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National Register of Historic Places
Located in Rush County Indiana

Source: National Register of Historic Places, Digital Archive on National Parks Gallery, National Park Service,  US Dept of the Interior

Historic Place Location Time Period Area of Significance Date PublishedMore Info
Dr John Arnold Farm West of Glenwood 1825-1924 Settlement, Architeture, Agriculture 9/14/
Center Township Grade and High School 529 E South St, Mays 1925-1949 Architecture, Education 3/22/
Durbin Hotel 137 W 2nd St, Rushville 1875-1949 Commerce, Politics/Government 2/19/
Forsythe Covered Bridge CR 650 South at Big Flatrock River 1875-1899 Engineering 2/2/
John K Gowdy House 619 N Perkins St, Rushville 1875-1924 Politics/Government, Architecture 12/10/
Hall-Crull Octagonal House North of Rushville 1850-1874 Architecture   5/10/
James F Harcourt House CR500 W at CR750 S, Near Moscow 1850-1899 Industry, Architecture, Agriculture 9/14/
Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home 10895 N Indiana 140, Rush County 1875-1974 Social History, Education, Architecture 12/20/11
Archibald M Kennedy House CR 200 N 1850-1874 Exploration/Settlement, Architecture 2/2/
Maurice W Manche Farmstead CR 900 W 1900-1949 Architecture, Agriculture 9/14/
Melodeon Hall 210 N Morgan, Rushville 1850-1874 Education, Architecture, Performing Arts 11/15/
Moscow Covered Bridge Moscow 1875-1899 Architecture/Engineering 2/2/
Norris Ford Covered Bridge
1900-1924 Architecture/Engineering 2/2/
Offutt Covered Bridge CR 550 W (N Offutts Bridge Road) 1875-1899 Architecture/Engineering 2/2/
Jabez Reeves Farmstead CR 900 N 1850-1924 Architecture, Agriculture 6/29/
Rush County Bridge No 188 CR 150 W over Little Flatrock River 1900-1974 Transportation, engineering 12/28/
Rush County Courthouse Rushville 1875-1899 Art, Architecture 10/10/
Rushville Commercial Historic District Roughly bounded by Fourth, N Morgan, First and N Perkins Streets 1825-1949 Architecture, Politics/Government, Commerce 12/27/
Smith Covered Bridge 1875-1899 Architecture/Engineering 2/2/
St Paul Methodist Episcopal Church 426 N Morgan, Rushville 1875-1899 Architecture/Engineering 12/15/
Walnut Ridge Friends Meetinghouse West of Carthage 1825-1899 Education, Exploration/Settlement 3/1/
Booker T Washington School 525 E Seventh St, Rushville 1900-1949 Black, Education 5/24/
Wendell Lewis Willkie House 601 N Harrison, Rushville 1850-1949 Politics/Government, Architecture 12/27/
John Wood Farmstead 5255 W CR 900 S 1825-1924 Architecture/Engineering, Agriculture, Exploration/Settlement 3/15/