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Marriage Announcements

Date: 1918-06-15
Paper; Fort Wayne News Sentinel
Page: 11
Age No Barrier to Cupid

WINCHESTER, Ind., June 15.--Joseph Davis, age 76 and Sophia Carey age 76, were married in the clerks office yesterday. The Rev. Harvey Thornburg performed the ceremony. The bride and bride-groom are from the west part of the county.

Date: September 20, 1921
Paper: Elkhart Truth
Page 9
To be Married In November.

Announcement is made that the marriage of Francis Dunn of Elkhart and Miss Florence Goodrich of Ft. Wayne will take place in November in the Presbyterian church in the hometown of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Goodrich of Winchester and Mrs. Edward S. Goodrich of Winchester, Ind. Miss Goodrich attended. Ferry Hall at Lake Forest for two years later graduated from Wellesley college. Mr. Dunn is a Harvard graduate and is at present located in Elkhart, where he is efficiency engineer with the Gossard Company
Date: November 15, 1921
Paper: Elkhart Truth
Page 2

The marriage of Miss Florence Emily Goodrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Goodrich, to Francis Wesley Dunn, of this city, took place Saturday evening in Winchester, Ind., the home of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn will reside in Elkhart where he is engaged in the manufacturing business. The bride is a niece of ex-Governor James P. Goodrich
Date: March 3, 1890
 Paper: Unknown

Date: February 1, 1915
Paper: Elkhart Truth, Indiana
Page 5

Miss Hazel Longley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Longley of this City and Clarence J. Abel, son of
Henry Abel of Winchester, Ind., were married at 7 o'clock Saturday evening at the home of the groom's father in
Winchester. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. J Norris, former pastor of the M. E. church at Winchester. Mr. and Mrs. Abel left this morning for Springfield, Ohio which is to be their home, and where Mr. Abel holds a responsible position. The marriage is the culmination of an acquaintance begun three years ago when the groom was employed as a machinist in this city. Miss Longley was formerly an operator on the Elkhart telephone exchange.

The Friend, A Religious Literary and Literary Journal Vol. LXIII /Seventh-Day, Fifth Month, 3, 1890 / No. 40 Pg. 320 Married, First Month 24th , 1889, at Friends’ Meeting-house, Westfield, Hamilton Co., Indiana, Galileo Peacock, son of Abram and Mary Jane Peacock, to Elizabeth Macy, Daughter of Joel R. and Amy M. Macy.
[NOTE: I know this says they were married in Hamilton Co. The Peacock's resided in Randolph Co.]
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