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By some mistake or liberal design, the early statute laws of Indiana on the subject of divorce were rather more loose
than those of most other States in this Union;
and this subject had been a matter of so much jest among the public,
that in 1870 the Governor recommended to the Legislature 
a reform in this direction, which was pretty effectually carried out.
Since that time divorces can be granted only for the following causes:

1. Adultery.
2. Impotency existing at the time of marriage.
3. Abandonment for two years.
4. Cruel and inhuman treatment of one party by the other.
5. Habitual drunkenness of either party, or the failure of the husband to make reasonable provision for the family.
6 The failure of the husband to make reasonable provision for the family for a period of two years.
7. The conviction of either party of an infamous crime.

The following divorce cases are docketed for the February term of Putnam Circuit Courts Daniel 0. Tompkins vs. Kate F. Tompkins; William F. Plunkett vs. Sarah E. Plunkett; Rebecca J. Smith vs. Elliott G. Smith; Richart 1. Webb vs Melissa Webb; Richard Frazier vs. Cassie Frazier. Greencastle Star, 8 January 1881

In addition to the divorce cases already noted in. our columns, the follow¬ing additional ones have been docketed. Zeruiah Foudray vs James E. Foudray; James T. Butler vs. Nellie Butler. A fair count shows nine divorce cases on docket for the February term. Greencastle Star, 15 January 1881.

And now Elizabeth A, Williams petitions the Putnam Circuit Court to divorce her from John D. Williams, alleging abandonment.Greencastle Star, 29 January 1881.

Richard Frazier has been divorced from his wife, Cassie Frazier.Greencastle Star, 12 March 1881.

Seven divorce cases await the September session of the Circuit Court. Following are the names of the parties:
Francis L. Mason vs. Annie L. Mason;
Wm. P.J. Plunkett vs. Sarah E. Plunkett;
Nancy Fink vs. Joseph Fink; Nancy J.

Coverdill vs. Gilbert Coverdill;
William Heartwood vs. Laura J. Hartwood;

Clemmons W. Gleason vs. Nancy J. Gleason alias Nancy J. Myers;
Nancy Jo
Coverdill asks for $800 alimony. Greencastle Banner, 14 July 1881.
Two more divorce cases have been filed making nine in all. The latter parties Daniel McMath vs. Malinda McMath and Verina Lipscomb vs, Robert Lipscomb, all colored. At this rate the number of those who dwell in double blessedness will decrease rather than increase. Greencastle Banner, 28 July 1881

Putnam Circuit Court: Francis M. Mason vs Annie L. Mason--Divorce Dismissed by plaintiff at his cost.

William Hartwood vs Laura J. Hartwood--Divarce. Dismissed by plaintiff at. his cost. GreencastleBanner, 15 September 1881.

Wm. T J, Plunkett vs. Sarah E. Plunkett--Divorce granted at plaintiff’s cost.

Sarah E. Hogue vs. Reed C. Hogue-Divorce granted plaintiff, with change to her maiden of Robinson, at defts. cost. Greencastle Banner, 29 Septemberl88l.

Elizabeth Miller was, on Saturday, granted a divorce from Martin Miller with alimony to the amount of $1,000. The parties were from Jackson township, and thecause of their domestic troubles was the disparity of their ages. The old man placidly remarked on hearing the verdict of the Court that he “didn’t care for the ‘vorce , but the ‘antimony” was what bothered him
Nancy Fink vs. Joseph Fink--Divorce decreed to pl’ff with change of name to her former name of Byram--at deft cost.
Jennie Stutes vs Thomas J. Stutes--Divorce decreed pt’ff with custody of children, at Deft’s cost.
Veanna Lipscomb vs Robert Lipscomb---Divorce decreed to pif with change of name to Gibbs, etc.Greencastle Banner, 6 October 1861
Putnam Circuit Court. Mary E Allen vs Hiram P Allen--Divorce. Divorce granted at Deft’s cost. Greencastle Banner, 13 October 1881.
Putnam Circuit Court. Mary Ballard vs Walter L. Ballard, Divorce. Greencastle Banner, 8 December 1881.

Microfilm copies of these two newspapers are available in the Newspaper Section, Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, and The Roy 0. West Memorial Library, Depauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.

Original data source Greencastle Newspaper , pub. in the Indiana Historical Society Quarterly on March 1995 and transcribed here for Genealogy Trails by Barb Z." Date Submitted by Peggy Thompson

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