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Putnam County Indiana

Marriage Licenses Issued


Marriage Licenses Issued
1. July 2....Timothy Doolan and Mary Mahorney
2. July 3....George A. Ricketts and Mary C. Smedley
3. July 7....Hugh Yates and Sarah McLaughlin
4. July 7....Henry C. Priest and Martha A. Turner
5. July 8....Benjamin S. Peck and Margaret Black
(The Indiana Press, Greencastle, Indiana, July 10, 1858; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)

1.Willis Hubbard and Lucinda F. White, on the 9th.
2. Andrew J. Roberts and Amanda M. Hanks, on the 12th.
3. Wm. J. Hulse and Julia A. Pickel, on the 15th.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, October 20, 1858; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)


Marriage Licenses Issued To,
James Spencer and Margaret Clark, on the 17th day of September.
John Q. Adams and Angeline McCarty, on the 20th of September.
Theodore D. Layman and Louisa Nance, on the 21st.
(Putnam Republican Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, September 29, 1864; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


MARRIAGE LICENSE.--The following marriage license have been issued since our last publication:
Thomas Crawley and Louisa A. Randal.
James Cline and Sarepta E. Layne.
Hamilton F. Pickett and Emaline Taylor.
Henry Hogue and Sally Ashbrook.
(Putnam Republican Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, July 4, 1867; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
William A. Brown and Lue R. Porterfield.
James H. Smith and Maggie J. McDonald.
John Shellinbarger and Mary E. Riley.
William T. Froggett and Rachel E. Riley.
Joseph T. Ross and Cumi Vermillion.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, June 6, 1872; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
Edward Strange and Tempsy Snapp.
Isaac Vice and Tillie E. Goff.
Samuel S. Bourne and Mary K. Peyton.
Frank Wilcher and Hattie Bower.
Harvey H. Crow and Rosannah T. Gardner.
Edward D. Michael and Mary A. Hickey.
Henry T. Houck and Josephine Albin.
Francis D. Randolph and Alice J. Timmons.
Cawson Potts and Jennie F. Hall.
Willoughby H. Rush and Mattie J. Williams.
Stephenson G. Bond and Laura B. Stogden.
William J. Steeg and Catharine Kossler.
John F. Cooper and Sarah J. Grimes.
William A. Evans and Mary A. Crowmer.
William F. Gillespey and Lou F. Webster.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, January 2, 1879; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Marriage Licenses.
Hardy A. Mills and Parthena A. Skein.
Edgar Porter and Emma F. Stultz.
John W. Trail and Mary J. Shepherd.
Theodore S. Kee and Sarah E. Latham.
Thomas J. Shueg and Mary A. Grider.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, March 6, 1879; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Marriage Licenses.
W. H. H. McCamey and Elizabeth J. Tuggle.
John C. Gorham and Mary A. McCammack.
George W. Marshall and Bettie Willis.
E. Thompson and Sarah F. Batman.
Enos A. Wood and Emma E. Brown.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, December 4, 1879; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage licenses have been issued to
Lucien A. Stillwagon and Clara A. Stratton,
Samuel A. Byrd and Dora Williams,
Abijah Casto and Florence Follows.
(Greencastle Star, Greencastle, Indiana, July 31, 1880; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
Wm. F. Snodgrass and Sallie E. Brown.
Peter Hipson and Eliza J. Walls.
James Andrew Spencer and Ella J. Lenard.
Charles A. Matkins and Linnie Albin.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, vol. 29, no. 43, Thursday, October 27, 1881; Transcribed and Contributed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
James Birch and Myra Johnson.
John W. Ash and Jennie Lyda.
Joseph Hipes and Lucy Ragsdale.
Chandler B. Hill and Louisa J. Hurst.
William R. Duncan and Lillie H. Gorham.
E. A. Brown and Mattie A. Millinix.
(Greencastle Banner., Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, April 9, 1885; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
Thomas Duree and Lizzie A. Rodgers.
John L. Richards and Lizzie Giles.
Morton E. Edwards and Ida Beech.
Smith M. Brown and Mamie M. E. Webster.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, March 10, 1887; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)

Marriage Licenses.
Granville M. McElroy and Louisa A. Pickett
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, vol. 35, no. 13, Thursday, March 31, 1887; Transcribed and Contributed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
Wm. M. Houck and Emma M. Bence.
David A. Fowler and Mariah A. York.
Silas C. Ellsberry and Martha E. Blagdes.
Daniel H. Patrick and Nellie M. Hays.
Thomas B. Ferry and Mollie A. Clark.
Emory M. Aker and Rebecca Hasty.
Lewis C. Wilson to Alzura E. Timmons.
Marshall Robbins and Georgia P. Rooker.
James W. Lee and Annie E. Bunton.
Oscar L. Jones and Lena L. Shinn.
Jacob S. Crosby and Mollie Williamson.
James A. Hutcheson and Lucy Sublett.
J. William Fussler and Mary A. Hartley.
Daniel W. Rountree and Martha B. Durham.
(Greencastle Banner, Greencastle, Indiana, Thursday, October 21, 1890; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses.
Lewis A. Ford and Martha A. Knauer;
John W. Allen and Etta O. Layne;
Willis M. Jackson and Etta McCray;
Harvey O. Wilson and Anna M. Clark;
Thomas J. McKeehan and Alice Huffman;
George E. Johnson and Cordelia Clodfelter;
John L. Sage and Anna Nelan;
Alonzo T. Smith and Luella Dilley.
(The Greencastle Banner Times, vol. 41, no. 4, January 27, 1893; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney; Proofread by SallyH)


1. Cam Sonders, Russellville, Leona Pointer, Russellville.
2. Fred Jackson, Filmore and Effie Chadd, Greencastle.
3. Frank Hurst, Belle union, and Nellie McCammack, Belle Union.
4. Marion Tharp, Greencastle, and Ione Williams, Greencastle.
5. Dan Prince, Greencastle, and Mary R. Slavens, Greencastle.
6. John Richards, Jr., Weirton, West Virginia, and Helen Gould Von Sprecklesen, Cloverdale.
(Star-Democrat, Greencastle, Indiana, February 28, 1913; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)

Omer C. Morehart, Alva, Okla., and Ona Knetzer, Fillmore.
Clarence Marshall, colored, Indianapolis, and Ethel A. Reed, colored, Filmore.
William C. Stoner, Delmar, and Flossie L. Price, Filmore.
(Herald-Democrat, vol. 7, no. 17, Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, May 9, 1913; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)
Joseph Everett Strother, Greencastle, and Ruby King, Greencastle.
James William Woodall, Russellville, and Bertha McGill, Portland Mills.
Benjamin Franklin Wininger, Bennett's Switch, and Lillie Dell Cue, Putnam County.
Roy Shirl Christie, Greencastle, and Roxie Faye McMains, Greencastle.
Howard Dean, Roachdale, Ind., and Grace Marie O'Hair, Greencastle.
Leslie Earl Scobee, Greencastle, and Altha Verree Hathaway, Greencastle.
Charles Keller, Coatesville, and Mamie Masten, Greencastle.
Edwin Kelley, Greencastle, and Della May Meeks, Greencastle.
(Herald-Democrat., Greencastle, Indiana, Friday, December 26, 1913, Vol. 7, No., 47; Contributed and Typed by SallyH)


Marriage Licenses
1. Charles R. Huffman and Miss Iva L. McCullough, both of Reelsville
2. Orville Hamilton, of Alaska, Ind. and Miss Hazel C. Myers, of Cloverdale
3. Miss Ethel davis and Glenn Hatfield, both of Burkett, Ind.
4. Miss Mary Edith Stroube, of Greencastle, and Julius Burns Marsh, of Danville.
(Herald-Democrat, Greencastle, Indiana, January 30, 1914; Submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney)

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