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Porter County, Indiana
Deaths 1882-1920

Name Date Location Age Gender Race
Mary J. Bankam14 Jun 1902Porter County76 yrFemaleWhite
Perry Blake31 Jan 1906Porter County80 yrMaleWhite
Mary Brauners26 Jan 1907Porter County2 monFemaleWhite
Mary Cadwell26 Aug 1918Porter County85 yrFemaleWhite
Sarah Jane Carey18 Mar 1905Porter County31 yrFemaleWhite
Fred Mrs Castion17 Nov 1897Porter County83 yrFemaleWhite
Henry Castion17 Nov 1896Porter County82 yrMaleWhite
Ida Crisman7 May 1901Porter County22 yrFemaleWhite
Benj. G. Cristman7 Jul 1904Porter County90 yrMaleWhite
Lloyd G. Ditlow9 Mar 1909Porter County11 yrMaleWhite
A. M. Dombey1 Apr 1901Porter County18 yrMaleWhite
Benjamine Fifield7 Apr 1905Porter County77 yrMaleWhite
Lyman Fisher24 Dec 1890Porter County1 yrMaleWhite
Thomas J. Frame15 Nov 1908Porter County65 yrMaleWhite
Margaret Fry30 May 1905Porter County78 yrFemaleWhite
Florence Fultnor13 Jul 1887Porter County10 monFemaleWhite
Gustava Green20 Mar 1909Porter County73 yrFemaleWhite
John Wm. Gustafson1 Apr 1910Porter County30 dyMaleWhite
Mary Hagerty3 May 1905Porter County77 yrFemaleWhite
William Hammand16 Jun 1906Porter County78 yrMaleWhite
Poter Hammes11 Dec 1906Porter County79 yrMaleWhite
John Harrison31 Aug 1906Porter County23 yrMaleWhite
George Joseph Heary 4 Feb 1912Porter County54 yrMaleWhite
Bertha Hecker6 Apr 1901Porter County38 yrFemaleWhite
Margaret Henning26 Dec 1906Porter County1 yrFemaleWhite
Maria Hieck8 May 1902Porter County78 yrFemaleWhite
John Hochlaum12 Aug 1904Porter County12 yrMaleWhite
Laura M. Jeffery18 Mar 1907Porter County4 monFemaleWhite
John Joseph Joers24 Feb 1901Porter County80 yrMaleWhite
Otto Johnson15 Aug 1908Porter County69 yrMaleWhite
Alma J. Johnson26 Aug 1909Porter County5 monFemaleWhite
John M. Jones7 Aug 1910Porter County83 yrMaleWhite
William, Jr. Juhnke23 Dec 1904Porter County3 monMaleWhite
Emma Kahrta13 Feb 1902Porter County29 yrFemaleWhite
F. Karsten17 Mar 1896Porter County52 yrMaleWhite
Anna L. C. Kelstrom12 Feb 1903Porter County19 yrFemaleWhite
Johanna Kruger22 Jun 1902Porter County72 yrFemaleWhite
Ann Lahane11 Mar 1902Porter County33 yrFemaleWhite
Henry Landburg8 Oct 1901Porter County13 yrMaleWhite
Jacob D. Lenburg15 Jul 1910Porter County53 yrMaleWhite
Mary Lindgren1 Feb 1891Porter County31 yrFemaleWhite
Henry Luhr10 Jan 1906Porter County79 yrMaleWhite
Carl Maeller16 Dec 1909Porter County77 yrMaleWhite
Ida C. Malmstone29 Dec 1906Porter County38 yrFemaleWhite
Albert Moldenhauer11 Apr 1888Porter County2 yrMaleWhite
Mary Mosher7 Sep 1907Porter County33 yrFemaleWhite
Wm Pagels5 Mar 1905Porter County73 yrMaleWhite
Hagen Papon14 Feb 1904Porter County17 dyMaleWhite
Charlotte Peterson3 Mar 1889Porter County24 yrFemaleWhite
Aline Phipps7 Aug 1906Porter County14 yrFemaleWhite
Edward Powell15 Dec 1890Porter County65 yrMaleWhite
Arvin Ream10 Mar 1919Porter County72 yrMaleWhite
Louis N. Reed19 Jul 1900Porter County1 yrMaleWhite
Fred Reimer31 Mar 1905Porter County37 yrMaleWhite
T. Rhoda6 Aug 1908Porter County MaleWhite
John Q. Rich19 Apr 1919Porter County75 yrMaleWhite
Jennie Rich17 Jun 1904Porter County17 yrFemaleWhite
Jennie Ringburg21 Feb 1902Porter County21 yrFemaleWhite
Wilhelma Ritter7 Jun 1904Porter County68 yrFemaleWhite
August Schaller2 Jul 1905Porter County63 yrMaleWhite
Loonard Schavey1 Mar 1908Porter County1 yrMaleWhite
Henry C. Schlobahm9 Nov 1907Porter County64 yrMaleWhite
Amand Schneider8 May 1902Porter County82 yrMaleWhite
John Schroeder22 Jul 1906Porter County83 yrMaleWhite
Chas. O. Schultz7 Aug 1904Porter County5 monMaleWhite
Cyrus Wello Severance9 Mar 1907Porter County77 yrMaleWhite
Anna Marie Severance18 Apr 1907Porter County65 yrFemaleWhite
Bora SimltsJul 04Porter County1 yrFemaleWhite
Nancy Sovinign11 Dec 1882Porter County52 yrFemaleWhite
Dwight Spencer15 Jan 1905Porter County5 yrMaleWhite
Harvin Stanley12 Dec 1906Porter County11 yrMaleWhite
John Stroberg25 Apr 1904Porter County82 yrMaleWhite
Johanas Strom8 Feb 1903Porter County67 yrMaleWhite
Andrew C. Strom14 Feb 1910Porter County64 yrMaleWhite
Jennie Strom26 Oct 1906Porter County30 yrFemaleWhite
Sophia Thiedo19 Oct 1904Porter County30 yrFemaleWhite
John Tratobas25 Dec 1918Porter County69 yrMaleWhite
Edw. Voigt30 Jan 1899Porter County21 yrMaleWhite
Minnie Wilberg7 Sep 1901Porter County47 yrFemaleWhite
Andrew J. Willing30 Nov 1908Porter County73 yrMaleWhite
Wanda Wojnerowska23 Mar 1917Porter County5 monFemaleWhite
Joseph Zander3 Jul 1910Porter County19 yrMaleWhite

Various Indiana county death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration. Indiana: circa 1938-1941.