Recorded in H & E Phinney's Stereotype Edition pub. in 1829 Cooperstown, N. Y. 
Family Record
ELIJAH JANES was married to Miss Polly Clark Dec. 14th 1817 - Lived together 19 y 5 m 19 d My dear Polly was 40 years mon 1 19 days old
Elijah Janes was married to Jane Tomson May 26 1840 - lived together 16 years and 5 months. My dear Jane was foretynine years and six months old
E. Janes was married to Eliza Sawyer April 2th 1857

Elijah Janes was born June the 19, 1793 in Vermont moved to Canada when about 4 years old in passing through where now stands the city of Buffalo not a white settler had built his House.
Polly Janes was April the 13, 1797 [sic]
Nelson Janes was born January the 3, 1819
Laura Janes was born June the 22, 1820
Matilda Janes was born March the 13, 1822
Adaline Janes was born December the 29, 1823
Ann Eliza Janes was born December the 8, 1825
Sarah Maria Janes was born May the 21, 1828
Abigail Lucretia Janes was born November the 24th 1830
William Clark Janes was born March the 20, 1833
Caroline Electa Janes was born June the 23, 1835
Jane Dunnell was born April 20, 1807

Matilda Janes died April the 15, 1823
Abigail Janes died May the 1, 1836
Caroline Electa Janes died May the 20, 1836
Herman Janes died November the 20, 1867 in the 81 year of his age. He visited me in the year /64 January
Polly Janes died June the 2th 1837, 40 years 1 month 19 days
Jane Janes died October the 20th, 1856
Eliza Janes died October the 23th 1857
Elijah Janes died 1878 June 4th at 1:30 PM aged 87 years 11 months and 15 days - buried on 6th of June in his private graveyard a few rods from his residence in Union township, Porter County, Indiana having lived on his farm for a period of over 33 years; having bought it in April in the year of 44.

Source: "Ancestral Notes", Volume 12, 1965; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team 

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