Ohio County Indiana



Rising Sun Public School—1920.
Rising Sun's first public school opened in 1851, 37 years after the founding of the city. The building located on High Street between Main and South streets
(today the site of the Emergency Services Building) was destroyed by fire in 1872. The new school building opened in 1872, as both the elementary and high school.
The high school continued in the three-story brick building until 1925 when it became too crowded and a new high school was built.

Freedom School, Bear Branch,
c. 1910. Freedom School located in Pike Township was one of four one-room schools in the township.
In 1950 a new school replaced the school pictured.
That school closed in 1964, when all pupils were sent to Cass Union. This was part of the county school consolidation process.

Palmer School,
1905-1906. Randolph Township, the largest township in Ohio County, had its first school built prior to 1830.
This log school was located near Salem Church. Another school added along the way was Palmer School. Robert Tumy was the teacher who taught in the
Palmer one-room school, covering grades one though eight in the early 1900s.


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