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Putnam County Indiana


Col. James Fisk Family Reunion
Col. James Fisk had a family reunion at the farm residence near Brick Chapel Sunday. Over fifty persons were present. It was a time long to be remembered. Hereafter the Colonel will reside in the city with his son-in-law, Marshall Starr. (Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, vol. 29, no. 43, Thursday, October 27, 1881; Transcribed and Contributed by SallyH)

Harris Family Reunion
GROVELAND. The annual reunion of the Harris family was held Monday at the residence of Wm. Armstrong, in the northeast part of Floyd township. Sixty-nine were present. The tables groaned under the many good things prepared for the occasion. May they all live to enjoy many more such reunions. The next meeting will be at the home of Frank Haney, of Jackson township. (The Daily Banner Times, vol. 2, no. 264, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, August 22, 1895; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Thomas A. Moore Family Reunion
The rain on 27th did not prevent all the children of the late Thomas A. Moore, from having Thansgiving at the old home near the city. Every one of the ten children, all the grand children but two, and all the great grand children but one were there. Mrs. Moore, who is resonably hale in her 71st year, was not expecting this call, and when all these and a few old neighbors came in she was quite agreeably surprised. Every thing but the weather was agreeable. The children brought with them their turkeys "done brown," and the reunion was a happy one. After dinner, Dr. A. C. Stevenson, who was present, made a humorous speech, recounting how 30 years ago the "Moore boys" cut his trees, and how he caught their dogs. After this came music by the ladies, and then they all retured to their homes. The family is of Irish extraction, on both the paternal and maternal lines, the ancestors having left Ireland about 1750, and settled in Virginia. Of the five Moore brothers living in 1776 all were soldiers in the Patriot army. Until the present generation the family has not produced either lawyers, doctors, preachers or merchants now all the professions are represented. (Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, December 4, 1879; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Edward Smythe Family Reunion
FILLMORE, Aug. 12: Last Saturday there was held a reunion of the children of late Edward Smythe, at the old homestead in the eastern part of Marion township. They were all present except W. H. Smythe of Indianapolis, who was not able to attend on account of sickness. (Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, August 14, 1890; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Banquet for Fire Department Boys.
Several friends of the members of the local fire department congregated at the fire department headquarters Wednesday night and surprised the boys with a banquet held in their honor. Several members of the fire department will cease their work in the employment of the city and their friends gave the banquet as a farweell party. Nineteen were present for the "feed."

The crowd gathered at the fire department about 8 o'clock and invited the fire fighters to join them in a little celebration in the council chamber. An excellent oyster supper was served on two large tables spread in the upstairs rooms. Hiram Callender, Sr., acted as toastmaster and each member of the fire department responded with a short but appropriate talk. Those who were present were: Fire Chief Frank Roberts, Captain Sewall, Firemen George Ensign, Fireman George Williams, Fireman Eck Welch, Hiram Callender, C. M. Short, Hubert Jordan, Ben Williams, Charles Meltzer, Edward Perkins, Fred Payton, Charles Toney, Charles Shildmyer, Columbus Alspaugh, Robert Hanna, Marshal Lemuel Johns, Policeman Arthur Stone, and Albert Landes. (Greencastle Daily Herald., Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, January 1, 1914; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

The Domestic Science Club of this city held their regular Christmas meeting at the home of Mrs. James Bryan on east Washington street Wednesday afternoon. Each member of the club invited one guest to the meeting. About fifty-five guests and club members were present.

The house was beautifully decorated in Christmas style, Christmas bells, holy wreaths and mistletoe being arranged very artistically through the several rooms. An interesting program was given by the club members. Readings were given by Mrs. S. A. Hazelett Mrs. Milo West and Mrs. Phillip Albaugh.

Each member of the club brought a box of lunch and coffee and mints were served by Mrs. Bryan. (Herald-Democrat., Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, December 26, 1913, Vol. 7, No., 47; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Ladies' Aid Society of the Fillmore Christian Church
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Fillmore Christian Church will give a play in the Masonic Hall Saturday night, Dec. 27, entitled, "Our Busy Ladies' Aid." Admission, 15 cents. Seats on sale at Sinclair & Smythe's store. (Herald-Democrat., Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, December 26, 1913, Vol. 7, No., 47; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Open Air Concerts.
The Congregation of Locust Street Church have stepped forward and done exactly the right thing. They have prepared something to break the usual dull monotony of the summer months. It has always been a complaint that Greencastle is dead in the summer time; that the leaves never turn over nor the birds budge from the time the learned Senior make his farewell "effort" until the awkward Freshman arrives gripsack in hand in the middle of September. With no entertainment going on there is naturally danger that the young should be attracted to places not the best for their welfare. To guard against this and to help defray the expenses of the church, the people of Locust Street have prepared to give open air concerts on every Friday evening during the summer in the yard of F. S. Turk (the old Tailor property) on Seminary Street. The city band will furnish music from 7 till 10 on each evening. Ice cream, lemonade and various refreshments will be served. Such an enterprise should be patronized--and it doubtless will be--as it furnishes a pleasant manner in which to spend an evening and devotes money to a good cause. (Greencastle Times, July 16, 1885; Transcribed by SallyH)

Poultry Show Next Week.
The Poultry Show which is to be held in this city Jan. 5th to Jan. 10th inclusive, promises to be one of the largest and best Greencastle has ever had. The officers and members of the association are making elaborate preparations for the exhibit of the many specimens and the many breeds of poultry raised in Putnam County. The exhibit will be held in the Williamson block on the west side of the square.

The Fanciers' Association promotes the poultry show, which is an annual occurrence. The officers of the organization are as follows; Luther Herbert, president; Joe C. Collins, vice president; Mrs. W. L. Evans, secretary-treasurer; Henry Williams, superintendent; W. W. Zike, of Morristown, judge. The members are as follows: Walter Evans, J. W. Wright, J. W. Hunter, Watkins Brothers, C. M. Moffett, Reese Matson, Earle Bunten, Roy Abrams, Charles Hughes, Herbert Smythe, Ella Adams, L. Ammerman, Mrs. C. C. Hurst, Mrs. Anna L. Day, Mrs. S. C. Perry, Henry O'Hair, Lee Hall, Luther Herbert, Joe C. Collins, H. Pherson, Henry Williams, Albert Lueteke, Fred Obenchain, Tas Gibson.

Many prizes and premiums have been offered by the Fanciers' Association and the business men of this city. From all indications many entries will be made, and the show will be the best that has ever been held here. (Greencastle Daily Herald., Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, January 1, 1914; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

St. John's Day
St. John's Day, June 24th, is to be celebrated, by the Masons of Bainbridge. Putnam County, K. W. Thompson will make an address. (Date: Monday, June 7, 1869 Paper: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) Page: 1; Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer)

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