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Rush County, Indiana

Business Directory For 1921

A survey of the field in the spring of 1921 shows the following list of individuals and firms engaged in professions or business at Rushville:

Abstracts—Anna L. Bohannon, L. C. Lambert, Charles Newkirk, E. B. Thomas.
Agriculture Implements—H. M. Cowing, J. B. Morris, O'Neal Bros., Rushville Implement Company, C. H. Tompkins, E. A. Lee.
Auctioneers—R. S. Compton, Clen Miller.
Automobile Sales, Accessories, Repairs, Etc.—R. E. Abernathy, G. C. Alexander, W. E. Bowen, Bussard Garage, J. C. Caldwell, Owen L. Carr & Son, Joseph Clark, J. C. Ellman Company, Ford Hospital, Howell Bros.,
S. L. Hunt, J. A. Knecht, 0. W. Montgomery, J. B. Morris, Mullins & Taylor, O'Neal Bros., Sorden-Jones Sales Company, G. Urbaeh, A. G. Haydon.
Bakers—Wallie Weakley, A. W. Wilkinson.
Banks—Farmers Trust Company, Rush County National Bank, Peoples Loan and Trust Company, Peoples National Bank, Rushville National Bank.
Barbers—Allen Daniels, Richard Floyd, Frank Gipson, Charles Moore, Norman Norris, Charles H. Pettis, Wright & Suess, Dale Jackson.
Bicycles—S. J. Finney, Ellman & Son.
Billiards—0. 0. Felts, E. H. Greely, Scott Hosier, T. E. McAllister, Aug Roth, Denny Ryan.
Blacksmiths—Geraghty & Kelly, Henry O'Neal, Ed Kelly, James Mullins.
Building Material—Pinnell-Tompkins Lumber Company, J. P. Frazee & Son, Capitol Lumber Company.
Building and Loan Association—Building Association No. 10, Prudential Building and Loan Association.
Candy—Caron Candy Shop, Katsaros Bros.
Chiropractors—William K. Monks, McKee & McKee.
Cigar Manufacturers—Ray Benning, George Wingerter.
Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing—F. G. Bender, Knecht's 0. P. C. H., Sanitary Dry Cleaners, Twentieth Century Cleaners and Pressers, Johnson Jones; Ed Tyner.
Clothing—J. L. Cowing, Son & Company, Knecht's 0. P. C. H.. Harry McCauley, William G. Mulno, Frank Wilson & Company, Sanitary Dry Cleaners.
Coal—J. P. Frazee & Son, William Trennepohl; Jr., Winkler Grain Company, Dan Matlook, T. H. Reed & Son.
Contractors—Beale Bros., M. Bennett, Edward Crosby, Delta Hinchman, F. B. Johnson, G. P. McCarty & Company, O. W. Price, Alonzo Sexton, Walter Wainwright, Joe Lakin, Morris Winship, E. L. Kennedy & Son, William Woliung, "Will Keck, Harry Ferather.
Corn Turner (Manufacturers) — Hoosier Corn Turners.
Creameries—White River Creamery Company; cream buyers, Schlosser Bros.; cream test, Donald Webb; dairies, James Dugan, Dodson, O'Reilly and Green Bros.
Dentists—Carl F. Beher, P. H. Chadwick, C. S. Green, F. R. McClannahan, H. H. Pearsey, Frank Smith, F. M. Sparks.
Drugs—Hargrove & Mullin, F. B. Johnson, Thomas W. Lytle, Pitman & Wilson.
Dry Goods—Callaghan Company, E. R. Casady, Guffin Dry Goods Company, J. W. Hogsett, Mauzy Company, Wiltsee Company.
Electricians and Supplies—S. J. Finney, P. J. Miller, James Foley.    .
Factory Trucks (manufacturers) — Charles E. Francis Company.
Farm Gates (manufacturers)—National Manufacturing Company.
Five and Ten Cent Stores—Wiltse Company.
Florists—Glenn Moore, Pansv Green House.
Foundries—Arbuckle & Company, Dill Foundry Company.
Fruits and Produce—M. J. Mascari, John R. Thompson, Adam's Produce Company.
Furnaces—Beale Bros., James Foley, 0'Teal Bros., Rushville Implement Company, E. A. Lee.
Furniture (manufacturers) — Innis-Pearce Company, Rushville Furniture Company, Park Furniture Company; dealers, F. A. Caldwell, George C. Wyatt & Company.
Gas—Central Fuel Gas Company, Peoples Natural Gas Company, Rushville Natural Gas Company, Consumers Supply Co.
Gloves (manufacturers)—Rushville Glove Company.
Glue Room Equipment (manufacturers)—Charles E. Francis Company.
Grain, Flour and Feed—Ball & Orme, W. G. Newlin, T. H. Reed & Son (elevator), Rush County Mill, Winkler Grain Company.
Grocers—L. L. Allen. Ezra Hinkle, 0. C. Brann, C. C. Brown, D. P. Childs, W. E. Clarkson & Son, Herschel Gregory, M. E. Hankins, B. F. Hasher, James Voil, J. Kelly, Jr., Thomas W. Lytle, Jesse McDaniel, Carl O'Neal, Edward T. O'Neal, John W. Ryan, Claud Smith, Walter Wainwright, Donald Webb, Lee Wicker, Havens & Son, Varley Grocery Store.
Gun and Locksmiths—S. J. Finney.
Hair Dressers—Hazel Innis Harmon, Roy Evans; hair goods, Ida Dixon.
Hardware—J. P. Frazee & Son, A. G. Hay don, S. L. Hunt, J. B. Morris, Pinnell, Tompkins Lumber Company.
Harness—H. M. Cowing, C. H. Tompkins.
Hides and Wool—O'Neal Bros., Hyman Schatz,
Hotels—Cottage Hotel, Colonial Hotel, Grand Hotel, Scanlan Hotel, Windsor Hotel.
Investments—American Security Company, R. L. Dollings Company.
Jewelers—Abererombie Bros., Kennard Jewelry Store, W. B. Poe & Son.
Laundries—Rushville Laundry Company.
Lawyers—See chapter on Bench and Bar.
Machine Shops—Arbuckle & Company, Madden Bros.
Meat Markets—Davis & Lyons, H. A. Kramer Packing House, Weeks Fresh Meat and Produce Company, Luther Sharp.
Men's Furnishings—William G. Mulno, Shuster & Epstein, Frank Wilson & Company, J. L. Cowing, Son & Company, Knecht's 0. P. C. H.
Millinery—Belle Cosand, Ida Dixon, Mary Neutzenhelzer, Harriet Plough, Agnes Winston.
Monuments—Schrichte Monumental Works.
Newspapers (and printing)—Rushville American, the Daily News, the Daily Republican. See chapter on the Press.
Oculists—F. G. Hackleman.
Optometrists—J. Kennard Allen, Jesse Poe.
Oils—Go-Gas Filling Station, Standard Oil Company, Western Oil Refining Company.
Osteopaths—J. B. Kinsinger.
Photographers—Hugo Jamison, Euphemia Lewis, F. A. Wallace.
Physicians and Surgeons—See chapter on the Medical Profession.
Pianos—A. P. Wagner, John A. Spurrier, Frederick Boxley.
Plumbers—Beale Bros., James Foley, Joseph H. Lakin, 0. W. Price, Alonzo Sexton.
Produce—Adams Produce Company, Mascari Bros., John R. Thompson.
Real Estate—H. W. Cole, W. P. Elder, John Gantner, Jesse Guire, William Inlow, L. C. Lambert.
Restaurants—City Restaurant, Lillie Gipson, J, P. Madden, Miller & Buschmohl, City Hall Restaurant.
Rugs (manufacturers)—Luther Raymond.
Second Hand Stores—Michael Scanlan.
Shoes—V. C. Bodine, H. S. Havens, T. E. McAllister, J. F. Mclntyre & Co., and the department stores; shoe repairs, Frank Cornelia, N. P. Fletcher.
Soft Drinks—E. H. Greely, Miller & Buschmohl, Albert Pea, Aug Roth, Denny Ryan.
Sporting Goods—A. G. Haydon, S. L. Hunt, J. B. Morris, R. H. Jones & Co., Wiltse.
Spark Plugs (manufacturers)—Three-in-One Spark Plug Manufacturing Company
Tailors—Frank Bender, E. M. Osborne, Johnson Jones, Edward Tyner.
Telegraph and Telephone—Western Union Tele-graph Company, Rushville Co-operative Telephone Company, Bell Telephone Company.
Theaters—Mystic, Princess.
Undertakers—F. A. Caldwell, George C. Wyatt & Co.
Variety Stores—R. H. Jones & Co., Wiltse Company.
Vulcanizing—Ira Greenwood, Howell Bros., George Urbaeh.
Wood Working Machinery (manufacturers)— Charles E. Francis Company.

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