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Family Bible of Mrs. Anna (Peerman) Walker Winchester Emerine
This transcription was written and sent by Mrs. Marilyn (Winchester) Obal
to researcher 2006.


Pencil writings from "NEW TESTAMENT AND DIARY" a small Bible
size 3 1/4 " by 4 5/8". Brown in color. No company, publishing
dates, ect. listed. Bible contains 462 numbered pages, plus blank pages
in back for diary. Following are the writings as found in the diary.

Diary of Orvial Ray Walker

Orvial Ray Walker, Vina Voneda Walker, Andrew Carl Walker, was drowned in
the Ohio River Mom. morning 9»30 A.M. at West Franklin, Indiania
April 7, 1924

Mr. Orvial Ray Walker, Mrs. Vina Voneda Walker, Mr. Andrew Carl Walker,
was drowned in the Ohio River at the town called West Franklin Ind. They
were drowned on Mon. Morning, 9:30 AM April 7, 1924

Paul Frances Kuhn born Aug. 9, 1930.

France's address RR 4 in care of Walter Miller

T.W. Winchester died at Golconda, Ill Sept 17 (7?) 1926 by accident
in Automobill

T. Winchester born June 25, 1906, Earl Winchester born Aug. 31, 1909
Earnie Winchester born July 25, 1912, Geneva Winchester born Sept 7, 1915

Orvil Ray was drowned in the Ohio River April 7, 1924 was found April 27, 1924 at Golconda, Ill.

Jan. 2 Receving Jesus as Saviour & Lord. Mark. 1. 16-20, 2. 13-17; 1 John 2-6

Jan. 9 The Christianity of Christ Luke 6. 27-38
Jan. 16 How to get help from the Bible, Deut. 6. 4-6; Mim. 3. 14-17
Jan. 23 Wat Jesus taught about prayer Mark 1. 35; 14. 32-36; Matt. 6. 9-13
" 30 How to overcome Temptation Luke 4. 1-13; 1 Cor. 10. 12-13

March 6. Christianity Evangelism: Duty, Methods, Rasults Acts 8. 4-8;
2 Cor. 5. 14-20
" 13 Christian Missions the hope of the World Matt. 28. 16-20;
Acts 16. 6-15
“ 20 The Beauty & power of the Christians John 14. 1-3; 2 Cor 5. 1-10;
1 John 3. 2-3
" 27 Marks of a True Christian, Christian Discipleship: Its Nature,
Its Evidence, & its power.

Marilyn Yvonne Winchester was born Dec 11, 1935 6-15 A.M.
Fredrick Thomas Winchester was born Sept 29, 1937 2 morning

Your eyes are like diamonds, Your complection is fine, God Bless you my
Darling, I wish you were mine.

Anna Emerine moved to Aunt Lou Bottomley Aug 21, 1940 moved back Nov 7, 1942

Moved here July 27, 1932 East 3St. 5.30 1952-1932=20

Earnie Winchester Mt. Vernon, Ind, RR 2 moved to Aunt Lou's Aug 21, 1940

Lilian Hanes 805 West second St.

First page in Bible: Name: Orvil R. Walker Address: Maunie, Ill
Service: preacher Rev. Waezel
Remarks: Orvil R. Walker intered World War May 27, 1917
(?) not

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Mr. George Peerman Los Angeles 1219 Eldin Ave Calif
Geneva Winchester 629 E. T. St Mt Vernon Ind
Tomie Winchester Cypress Ind R 1 in care of James Gerard

Geneva went to stay with Mrs Charles Hutson Mch 4. 1930 phone 553R
Earnie Winchester Mt Vernon Ind RR 7 c/o Willard Houshel

Stockers 309 to Tomie W Melisa Ballard 745 Mildred Ave RR 1 E St. Louis
Tomie Winchester Cypress ind RR 2 c/o SVello Hellie (or Nello?)
Walter went to work on WPA Sept 29 1938

Clinton Alldredge Mt. Vernon Ind R.R.4-. Earl Winchester Newburgh Ind RR4-

July 4, 1926 Suprised T.W. Winchester at his home Mr. & Mrs. Byers &
Mr & Mrs. Guander & children attended. at night a music by William ?Vtley &
Mr. Defenball U [h.w]
come to Earls Aug 14, 1935 moved in front room up stairs Jan 15, 1946

Dr. Roy Peerman Tampa General Clinic 2001 Flordia Avenu Tampa. Fla ? Deu 3C
Ruth Baker Akron Ohio R.R. 7

Charlie Peerman 197 E. Center St Akron Ohio
Elsie Butsch 593 Chiltenden Akron Ohio
Edger Peerman 716 N. 37th st East St. Louis Ill
Joda Peerman New Harmony Ind

Kathren Hyatt New Harmony Ind
Earl Winchester 707 Locust st between 7th & 8th st one block accros Main

Edward Lee Winchester born May 16 1933
Donal Eugene born April 12 1935
Bobie Dail born Feb 26, 193? 1933?)
Keneth Darwin born Aug 5 1935

Jack Peerman Idho Falls Idho
George Peerman 1219 3/4 Eldenay Los Angles California

Anna Woods 403 E third st Mt. Vernon Ind
Earnie Winchester Evansville Ind R.R. 5

A J Peerman birth day May 15th James Peerman birthday May 5th
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Isaac Adkins died Dec 5, 1936 Mary E. Adkins died Jan 8, 1937
both buried on dogtown hill

Walter Sam Emerine Social Security Act Account N. 311-03-1221
Address incurins unemployment compision social security Board MtVernon
Milling Co

George Peerman 1223-3 Ave Los angeles California last addres
Earls address 113 N.W. 6th st Evansville, Ind

Isaac Adkins died Dec 11 1935
Priscilla Winchester 1820 Parson Ave E. St. Louis, Ill

for sor's 1 pint of boiling water 1 cup of sider vinegar
2 tablespoonsful of epson salt 30 drops of corbolic acid

Genevas house No 519 W 4th - W - mt Vernon, Ind. [handwritten]
Earl Winchester Evansville Ind 419 Chesnut st

Mrs. Ford East Second Street Mt. Vernon, Ind. Died with Dropsy & Heart
diease. Sept 2, 1932 was buried Sept 3. 1932 Funeral was held at her home.

T. W. Addres 745 Mildred Ave E. St. Louis R R 1 Ill. in care of Melisa Ballard
Tomie Winchester 401 a Brady Ave E. St, Louis Ill
percilies birthday Nov 26

Orval Ray Walker was drowned in the Ohio River April 7, 1924
was found April 27, 1924 at Golconda, Ill

Dail (?or Gail) Street died Feb 5., 1932 was buried at Dogtown, Ill

Thomas Emerine died May 21 1933 age 72 buried May 23 at Greathous cemtary
Sons Edger Emerine, Walter Emerine Daughter Lillie Bell sister Emma Davis

Governor's Commission for unemployment relief 217 North Senate Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

Geneva Winchester and Carl Newcomb was united in Marriage Saturday 11-45 AM
January 10 1930 a son was born July 10th 1931 Carl Eugene Newcomb
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5 mi N. of mt Vernon Ind
Jan 28, 1930 Ollie Peerman died was buried at the Moore Cemetary
Mrs. Bulah Aud died at 8s 30 oclock Wed Nov. 2, 1932 was buried at the
Moore Cemetary Nov 4, 1932

111 N.W. sixth st Evansville Ind Earl Winchester
(the following scratched out - Emrine 115 Eelem St)

Jan. 20, 1930 another neighbor gone Mrs. Louise Wetzel age 70 years
West Frankin, Ind 218 Kimble

Dec 6, 1926 attended Mrs. Meolie birth day she was 73 years old.

March 10, 1929 a dear old friend Mrs. Neolie died lyesaw diesenfect

Stateman a lover of his country & fellow men

William Enright 32 Arthur Abbott 36 Arthur Tile 35 send to prison 1932

George Peerman Woodmen Colorado (the preceding scratched out)

Carl Eugene Newcomb was born July 10, 1931 7 oclock in eve Bettie Lou was born Aug 3,
1933 at 1 -10 minute oclock Joe Ann

Carl Eugene

Earl Winchester 515 N. W. 5 st Evansville Ind. (preceding scratched out)
Minnie Stoneburger 343 west 3st Mt. Vernon Ind
Marry A Emrine 1106 E Cycamore St Mt Vernon Ind

Fredrick Ray Walker was born Oct 24, 1920
Froman Wane Walker was born Oct 24, 1929
born to Fredrick Darline Sept 10, 1941
born to Wayn Doris Elaine born Feb 11, 1946

1003 Vine St Evansville Ind Earl address 1954-1928=26

Deloris Mae Winchester was born May 7, 1928 at 2 oclock in morning
Joan Lee was born Jan 19, 1931 at 10 oclock in morning
Shirley Ann W born July 15 1935
Donna Gail Emerson born July 19, 1944 at 10»43 p.m.

V J Day 1945 Aug 14 Tue Wed & Thursday legal Holidays
V J with Japan Sept 2, 1945
[end page 4]

Mrs. Edna Fern B. Mr. E. C. Winchester were united in marriage at
Carmi 4.15 Saturday July 23rd 1932 1950-1932=18

Geneva Newcomb 213 S .E. second Evansville Ind 1 block & ½ from buss station

Jan 18 Herbert Austin July 25 Earnie Winchester
Feb 18 Clyde Hausburg 30 Erma Lee Smithart
“ 23 John shuck Aug 10 Edith VoXlse
Apr 17 Birtha Overstreet Mr. Russel
18 Wilma Walker 31 Earl Winchester
21 Junier Smithart Sept 7 Geneva Winchester
27 Annie Winchester Oct 15 Elsie Winchester
23 Edith Smithart 24 Fredrick Walker
May 3 Orby Such 28 Froman Walker
12 Robert Hostetler Nov 15 Ernest Shuck
6 Jessie Shuck
27 May West
June 23 Marie Russel
25 Tomie Winchester
27 "Harvie Simons

Because he know there is no other, can fill hear place He gives us mother.
Albert Puritey the little preacher that preached at dogtown years ago

Because God watching can see our need from mothers love
Because he knows that her dear hand can soothe over cares she understand
Because he know when skies are gray, Her faith alone can light the way.

Earl Winchester 38 Pennsylvania St Evansville Ind

Oscar Wagner

phone 1202 Houshel

Tomie Winchester in care of ?Guther
Tomie Winchester Mt Vernon Ind in care of Luther Wall's

Fredrick Ray Walker was born Oct 24, 1920
Froman Wane Walker was born Oct. 24 1929
Fredrick Walker Paulin ?Frashier were married Aug 16 1945

clean beds in March & September neighbor Birfinger
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[end transcription]

Contributed by Terry Winchester

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