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Putnam County Indiana


Divorce Mill.
The divorce mill still finds grists in Putnam County. The pending cases are Elias Hart vs. Mary A. Hart. Allegations: cruel treatment, adultery and abandonment with William Asher.

James Armsworthy vs. Martha Armsworthy Adultery alleged with Ballard Jones.

Martha E. Hodson vs. Leland R. Hodson. Allegations: intemperance, abandonment, failure to provide and adultery. Restoration of maiden name Martha E. Cox, asked for.

Noah R. Evans vs. Minnie F. Evans of Floyd township. Allegations cruel, abandonment and addiction to the opium habit.

Alice Grider vs. John L. Grider, of Franklin township. Allegations: cruelty, jealousy and slander. Five hundred dollars allimony asked for, and restoration of maiden name, Alice Edwards.

And thus runs the world away. (Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, vol. 35, no. 13, Thursday, March 31, 1887; Transcribed and Contributed by SallyH)

Laura Byrd vs. George Byrd
Divorce is Granted.
Judge Hughes on Monday heard the evidence in the suit of Mrs. Laura Byrd of Cloverdale against her husband, George Byrd, from whom she asked divorce. The judge found the husband guilty of failure to provide and cruel and inhuman treatment and gave the divorce to Mrs. Byrd. She also was given the custody of their two children, Cleo, aged 12, and Paul, aged 9. (Herald-Democrat., Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, December 26, 1913, Vol. 7, No., 47; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Lelia Pearl Cherry vs. Clarence H. Cherry
Mrs. Clarence Cherry Files Suit For Divorce
Mrs. Lelia Pearl Cherry, formerly Miss Lelia Pearl Dawson, of Indianapolis, has through her attorneys, Hays&Murphy, filed suit in the Putnam County Circuit Court asking divorce from Clarence H. Cherry, of this city. The woman in her petition alleges abandonment. The couple were married May 6, 1912, and lived together until December 13, 1913, when they separated. Mrs. Cherry alleges that her husband left her and failed to support her and that before their separation he humiliated her by corresponding with other women and associating with other women. Besides divorce she asks alimony of $10 a week. The suit was filed Thursday afternoon. Mr. Cherry is employed by his father, John Cherry, as a drayman. (Herald-Democrat, Greencastle, Indiana, January 30, 1914; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)

Laura B. Foster vs. John E. Foster
Laura B. Foster has filed suit in the circuit court for divorce from John E. Foster. In her complaint as prepared by Smiley & Carpenter she alleges cruel and inhuman treatment, and accusation from him of unchastity, etc. She asks $500 alimony. The parties reside in Mill Creek township. (The Daily Banner Times, Greencastle, Indiana, vol. 1, no. 218, Wednesday, July 18, 1894; Transcribed and Contributed by SallyH)

Elizabeth Glover vs. Harry C. Glover
Mrs. Elizabeth Glover by Andrew Durham, her attorney, has filed suit in the circuit court for divorce from Harry C. Glover. The parties live in Russellville. Non-support and failure to provide is alleged. The complaint also alleges that Glover plays "poker" and loses the money which should be given for the support of the family. The complaint asks alimony of $100 and the return of the plaintiff's name, Elizabeth Oliver. (Herald-Democrat, vol. 7, no. 17, Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, May 9, 1913; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Clarence O. Hughes vs. Clara E. Hughes
Clarence O. Hughes, who lives near New Maysville by his attorney, Chas. McGaughey, of Roachdale, has filed suit in the circuit court asking for divorce from his wife, Clara E. Hughes. Adultery is charged in the complaint. The couple married on March 15, 1900 and separated April 12, 1913. Mr. Hughes asks custody of the couple's four children. (Herald-Democrat, vol. 7, no. 17, Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, May 9, 1913; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Anna Crawley James vs. John P. James
Mrs. Anna James, by her attorneys Allee & James, has filed suit in the circuit court for divorce from John P. James, alleging cruel and inhuman treatment. The complaint alleges that just prior to the separation of the couple, which occurred on February 9, 1913, the defendant attacked Mrs. James with a knife. James, according to the complaint, is now in Illinois. The complaint asks for divorce and the return of Mrs. James's maiden name, Anna Crawley. Judge Hughes this afternoon granted Mrs. James the divorce and restored her maiden name. Mr. James, who formerly was a resident of this city, is now residing in Paris, Ill. (Greencastle Herald, vol. 7, no. 293, March 8, 1913; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney; Proofread by SallyH)

Ruth LeNeve vs. Sanford W. LeNeve
Ruth LeNeve, on Monday, filed suit in the Putnam Circuit Court asking a divorce from her husband, Sanford W. LeNeve, on the grounds that the defendant treated her cruelly and inhuman. She asks that her maiden name, Ruth Terry, be restored to her. (Greencastle Herald, Greencastle, Indiana, Monday, May 15, 1922; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Jennie Olive Lonis vs. Claude E. Lonis
Another divorce case was filed and tried today by Judge Hughes, resulting in a divorce for Mrs. Jennie Olive Lonis, former wife of Claude E. Lonis. The divorce was given on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Lonis is a meat cutter at the Eiteljorge meat market. (Greencastle Herald, vol. 7, no. 293, March 8, 1913; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney; Proofread by SallyH)

Agnes Parker vs. Louis Parker
Agnes Parker has brought suit against Louis Parker. The plaintiff states in her papers, which have been filed by Allee & Nelson, that she has lived twenty-five years in this county, and that in October, 1891, she and defendant were married, living together until April 30, 1894, when they finally separated; that the defendant has cruelly treated, struck and abused her, knocking her down and calling her vile names that would imply that she was unchaste; that she does not love defendant, and that his cruelty has caused her to seek places of safety to protect herself; that they have no children. The plaintiff further states that they jointly own a piece of property in Greencastle, and he has $150 worth of personal property, which they jointly bought. She asks a divorce on account of cruel and inhuman treatment and $150 alimony. Mrs. Parker is the wife of Lou Parker, whose domestic troubles have created considerable talk this week. (The Daily Banner Times, vol. 1, no. 154, May 3, 1894; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)

Sarah E. Roberts vs. George W. Roberts
Sarah E. Roberts has filed suit for divorce from George W. Roberts. Complainant states they were married in Henry county, Ky., in 1870, and that two children are the fruit of their union; that the defendant abandoned her in 1890 and since has failed to provide for her. Plaintiff resides in Monroe township. (The Greencastle Banner Times, vol. 41, no. 4, January 27, 1893; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney; Proofread by SallyH)

Georgia Woodruff vs. Harvey A. Woodruff
Judge J. P. Hughes Tuesday morning granted Georgia Woodruff a divorce from her husband, Harvey A. Woodruff. The couple have been residing in Mill Creek township. Cruel and inhuman treatment was the grounds on which the divorce was granted. (Herald-Democrat, Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, February 11, 1916; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

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