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Stewartsville, Posey County
By J. Roy Strickland
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, Indiana
Monday, July 17, 1911
The town of Stewartsville was formerly called Paris. It was laid out in 1838 by James Stewart. When the postoffice was established in paris in 1852 it became necessary to change the name of the town. There were other towns called Paris. The people of the town got together and agreed on the name Stewartsville in honor of the founder of the town.
John W. Robb was the first postmaster. The first store in Stewartsville was established in 1844 by Perry & Schneider. Other merchants followed and among them were:
John Robb and Silas Cox. Demberger & Faul. Thomas Robb, John Robb and James Montgomery and Silas Cox and John and Thomas Robb. George Gleichman built a horse mill in 1842. David Knewler built a saw and grist mill in 1853. Another grist mill was built by JohnShelby in 1854. Schneider and Wise started a stillhouse in 1843. Stewartsville had an exciting time in 1848 when goverment officials found a moonshine distillery in operation at the home of a man called Montgomery. All the liquor was confiscated by the goverment and the distillery wiped out of existance. In 1852 George Demberger and Henry Faul added an enlargement to the town. In 1871 the I. O. O. F. No. 214 was established at Stewartsville and the trustees being Samuel Defur, Geo. Heubener and John Norris.