Shaken UP
An Earthquake felt at Mt. Vernon Ind.
Mt. Vernon Ind., Dec 14 Three distinct shocks of earthquake were felt here this afternoon. They were sufficient to shake goods off the store shelves.
Thursday, December 14, 1893 Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio
Transcribed by J. M. Kell

Saturday, October 4, 1879
Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, Ohio)
The Town of Mt. Vernon refuses to Pay its Debts, the Officers Resign, and the Place is Without a City Government.
Wanesville, Ind., Oct. 8,- On Tuesday last United States Marshal Adams went to Mt. Vernon Ind. with an execution authorizing him to levy upon the personal property of the city in satisfaction of a judgment obtained by the Newark, N. J.. Savings Institution against the city for $65,000. He was not able, however, to find any Property liable to seizure. In view of this steps were taken to procure a writ of mandamus, compelling the City Council to levy a special tan sufficient to pay the claims. This fact becoming known, a meeting of citizens was held last night, at which. under legal advice. it was determined to abandon the city government. Various members of of the Council at once handed la their written resignations to take immediate effect, and Council, sitting special session, promptly accepted the resignations, approved and signed the minutes of the meeting and desolved, leaving the place without any city government whenever. There ls great speculaion as to what the outcome will be, but the people of Mt. Vernon are confident that under the existing order of things nothing can be done with the Newark claim.
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Vernon, IN. Sept.3,1899.  Three prisoners broke jail this morning at 3 0’clock by cutting through the stone wall. Sheriff Trapp was aroused by the noise and getting up found them leaving the jail and gave chase. He caught one before leaving the court yard. Bloodhounds were soon put on the trail and followed them to North Vernon, where they took the west bound freight train and are still at large. The 3 were charged with burglary.

Vernon, Ind. Jan. 8
Alonzo, C Shepherd, who has borne a good reputation as an honest business man until some two weeks ago, when It was found that he had been forging the names of citizens, of the county and drawing money on the forged notes from all three of the banks in this county, pleaded guilty to the charge of forgery this morning and received a sentence of three years In the Prison South and to pay a  fine of $30. His forgeries will amount up to about $2,000
Indiana Journal January 15, 1896

Saturday, January 20, 1923
Evansville Courier & Press, Evansville Indiana
MT.  VERNON,Jan 19.---(Special) Albert Albright, 30, shot Harry Mosler, 20, with a .32 caliber revolver at a dance in Point township last night and Mosler died in an ambulance in Mt. Vernon early this morning.  The shooting was the culmination of a grudge, of several months' duration.
Albright is a tenant on the farm of frank Conner in Point township.  Mosley was employed as a farmhand by Henry Foster, a tenant to on the Charles Spencer farm, also in Point township.  Both are unmarried.
The affair last night took place at a dance at the home of John and Earl Doehr.
The grudge between the two men was brought to a climax last Saturday night when Albright accused Mosler of saying that Albright had stolen gasoline for use in his call.  Although there were about 40 at the dance only a few witnessed the tragedy.
One witness stated today that he, with the two principals of the tragedy and two other young men, were outside the house when Albright and Mosler renewed their quarrel.  It is alleged by this witness that Albright said to Mosler, " come around here" and that they walked around in front of an automobile when a shot was fired and Mosler cried out, " He shot me."
He was carried into the house and an ambulance sent for which arrived about 12:30 o'clock.  No Dr. Could be located when the NL and slapped for the scene and the wounded man was brought to the city and Dr. T. C. Emmick called.  Mosley refused to discuss the shooting with Sheriff McFadden and died without making a statement.
Story Of Shooting.
While the sheriff and a deputy were scouring Point township for Albright, the latter went to the home of Marion Haas and asked him to bring him to the county jail, to give himself up.  This afternoon he called attorney Jesse Wade into consultation.
His story of the shooting was that Mosley called him out of the house and after reaching the outside renewed the quarrel.
" he kept crowding the," Albright said.  " and he kept his hand in his pocket.  I thought he was going to shoot me and I beat him to it."
Mosley came to Posey County from Morganfield, Ky., And it is likely that the body will be taken their for burial.
With Albright in jail and the probability of a charge of murder being lodged against him just as soon as a session of the grand jury is called, there are three 3 alleged murderers in the Posey County jail, the largest number in years.  The other two are Charles Alderson and Frank Hoch, of Evansville, who took changes of venue to the Posey circuit court for trial.

Thursday, February 1, 1923
Evansville Courier And Press, Evansville Indiana
Evansville Cases Postpone Posey Trial
MT.  VERNON, Jan. 31 --- (Special) the grand jury of the Posey circuit court today returned an indictment charging Albert Albright, 30, Point township, who shot and killed Harry Mosley, 20, at a dance in Point township, Jan 18, with first degree murder.  The indictment was returned after the jury spent two days examining 37 witnesses.
Albright entered a plea of not guilty in the circuit court today.  Prosecuting attorney James Kilroy stated today that it was doubtful if Albright would be brought to trial during the present term of court.  The next term will began March 1.

Thursday, December 13, 1923
Evansville Courier & Press, Evansville, Indiana
Gilland In Prison
MT VERNON, Dec 12. -- (Special) the last chapter of the Peter Schmidt murder, a tragedy which stirred this county with unusual fervor, was written Wednesday when Coy Gilland, 19, entered the iron barred door of the state prison at Michigan City and began serving a life sentence.  Gilland was convicted in Posey circuit court last week of second degree murder.

Sunday, June 20, 1937
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville Indiana
MT VERNON, June 19.  - -(Special) Clifford H. Melton, Posey County schools superintendent, has been elected chairman of the Posey county advisory health council.  Mrs. James A Erwin, president of the Posey county Federated clubs, has been elected secretary-treasurer.

Saturday, March 20, 1886
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville Indiana
A Conscience Stricken Wanderer Dies On His Homeward Voyage.
Remorse, wounds and disease do their work for Eugene B. Vandevier.
Yesterday afternoon on the arrival of the train from St. Louis over the L and N. road, the police wagon was sent for to convey a dying man from the depot to the residence of friends, who live at 823 Upper Second Street.  Police surgeon Wilton accompanied the officers and wagon and found a man who was in the last stage of consumption.  The man was taken to the place a designated, where he died two hours and a half later.
The name of the dying individual was Eugene B Vandevier, for whose arrest there was at one time, a reward of $1000 offered, and who had been a wanderer for fourteen years.
In September, 1870, during the progress of the Posey county fair at New Harmony, a party of young men became involved in a dispute, all being more or less under the influence of liquor, which was renewed at a saloon in town late in the evening when a general fight ensued, knives and pistols being freely used.  During the row four or five pistol shots were fired, young Vandevier being one of the men doing the shooting, and Warren Pitts, who was engaged in the disturbance, received a ball in the left breast, dying almost instantly, while another man named Dietz was seriously wounded, but eventually recovered.  The parties were arrested at the time, but it was impossible to convict on account of the failure to procure direct evidence.
About a year after this trial, the grand jury of Posey again commenced investigating the matter, and before any indictment was returned, young Vandevier left the state, and had been moving from place to place ever since.  He had spent much of the time in the southern states, and also in the territories, but wrote an occasional letter to friends, and it was known by them that fear and remorse were undermining his health, but had no idea that his end was so near at hand.  After the fatal disease had developed itself, and hope had begun to desert him, he longed for the association's of his childhood, imagining that the stars which shine more brightly, the breezes blow more gently, and that the ball the balmy air of good old Posey would check the insidious canker that was sapping his wasted and unhappy life, knowing of a certainty that in his condition those who knew him in former years when at least say, " Poor fellow, he has suffered enough," and in their goodness of heart would throw around him the mantle of Christian charity, recollecting his good deeds, and overlook the wrongs he might have avoided.
About a year go Vandevier was stricken with consumption, and had been gradually growing worse until friends at Saint Francis, Ark., Where he had been living, furnished the means for him to return where he could die among relatives and the friends of his youth.  But his strength was not sufficient, and his dream of seeing old Posey again was never realized.  From his friends in this city it is learned that his disease was brought about by being stabbed through the lungs in an attack made on him by man named Alsop, who, it is said, still lives at New Harmony.
After Vandevier left Posey County, a true bill was returned against him for murder, and a reward of $1000 offered for his apprehension.  In his letters, whenever the occurrence was refer to, Vandevier expressed a doubt about his shot being the fatal one, as four or five others fired at the same time.
All the parties connected with the affair were a highly respectable families, and the death of Vandevier probably ends forever all hope of ascertaining who it was that killed Pitts.  During his absence the conscious stricken man went under the assumed name of Edward Geary.  His relatives  have been notified of his death, and will arrive this morning, when the remains will be taken to Posey County for burial.  Nothing could be learned from him after his arrival, as he was too much exhausted to talk, and could only express, by looks, his thankfulness at being surrounded by  kind friends in his final hours.

Sunday, October 3, 1909
Evansville Courier &Press, Evansville Indiana
Girl Of 15 Years Tries To Take Own Life Because She Can Not Go With Boy
After Being Yanked Out Of The Grave, She Is Glad To Be Alive
Because her mother would not let her accompany a youth of nearly her own age to the theater, Marie Faust, 15 years of age, daughter of Louis Fraust, 1011 East Missouri street, foreman of the Crescent Furniture company, on Saturday evening attempted suicide by swallowing half an once of carbolic acid.  Dr. WP Wood was called and administered an antidote.  The girl is expected to recover.
For some time the girl has shown a disposition to mingle with the boys of her own age and on Saturday morning requested permission from her mother to accompany one of her youthful admirers to the theater that night.  This was refused, owing to the girl's youth.  The mother tried to talk her out of the notion.
Instead of allowing her to go, the girl's mother agreed to let her and her Sister Lena, 18 years of age, attend the performances on Saturday night besides promising them several more trips to the theater during the next few weeks.  The mother made other promises to her daughter if she would give up the idea of having company but none of them seem to satisfy the girl.  She brooded over her supposed wrongs.  During the afternoon she procured a vial containing carbolic acid and made her way to a rear lot.  She managed to escape detection as no member of the family had been made away  of her intentions.
While she was in the act of draining the bottle, one of the neighbors saw her and asked her what she was doing.  The girl replied: " I am drinking carbolic acid I don't want to live." She swallowed its contents before anyone could interfere.
It was sometime after the attempt to suicide before the girl was able to talk, as the acid had severely burned her throat and she was suffering intense pain.  Later she told the reason for her desire to die but explained that she regretted it now that she was able to appreciate what and narrow escape she had had.  " mother," she said, " has been so good to me that I am really ashamed of myself for giving her such a bad scar."

Sunday, March 11, 1917
Evansville Courier &Press, Evansville Indiana
Years In Prison
After pleading guilty to the charges of manslaughter in the Posey circuit court yesterday, Nolan C. Graham the negro who shot and killed Conrad Tost near the Bucyrus company's plant last fall, was sentence to serve from two to twenty one years at the Jeffersonville reformatory.
Saturday's hearing was the second time the case was in court.  At his previous trial Graham was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence, but Judge Clements ordered a new trial on the ground that insufficient evidence had been introduced to prove murder.  The prisoner agreed to plead guilty to a manslaughter charge and was sentenced by the Posey County court on that charge.  The case was tried in Posey County on change of venue.

Full List of Insane Patients Received by Dr. Thomas Yesterday for Insane
The following is a list of the insane women received from the Central Hospital as the Southern Indiana Hosptial For the Insane June 23 1891
Mollie A. Greer, Posey County
Nancy Kepler, Posey County
Carrie Stringer, Spencer County
Phoebe J. Hunter, Spencer County
Nancy Lowader, Warrick County
Tashey White, Warrick Country.
Caroline Ruser, Perry County.
Laura Eigenbrodt, Vanderburgh County
Alice Lynch, Crawford County
Anna Endris, Harrison County
Emma J. Cooper, Harrison County.
Mary Keifer, Knox County
Catherine Riley, Knox County
Nancy Keith, Knox County
Emily Neiman, Knox County
Margaret A. Chapman, Green County
Sara Griffith, Green County
Matilda Hughes, Orange County
Martha E. Parks Orange County
Nancy J. Hill, Orange County
Nancy J. Deal, Orange County
Mary Eggera, Vanderburgh County
Lena Grant, Vanderburgh County
Ann Gunn, Vanderburgh County
Mary Bunt, Vanderburgh, County
Malinda McAnley, Davess County
Laura Fruer, Harrison, County
Rebecca Featherstone, Warrick County
Susan Gee, Harrison County
Melissa A. Briles, Harrison County

Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville Indiana June 30, 1891