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Rush County, Indiana

The Indians
The Delawares Indians

Early Settlements
Lure of Farthur Horizon
Erection of Rush County
Communal Debt to Doctor Arnold
Concise View of Early Days
Creation of a New Home
Days of the Wild Turkey

County Organizations

Organization of townships
Court House
Medical Society

Early Settlers
Early Settlements
First Settlers
Characters of the Pioneers
Life in the Woods
Wild Game
Work of the Men and Women
Wild Game

Society of Indiana Pioneers

Growing Demand For Better Roads
Beginning of the Hack Lines
Whitewater Canal
Coming of the Railroad
Coming of the Traction Line

Bench and Bar

First Divorce Case
First Naturalization Papers Granted
First Murder Case
An Aggravated Slander Case
A Malpractice Case
Notable Figures at the Bar

Misc History

Source for all above articles:
 Centennial History of Rush County, Indiana Edited by A. L. Gray and E.B. Thomas 1921

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