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1903 Football Team - This Rushville Football Team, known as the Ypsilanti Club, enjoyed a good season back in 1903.  First Row, left to right: Walter Newhouse, Wilbur Beall, William (Stubby) Winship, Ray Williams, Fred Neutzenhelzer, Clarence Cross; second row: Pleas Connor, Leonard Clark, Charlie Murray; third row: Bill Lanham, Clyde Early, Harry Seaman, Sam Trabue, Clay Felts, Charlie Offutt and Bill Winship.  W.S. Winship, Sr., North Perkins Street submitted the photo.  (From the Rushville Republican, Rushville Indiana, January 2, 1954)

Ypsilanti Club Disbands

The Ypsilanti Club is a thing of the past.  They held a meeting last night and concluded to sell off their property consisting of furnishings fro rooms which they occupied and which consists of some very nice furniture and will be sold at a sacrafice.  The club occupied room in the Pounstone building over the Rushville Laundry and as soon as their effects are sold off, and the rooms vacated, they will be occupied by the laundry which  has been crowded fro room for some time.  (Rushville Republican, March 26, 1904)