Genealogy Trails

Rush County Indiana
NameDeath DateCountyAgeSexRace
G. B. Abuds7 May 1896Rush County35 yrMaleWhite
Lee Brown19 Aug 1895Rush County6 monMaleWhite
Mary Downard26 Jul 1910Rush County68 yrFemaleWhite
Mary Eveline Duzan7 Nov 1915Rush County
Andrew Fears12 Jun 1910Rush County50 yrMaleWhite
A. W. Green28 Mar 1892Rush County41 yrMaleWhite
Emma Greenlee17 Jul 1898Rush County FemaleWhite
Gladys M. Headlee26 Jun 1909Rush County1 yr FemaleWhite
Daniel Herklis7 Jun 1899Rush County17 yrMaleWhite
Elbridge Hungerford13 Jan 1910Rush County35 yrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Isley12 Oct 1910Rush County75 yrFemaleWhite
Homer W. Kellam27 Aug 1916Rush County30 yrMaleWhite
Lesley L. Lewis22 Jun 1908Rush County18 monMaleWhite
George W. Manlove11 Aug 1906Rush County75 yrMaleWhite
Roy Maple13 Feb 1900Rush County2 monMaleWhite
Sarah Ann Martin7 May 1911Rush County67 yrFemaleWhite
Cecil Pea 2 Feb1905Rush County5 yrMaleWhite
Ellen Simpson25 Nov 1912Rush County80 yrFemaleWhite
Zeffokah Springer24 Jan 1908Rush County81 yrFemaleWhite
Lowell E. Thrall26 Jul 1909Rush County MaleWhite
Sarah Wagner18 Aug 1908Rush County76 yrFemaleWhite
Mrs. Anna White7 Jan 1910Rush, County48 yrFemaleWhite
Mary Wilkinson18 Mar 1892Rush County26 yrFemaleWhite
Alonzo P. Willey4 Oct 1920Rush County58 yrMaleWhite

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