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July 2006


I have been looking for a long time for the death of a great, great grandmother, SARAH PERDUE GARDNER. She was married to Isaac Gardner in 1842 in Union Co. ID. She was probably born sometime around 1817 or a few years later and died before 1866 probably in Union Co when Isaac was married again. She was the mother of 4 children.

Any help anyone can shed on her life or family would be an early Christmas gift.

Contact : Dorothy Hoffman Paul

April 2006

G O L D S B E R R Y M c L A U G H L I N

I have been searching for my gggrandmother for many years. My gr.grandmother would not talk about her, nor her two sons.

Maiden name: Sarah Alice Goldsberry, b. Nov. 20, 1855, Middlebury, IN
1st marriage: John Wm. McLaughlin Nov. 19, 1875, Bloomfield, IN
2 children born to this union:

  • Minnie Edna McLaughlin (md. James Robert Cole)
  • William Clark McLaughlin (md. Della Pearl Fullom)
    I have not found the divorce for my gggrandparents, so I do not have the date. Between the McLaughlin divorce and the 1900 census, George W. Server was born. I have not found his father. There was also a baby girl born, Martha Server, who died at or soon after her birth.

    The 1900 Indiana, Greene Co. Census, shows she has Clark and George living in her home, she is a widow, now going by the name of Alice Edwards. I have not found a marriage to an Edwards. If she remarried, again, before the 1910 census, I do not know, but according to family lore, she was taken care of, while dying, by her first husband, John and his new wife, Laura Alice in the Bloomington, IN area. After the death of Clark, in Oregon, a picture was found, that no one had ever seen before. It is a family gathering, everyone is wearing a flower, Clark is in a white gown. I am believing that it was his christening. My gggrandparents are both there, the only picture we know exists. I have been to Greene Co, where she was last found. Nothing exists there, although I have recently realized she was a home owner in 1900, and plan to go, but this will not give me her burial. Could someone help me find her place of burial? I honor my gggrandfather, as he is buried in my area, but no one has taken care of her grave.  Please, if you have any information, I would truly appreciate it. Seems it's always 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.

    Contact : Diana Marshall

  • April 2006

    J O N E S    N O N N E M A N

    My brick wall is this.
    My cousin Elsie Nonneman, married Orville Jones sometime in 1930 or 31, O'Brien County, Iowa They moved to a farm outside of Ft. Wayne and lived there until their children were grown. I know that Elsie died in Florida, but is buried in Ft. Wayne - but where? Also would like to know when Orville died. Have not idea how many children they had outside of the first one, Don, and am really interested in that too. Elsie's granddaughter will not part with any information, so I am attempting to find what I can for a family book I am writing. Any help would be so appreciated.

    Contact : E-Mail

    January 2007

    L A M B E R T

    If possible, I need information regarding CAROLYN M. LAMBERT, whose place of birth was July 31, 1916. Place of birth was Indianapolis, Indiana. She was reported as stating she was an orphan but knew her mother's maiden was ELLIG.

    She married WILLIAM G. ROTH, date of birth was July 2, 1904. Place of birth, St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Roth was born in St. Louis, Missouri and lived in Chicago, Illinois.

    They lived in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. It was believed that Carolyn attended the University of Pittsburg and later worked there as an accountant. Mr. Roth was a Mechanical Draftsman and an engineer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Contact : Patricia Brown

    April 2006

    L A N G L E Y

    I have a brick wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My gg grandfather - from 1825 when he was born to 1851 When you pick him up in Monroe Co, Ind .  I cannot find him in the census before 1860 Monroe Co Ind. He went by Wm.
    Wm. S. Shadrack LANGLEY

    He died 1894 Bloomington, Monroe Co, Ind
    Trying to find his parents and siblings.
    census TN, TX, VA - Its a puzzler?

    Contact : Cheryl

    April 2007

    R U S H

    I certainly hope someone can help me. I have been searching for the whereabouts or records on my grandfather for quite some time now and have come up against nothing but brick walls. His name was George Rush. His middle intial was S. or L., he went by both. He was born in Chester, Wells, Indiana in 1879 to William and Catherine S. Rush. He married my grandmother, Rebecca Long on Dec.06,1903 in Newton County, Indiana. They had 3 children, a set of twins, one of which was my father Frederick, and his twin Mary (who we know nothing about either). The other was a baby girl born in Pulaski County in July of 1909. After that we can not find him anywhere at all.
    Can anyone out there please help?
    Thank you.
    Contact : Donna Rush Moore


    January 2008
    I would like to ask your assistance or may be you know someone who can help me. I have been searching for records about my Great Grandmother & Great Grandfather. I am attaching their marriage license for your review. I am trying to search for information regarding my Great Grandmother's parents, Henry Faught and Malissa Luther. According to their marriage license it appears that at the time of their marriage her mother & father were deceased. 
    Is there any way you can help me locate my Great Grandmother's birth certificate or any information regarding her parents? I have been working on my family background and I find myself stumped each time I begin looking for her parents.
    Please let me know if you can assist me or tell me of someone who can. I can't tell you how much I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me. If you need further information please feel free to contact me any time.
    Jeanie Brown


    I am looking for two girls  their names were Mary Ann Allred b 1858 IN.   and her sister Marie/Martha b 1866 IN.   
    They were last noted on the 1880 census In Hendricks County IN with their parents William and Luticia Elizabeth Allred.
    William died in 1881 and by 1900 they and their mother are missing.   Did they marry or move or die before 1900.  
    April 2008


    From: Reisha
    Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 5:36 AM

    I am looking for info on Sara Ann Connelly, who according to my Mom was a full blooded cherokee.  She married John Knapp August 23,1837 in Dearborn Co, Indiana.  I want to know when she was born and her parents names.  She would be my gr gr gr grandmother. I have hit a brick wall with info on her.  Thank you, Reisha Summers


    Date August 20, 2009
    I have been looking for my gr gr grandfather for many years.  He was born,  Unknown Richardson ,  in Pennsylvania in about 1800-1810, was married to Leah Johnson born 1810 in Maryland.  They lived in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1829 and had a son, James S. Richardson;  lived in Dearborn County, Indiana and had at least 2 more sons.  My gr grandfather was born in 1831, Josiah Lewis Richardson.  William H. Richardson was born in 1833.  In 1835 the mother remarried a minister, Thomas Bishop Cook, and had another family.  In about 1856 the family moved to Adair County, Missouri.  I have been to all these places and researched but can't find the name of the father Richardson.  I do know that Leah Johnson's mother's name was Rachel Johnson and that Leah had a brother named Jacob Johnson.
    I have been told that his name was John Richardson but need proof of this information.


    I  have a brick wall in my husbands family and it is in Indiana.  I am asking for the fact that there are several who have researched the family of Hugh L. Carson  I found him listed in the 1850 census and also in the 1830 census, in Richland and Edwards county Illinois.  There are several Carson family members that are looking for him as he was supposedly born in Indiana according to the census.  He was also born in the Year of 1809 and we do know that the years are right, however I my self have found any information leading to the fact that his wife was born in 1803 and died before 1860   I think that it would be pretty hard to trace records of any one that long ago.  If you happen to find any records please let me know.
    Marie Miller (Genealogy Trails host)

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