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Newspaper Titles in Rush County, Indiana

The Carthage Citizen. (Carthage, Ind.) 1907-1967
Carthage Record. (Carthage, Ind.) 18??-190?
The Daily Jacksonian. (Rushville, Ind.) 1909-191?
The Daily Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1904-1930
The Friday Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1891-1903
The Hoosier, and Rushville Democratic Archive. (Rushville, Ind.) 1839-1845
The Indiana Herald and Rushville Gazette. (Rushville, Ind.) 1835-1839
The Indiana Jacksonian. (Rushville, Ind.) 1850-1854
The Indianian. (Rushville, Ind.) 1830-1831
The Manilla Mail. (Manilla, Ind.) 189?-19??
The Milroy Press. (Milroy, Rush County, Ind.) 1895-193?
Milroy Semi-Weekly Press. (Milroy, Ind.) 19??-19??
The Milroy Times. (Milroy, Ind.) 1883-1887
The Milroy Times. (Milroy, Rush County, Ind.) 188?-1???
The Rushville American. (Rushville, Ind.) 1894-1933
The Rushville Democrat. (Rushville, Ind.) 1907-1908
Rushville Gazette. (Rushville, Ind.) 1833-183?
Rushville Graphic. (Rushville, Ind.) 1882-1907
The Rushville Jacksonian. (Rushville, Ind.) 1854-1907
Rushville Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1864-1875
Rushville Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1930-current
The Rushville Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1903-1912
The Rushville Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1854-185?
Rushville Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1878-1891
Rushville Telegram. (Rushville, Ind.) 1924-current
Rushville Weekly Republican. (Rushville, Rush County, Ind.) 185?-1863
Rushville Weekly Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1875-1878
The Rushville Whig. (Rushville, Ind.) 1840-1846
The True American. (Rushville, Ind.) 1831-1832
The True Republican. (Rushville, Ia. [i.e. Ind.]) 1846-1853
The Tuesday Republican. (Rushville, Ind.) 1891-1903
(Source: Chronicaling America submitted by Christy Alchermes via Kay Rumple)