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1850 Mortality Census

Surname Cause of Death
Age Gender Month of Death State of Birth
Not Listed
7 Feb IA
Not Listed

5 Mar IA
William Albin Old Age

90 Oct VA
Noah Allee Cholera

39 Aug KY
Mille A. Allee Cholera Farmer
3 Aug IN
Lee H. Allee Scarlet Fever

2 Apr IN
Sarah E. Allee Not Listed

1m Nov IN
Sarah Allen Consumption

20 Aug IN
Nancy Allen Fever

19 Jan IA
William T. Anderson Congestion chill

12 Aug IN
Mary Ann Angel Measles

17 Mar KY
Grave Ash Erysipelas
58 Sep KY
John Atchison Pneumonia

1 Aug IA
Charles W. Atkinson Flux

9 Aug IN
James Atkinson Flux
6 Aug IN
Daniel H. Atkinson Flux
4 Sep IN
Margaret E. Atkinson Flux
2 Sep IN
Isaac Atkinson Flux
2m Sep IN
William N. Bailey Diarrhea

4 Sep IN
Rachel A. Barnes Consumption

19 Aug IN
Martha J. Barnett Fever

4 Oct IN
Isaac N. Barnett Inflammed Brain

8m Aug IN
Winfield S. Barnett Fever

1 Sep IN
Alfred Baxter Fever

30 Nov IN
Thomas M. Beard Inflammed Brain
6m Apr IN
Gustavus Beardsley Consumption
30 Apr Ng
William Belk Debility

79 Jul KY
Elizabeth Belk Fever

45 Jul NC
John Belk Inflammed Brain

13 Apr IN
William Blair Not Listed

70 Oct VA
Calvin Booker Not Listed
1m Aug IN
Harriet A. Bowman Whooping Cough

1 Feb IN
Young M. Brizendine Inflammation

12 May IN
Williams Brizendine Whooping Cough

1 Sep IN
Mary P. Brock Fever

65 May VA
Mary C. Buis Fever

14 Jul IN
Rhoda A. Burres Whooping Cough

4m May IN
Salinda Call Scarlet Fever

2 Aug IN
Ellen Callender Not Listed
1m Sep IN
James W. Carrington Inflammed Bowels

1 Nov IN
Elizabeth Case Fever

25 Apr IN
Jacob Chadd Not Listed Farmer
18 Feb IN
Margaret Chair Flux

42 Aug KY
Leroy T. Chair Flux

9m Aug IN
Benjamin Chamberlain Erysipelas Farmer
70 Mar NH
Sarah E. Christenbury Inflammed Lungs

3 Mar IN
Augustus Clark Fever

3 Sep IN
Clayton Clark Cholera

1 Aug IN
Thomas M. Clegget Dropsy
70 Apr MD
Mariah Cleveland Dropsy

16 Jul KY

Juliet A. Cline Childbed Fever

35 Feb KY
William M. Colwell Cholera
35 Jun KY
Margaret A. Cooper Flux

6 Aug IN
James W. Cooper Flux

1 Aug IN
John Corrington Croup

4 Oct IN
Tarvin W. Cowgill Consumption
38 Feb KY
Ellen L. Cowgill Influenza

1 May IA
Russel J. Crawford Lung Fever

1 May IN
Elizabeth Crutchfield Dispepsia

24 Oct KY
Edward Cunningham Flux
53 Aug KY
Frances J. Cunningham Flux

1 Sep IN
Andrew Deal Congestive chills

50 Nov NC
Martha A. Deal Not Listed

6m Jul IN
James Denwiddie Tonsilitis

2 Aug IA
John F. Douglas Cholera
39 Jul KY
Mary A. Douglas Fever

31 Oct KY
Elizabeth Douglas Scarlet Fever
2 Dec IN
Melvina Dowing Influzena

4 Oct IN
William Dyer Fever

21 May IN
William N. Earnhart Hives

1 Aug IN
Mary A. Elliott Cholera

8 Aug IN
Joseph Elliott Cholera

3 Aug IN
Mary L.A. Evans Dropsy

75 Nov NC
Sarah E. Ewing Erysipelas

4m May IN
Thomas Faith Dropsy
34 Jun Ng
Mark H. Farley Accident

11 Apr IA
Peter Fellinger Drowned
40 Apr Gr
Thomas A. Ford Scarletina

87 Oct IN
Adolphus W. Ford Scarletina

37 Oct VA
Sarah A. Ford Scarletina

6 Oct VA
William Fosher Leprosy

3 Apr IN
Elizabeth Foxworthy Chronic

62 Sep VA
Joseph Frakes Old Age

93 Dec PA
Joseph B. Frank Croup

6 Nov IA
William H. Frank Croup

4 Nov IA
Barbara J. Frazure Flux

10 Aug IN
William J. Frazure Flux

8 Aug IN
Thomas Frazure Flux

None Aug IN
John O. Fuller Flux

2m Aug IN
Lucy Gardner Apoplexy

42 Jun KY
Mary A. Garner Scarlet Fever

25 Mar IN
Lewis A. Gilman Scarlet Fever
9 Jan IN
Angeline Gilman Scarlet Fever
5 Jan IN
Sarah G. Gilman Scarlet Fever
4 Jan IN
James R. Gipson Not Listed

1m Jun IN
William Gisler Consumption
42 May Gr
Hannah Goodrich Accident

76 Aug MA
Nancy Goodwin Consumption

26 Aug IN
Seth Goodwin Cholera
26 Aug IN
Elizabeth J. Goodwin Cholera

7 Aug IN
John Green Smallpox
71 Dec MA
Asenath Green Smallpox

68 Dec MA
Ella Green Smallpox

1 Dec IN
Jane Grove Apoplexy

60 May VA
Daniel Guard Fever

64 May PA
Cornelius C. Hackley Fever

16 Sep KY
Sarah J. Hall Bronchitis

6 Sep VA
Joseph S. Hall Inflammed Lungs

1 Aug IN
Mary R. Hallowell Fever

3 Nov PA
Elizabeth Hammock Cholera

15 Aug IN
William Hammock Cholera

1 Aug IN
Mary Heavenridge Fever

20 Sep KY
Mary Hendricks Fever

31 Jul KY
Rosanna Hibbs Cholera

70 Jul TN
George P. Hills Croup

5 Aug IN
Sarah K. Holland Sore Throat

5 Dec IN
Eliza M. Hood Fever

19 Jan IN
Polly Horn Consumption

37 Aug NY
Hannah Horn Croup

6 Oct NY
George W. Hubbard Cholera

1 Nov IN
Harrison Hughs Cholera
35 Feb KY
John T. Hulett Cholera
9m   Sep IA
Susan Hunter Cholera
18 Jun IN
William Hurst Accident
54 Oct VA
Nancy A. Hurst Whooping Cough

1 Mar IN
Jane Hutchison Cold

76 Jan PA
Mary E. Iddings Nervous Fever

6 May IN
Martha A. Irwin Croup

1 Dec IA
Esenath James Sore Throat

9 Jul IA
Nancy Jenkins Diarrhea

39 Sep KY
William Johnson Inflammed Head

12 Aug VA
Jacob Jones Not Listed

69 Dec MD
Andrew J. Jones Flux
17 Sep IN
John W. Jones Flux

8 Sep IN
Benjamin Jones Scarletina

6m Dec IN
Elizabeth Kent Sore throat

1 Dec IN
John S. Kenyon Accident

5 Mar IA
Josephine Knight Cholera

4m Oct IN
Lewis C. Lafollett Not Listed

7m Feb IN
James H. Lane Not Listed

4 May IN
Sarah Layne Not Listed

40 Sep TN
Sarah A. Layne Not Listed

40 Mar TN
Samuel J. Layne Cholera

1 Sep IN
Dulcinia Layne Not Listed

4m Dec IN
William S. Lewis Croup

1m Mar IA
Cavenah C. Lyon Inflammation

1 Aug IA
Victor B. Lyon Mennigitis

4m Sep IA
John W. Mace Croup

7m Dec IN
Mary E. Mann Cholera

1 Aug IN
James M. Marshall Erysipelas

4m Jun IN
George W. Mc Bride Fever
17 Jul IN
James A. Mc Carty Fever

4 Dec IN
Prudence Mc Dowell Cholera

45 Aug KY
George Mc Intosh Consumption
Silver Smith
73 Oct KY
James Menard Influenza
17 Jan IN
Tighlman H. Miller Croup

2 Aug IN
Simon Mills Diabetes

46 Oct TN
Sanford Mitchell Inflammed Lungs

5 Nov KY
Katherine Moreland Chronic

37 Jul TN
Perry Moreland Worms

2 Feb IN
Absalom Morgan Not Listed
52 Aug NC
Mary Mullinix Consumption

34 Oct IN
Ann Nichols Not Listed
40 Feb KY
Name No Not Listed
1m Sep IN
Hannah Noffsinger Abcess

58 Mar VA
Alexander H. Oliver Fever

7 Sep IN
Thomas J. Parker Drowned
18 Feb IN
George Parks Cholera

9m Sep IN
Garret J. Peck Fever

6 Oct IN
Patience Perkins Not Listed
39 Mar KY
George W. Philips Smallpox

10 Mar OH
James H. Pool Flux

1 Sep IN
Rachel Potter Not Listed
13 Feb IN
Jesse Pritchett Congestion
72 Nov VA
Sarah R. Pritchett Flux

1 Sep IN
John W. Reele Influenza

1 Oct IN
Sarah Reele Not Listed
2m Oct IN
Stacy Reeves Dropsy
71 Feb NJ
Mary J. Reeves Dropsy

29 May IN
Frances A. Reeves Fever

7 Jun IN
Sarah E. Rhynearson Congestive Fever

4 Aug IN
Martha E. Rice Cholera

5 Aug IN
Emmet B. Sackett Inflammed Lungs

1 Jan IN
Elkanah Sely Fever
19 Sep IL
Mary Shawley Convulsion

36 May KY
Thomas Sherrill Old Age
87 Mar VA
William Sherrill Scarlet Fever

2 Mar IN
Matilda Shewey Worms

20 Sep IN
William T.R. Shewey Not Listed
1 Jun IN
William Shields Fever
21 Jun TN
Emily E. Shofner Scarlet Fever

1 Jan IN
George Short Scarlet Fever

1 May IN
Silas M. Showalter Cholera

6m Aug IA
James Sigler Influenza

45 Apr TN
Matilda Simpson Cholera

1 Aug IN
Sarah J. Smith Typhus Fever

20 Feb IN
Rachel Spencer Consumption

31 Mar KY
James Squires Fever

1 Nov IN
Tolitha Stark Consumption

30 Oct KY
Stephen M. Stewart Cholera

2 Aug IA
Jacob Stobuck Dispepsia
54 Jun VA
Elizabeth Stringer Worms

2 Sep IN
Barbara E. Summers Flux

2m Sep IN
Mariah L. Talbott Heart Enlarged

8 Nov IA
Amanda G. Terry Not Listed
1m Jun IN
Joel Thomas Old Age

83 May VA
Julia A. Thomas Cholera

24 Sep VA
Lazerus Tillay Not Listed
4 Feb IN
Mary E. Todings Nervous Fever

6 May IN
Jane Turner Not Listed

28 Jun KY
Allen Turner Erysipilas

2 May IA
Jesse Twigg Consumption

17 Dec IN
Joseph Ward Cholera
31 Aug IN
Elma Webster Diarrhea

6m Aug IN
Worthington Welker Flux

2 Sep IN
Ralph Whitsill Cancer
72 Aug PA
Thomas Williams Liver Compliant

1 Aug IN
Thomas Wilson Consumption

74 Mar PA
John T. Wilson Scarlet Fever

1 May IN
Silas Wise Scarlet Fever

5 Jul IN
John H. Wood Inflammed Lungs

3m Mar IN
Jerminda Woodall Flux

3 Sep IN
Melissa A. Woolveton Not Listed
1 Mar IN
Volentine Worley Fever
78 Aug NC
Elizabeth Wright Cholera

24 Aug IN
Martin V.B. Wright Flux

8 Aug IN
Mary E. Wright Croup

4 Jan IN
Joseph Wright Diarrhea

1 Aug IN
Maison G. Wright Inflammed Brain

1 Oct IN
Mary L. Yeates Worms

7 May KY
David B. Yeates Cholera

11m Sep IN

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