daughter of Ira Gertif victim of Assailant and Police Take Precautions Against Mob Violence
ALBION, Ind,, Nov. 20.—Ray Smith, who was arrested today on the charge of criminal assault on 9-year o1d Bertha Gertif, daughter of Ira Gertif of Ligonier, is guarded closely in jail here. Smith was suspected of the crime when blood was found on his clothing.
The citizens of this territory assisted officers In the search and bloodhounds were brought Into service.
The girl was attacked last night while returning from a theater alone. She is in a critical condition and her recovery is doubtful.
Should the girl die the authorities fear feeling will be stirred to a high pitch and precautions are taken against the formation of mobs.
The Indianapolis Star Sunday November 21, 1909

Postmaster Short In His Accounts.
Nobleville, Ind., Dec 8.--J.N Spidel, postmaster at Atlanta, this county, a short in his official accounts $800 or more.  The Postoffice inspectors investigation, closing with Saturday, disclosed a shortage of $800, and the examination is not yet completed.  As soon as the shortage became known Spidel was dismissed, and Hugh Scully was appointed in his stead.
Date Tuesday, December 8, 1896 Elkhart Daily Review (Elkhart, Indiana) Page 2
Tam Inman


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