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Parke County Indiana

On the last day of the 1820-1821 session of the State Legislature at Corydon, an act was passed creating Parke County. The boundary extended to the Illinois line and included most of what is now Parke and Vermillion Counties. Rockville has been the county seat since 1824.  In the month of November 1832, the building containing the deeds and other valuable public records of Parke County was burned. All deed records were burned except for those recorded in book D, which was opened November 12, the year before and was only about half filled.  The name of Parke was selected in honor of Benjamin Parke, who was a member of the First Territorial Legislature, and first Representative in Congress of this territory. 

Parke County has remained rural while much of the rest of Indiana has become highly industrialized and urban. In recent years a movement has been encouraged to keep the county rural and unspoiled and especially to save the 31 covered bridges that have become a nation-wide attraction, and in 1978 were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Some of the larger towns in the county are, Bloomingdale, Marshall, Mecca, Montezuma, Rockville, Rosedale and Tangier. 


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