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The first Rush County 'Courthouse' was in a Log Cabin in 1822 that was owned by Stephen Sims in Circleville.  The second Courthouse opened October 1826.
The third Courthouse opened March, 1848. The forth and current courthouse opened 1898.
(from Christie Alchermes)

Copyright Brian Sheehan
Rush County Courthouse, image property of Brian Sheehan (used with permission)

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Year 1940 Birth announcements for Ralph Ging Atkins, John Richard Keaton, Sarah Ellen Perkins;
Sept 2018Year 1950 Birth announcements for Buennagel, Jones, Bussbert, Davis, King, Moor, Jones, Quinton, McCane, Percell, Archer, Linville, Gulley, Mann,  Parker, Clay, Miller, Herbert,  Hornaday, Land, Vail, Coon,  Offutt, Fahey, Stevens, Leising, Barnett, Rider, Kuhn, Piper, Foley, Stiers, Lacey, Drake,  Boling, Morris, Sedam, Kysar,  Newlin, Higgs, Anderson, Toon,  Souder, McNurtry, Benson, Angle, Kessler, Logsdon, McClure, Bailey, Allen, Napier, Creamer, Winberry, Washmuth, Buchanan,
Obit for Charles Dwain Whittaker;  Obit for Alice M Riley;

List of residents at County Home (1940 Census, submitted by FoFG); Birth listings for July 1943; Obit for Edgar A Ross; Obit for Mary Ewing; Obit for Samuel W Mathews;  Obit for Sallie Craige; Obit for Augusta Kennedy Scott; Obit for Charles Kirkham;  Obit for Susan Webb;  Obit for Daniel Moore;  Obit for Annie Gilson;  Obit for Earl F O'Neil;  Obit for Irene Miller;  Obit for William Sherman Oneal;  Obit for Anna Jones;  Obit for Emma S Talbott;  

Updated the School Sports page;
Gladys Marie Bebout Osborne, Educator Memorial (obit and bio) submitted by Katrina Cole Cooper;
June 2018Harry Pea family history; obit for Harry Pea;
Henry K Alsop family history;
Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty in Rush County (news)

Richland News (surnames include Meyers, Hardwick, Keisling, George, Mercer, Guffin, Lewis,  Dahner, Pickrell, Abercrombie, Brown, Hood);

Homer News (surnames include Mull, Merrill, Gardner,Willis, Wagoner, Cole, Webb, Fletcher, Lower, Cassidy)j;

Sexton News (surnames include Newkirk, Moore, Longfellow, Becraft, McCorkle, Graves, Kirkham, Newman, Rider, Mullins, Whtie, Oldham, Ayers, Barnes, Myers, Brock);

Little Flatrock News (surnames include Wilson, Demmitt, Divilbiss, Tomlinson, Carney, Logan, Spillman, Holden)

Obit for Charles Alter; Obit for Jasper Coon; Obit for Minnie Tolbott;

Birth announcements for baby girl Ball; Paul McDaniel Jr; Lloyd Daniel Bever;

Helen Matlock Jaehne, educator (bio and obit);
Richland News (surnames include Carr, Goddard, Howell, Ryckman, Wilson, Rosenberry, Linville, King, Vail, Davis, George, Pickrell, Goddard, Miller, Roscoe, Wilson, Bokelman, Ailes, Mosingo, Morgan, Brodie, Brickler, George, Carr, James, Holman, Tarplee, Christian, Pike, Myers, Ferree, Angle, Hood, Scott, McKay, Hite, Harrison, Hood, Patton, Scott);

Raleigh News (surnames include Nipp, Gray, Jackson, Newman, Grubbs, Heath, Lawson, Kennedy, Beam, Burgess, Banks, Heath, Baird, Heck, Kiser, Malory);

Leona L. M. (Krinop) Michel, Educator Memorial (obit and bio);

Carthage News (surnames include Linton, Carr, Drysdale, Hale, Heifner, Bake, Chappell, Reed, Herkless, Carfield,  DeMoss, Stewart, Witty, Lee, Drake, Bowen, McDaniel, Rawls, Stevenson, Gear, Dillmon, Stager, Sims, Newby, Collin, Overman, Hill, Heims, Dayer, Oatland, Addison, Theobold, Roberts, Helm, Clark, Newlin)

Glenwood News (surnames include Riley, Hedrick, Vanscyoc, Thatcher, Gray, Davison, Swift, Owens, Brown, Beckner, Stamm, Pike, Powel, Carr, Thompson, Bussel, McGraw, Bailey, Keane, Johnson, Kehl, Jackson, Cox, DeArmond, Hinchman, Simpson;

Mauzy News (surnames include Morris, Richardson, Kirkwood, Hinchman, Crawley);

Birth announcement for Baby girl Benning; Naomi Fowler; Billie Flora Jean McQuinley; Baby boy Montgomery; Phillip Gary VanOsdol;

Robert Eugene McGinnis, Educator Memorial (obit amd bio) submitted by Michael McAlister;

Obit for Charles M Aldridge; Obit for Oliver Allison; Obit for Anna Archey; Obit for Eli Archey; Obit for Samuel Ball; Obit for Orlando Beaver; Obit for Doris H Berry; Obit for Lamar Collins; Obit for Jesse Daubenspeck; Obit for John Demmer; Obit for Alice Glover; Obit for Viney King; Obit for Grace Olive Kitchin; Obit for William Lockridge; Obit for Eliza McKee; Obit for George W Machlin; Obit for Gaylond Miller; Obt for Winona Powell; Obit for Sam Rainey; Obit for Merrill L Reddick; Obit for Mary Agnes Spurrier; Obit for Robert West; Obit for Marion York; Obit for Amon Young;

Birth announcements for Baby boy Becker; Pearl Margaret Beeler; Baby boy Booth; Baby girl Bullen; Baby boy Clifton; Georgia Francis Cochran; Ruth Alice Crim; George David Durbin; Betty Lou Fisher; Baby boy Glendenning; Marvin Jay Goddard; Paul Edward Harrison; Baby boy Heeb; Donald Lee Jinks; Ronald Leiu Jinks; Baby girl Keith; Baby boy Kennedy; Phyllis Jean Kiemmes; Harry Neil Kirkham; Baby girl Matney; Baby boy Mohler; Baby boy Pike; Ernest Pitman; Baby girl Readle; Lois Ruth Sparks;  Norma Jean Sterret; Thomas Phillips India Stevens; Martha Louise Stinger; 
Crime/Court News (Surnames: Arbuckle, Bailey, Stewart, Weaver, Willis)
Community News (Surnames: Simpson, Hamilton, Rardin, Russell, Beer, Garghty Casady, Border, Downey, Barnes, Innis)

Cemetery list added to (from newspaper article)

Birth announcement for William Robert Phillips;

Obit for George Bever; Obit for Mary Cowing; Obit for Marie Coyne; Obit for Josie Gallimore; Obit for Mrs Edgar Rogers; Obit for Edna Shelhorn; Obit for LuEmma Wortman;
Add names to Rush County's "Gold Star" Roster (WW1) surnames include Bryant, Butler, Cherry, Dawson, Jessup, Jones, Risk; Obit for Mrs Abney Richey (submitted by SallyH);


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