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Scottsburg Ind.
Riley McAhran, 65 years old, is dead at his home near Zoah of apoplexy. While he and a neighbor were attempting to lead a calf he was stricken and died eight hours later.
He is survived by the widow and a daughter at home, two sons in Minnesota and a brother, Sam McAhren of Decatur. Indiana.
The Indianapolis Daily Star May 1 1923

George W. Everhart  Scottsburg Ind. Aug 24
George W. Everhart , a prominent and well-to-do farmer died yesterday at his home in Jennings township, at the advanced age of eighty-two
Date: August 26, 1896 Location: Indiana Paper: Indiana State Journal

Scottsburg,  Ind. Jan 27 - Aaron Eick, a farmer of Johnson township,, died suddenly yesterday. He went to the barn to feed the stock and remained away until the family became alarmed and went to hunt him. He was found unconscious and was carried to the house, where he revived sufficiently to tell that he had not been hurt by the stock, and, then again became unconscious and died shortly afterward- Apoplexy caused his death;  He was about forty-five years old.
Date: 1896-01-29; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Scottsburg, Ind. July 6.—Yesterday afternoon William Stewart, aged twenty three, was killed by lightning: in Kinley township. After dinner he went to the field with a team to work and a thunderstorm coming up suddenly he stood some boards up against a tree for a shelter. Lightning struck the tree and ran down, cutting the skin several inches on Stewart's head and on his foot. He was dead when found.The horses were shocked by the bolt, but not seriously. Several minor cases of heat prostration occurred in this vicinity to-day.
News Of the Week Current Events (News Article) Date: 1897-07-14; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Name of Deceased: Jones, John
Obit: NALS Fri 20 Dec 1872 p1 c1: Mr. John Jones died at his residence in Jennings township, Scott county, Ind., last Sunday, aged 80 years and 18 days. He was a soldier of the war of 1812.
County Name: Scott State: IN Newspaper: New Albany Ledger Standard
Submitters Name: spc

Name of Deceased: Hough, Abel
Obit: NALS Fri 20 Dec 1872 p1 c1: Mr. Abel Hough, died at his residence near Lexington, Scott county, Ind, last Wednesday, aged 81 years 5 months and 20 days.
County Name: Scott State: IN Newspaper: New Albany Daily Ledger
Submitters Name: spc

Name of Deceased: Smith, Elias
Obit: NALS Tuesday 10 Dec 1872 p4 c1: Elias Smith, a well-known gentleman who removed from Scott county to Jeffersonville about two months since, died at his residence there on Sunday of typhoid fever. The remains of Mr. Smith were taken to Scott county yesterday for interment.
County Name: Scott  State: IN Newspaper: New Albany Ledger Standard
Submitters Name: spc

CHARLES CAMPBELL HINMAN, born Atwater, O., Jan. 23, 1849. Entered the preparatory department in 1864 and graduated from the classical course in 1871, since which time he has been engaged in the stone business, in Goshen, Ind. until Jan., 1885; in Cleveland till Dec., 1886; and in Philadelphia since 1887, as local manager. He died at his mother’s home in Oberlin, Aug. 20, 1897.
Source: Necrology Oberlin College For The Year 1897-8.
Transcribed by: Helen Coughlin

The widow of James Bodgers Russell, of Justus, Scott County, has been granted a pension tor services rendered by her husband in the war of 1832.
Jeffersonville National Democrat Aug. 2, 1895

The funeral of Mrs. Charles Close, who was killed by P.. C , C. and St. L. train No. 5, Tuesday evening, occurred at Scottsburg Wednesday afternoon, and was conducted by Elder Francis Brock, ot Boiden, at the the Christian Church, of which the dead woman was a member. After the services at the church the remains were conveyed to the cemetery near the town tor burial, followed by the lonerest cortege of sorrowing relatives and friends ever seen in Scott County. The little child, and the boy who was driving at the time of the accident, are doing nicely, and the former will recover. The boy's condition can not yet be determined, but it is looked upon as serious. At the coroner's inquest yesterday, Conductor Wilber Robinson and Engineer James Weddle were present, and gave their evidence, stating the train was running less than 20 miles an hour. No verdict has been returned; but, on account of the peculiar surroundings of the track where the accident occurred, it is not likely that Engineer Weddle will be held responsible.
Jeffersonville National Democrat Aug. 2, 1895

Old Indiana Minister Dead
The Rev. Henry Russell Pritchard, the oldest Christian minister in the United States, died suddenly at Chesterfield, Ind.  Mr. Pritchard was born near Georgetown, Ky., in January, 1819. [Marshall County Independent.(Plymouth, Marshall County, Ind), November 02, 1900]
Deaths on the Plains.
The St. Louis Republican gives the deaths that have been reported at Fort Laramie during the summer.  The number of names given is 262; many more deaths are said to have occurred, but not reported.  The record was kept and furnished by the officers at the Fort.  We give the names from Ohio and Indiana, contained in the melancholy record:

Adam Beecher, Albion, Indiana, died June 30th, at Fort Laramie, aged 53 years [Wed., Oct 23, 1850, "Daily Ohio Statesman (Columbus, OH) - KT, Sub by FoFG]

MRS. VIOLA HILLIARD. Mrs. Viola Hilliard, 1211/2 South Main street died at 5:30 o'clock this morning at the General hospital. She was thirty years of age. Her husband. F. D. Hilliard, and two sons—Willard and Howard—of Elkhart survive. Other survivors are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Blackall of Scottsburg and two brothers—John Blackall and William Blackall—also of Scottsburg; two sisters—Mrs. Isaac Daly of Johnson City, Ill. and Miss Hattie Blackall of Seymour, Ind. Date: Friday, May 31, 1918  Paper: Elkhart Daily Review (Elkhart, IN)   Page: 5 

Man  Hanged  by a Mob in Indiana for Trying to Kill His Wife
Seymour, Ind., Dec. 26.—
Saturday morning at 1 o'clock an organized mob of 100 men entered the Scott county jail at Scottsburg twenty miles south of this city, took Marion Tyler from his cell, and hanged him to a tree in the corner of the court house yard. Tyler was in Jail awaiting trial for the attempt to murder his wife on the after-noon of Nov. 4. His wife was Mrs. Laura Garrett, of Scottsburg and he had been a bad husband, frequently ill-treating her. Early last fall his treatment became unbearable, and she left Tyler in the hope of saving the life of herself and unborn child. She returned to her relatives In Scottsburg and on Nov. 4 Tyler followed and endeavored to get her to return to Indianapolis.

She refused, and he shot her in the jaw and in the abdomen, inflicting flesh wounds from which she is Just recovering. After shooting his wife Tyler tried to kill himself, and succeeded In locating bullets In his side and shoulder, his wounds proving more serious than his wife's. He had a preliminary trial, and was in Jail awaiting the next term of court when the mob settled the case. To accomplish the lynching a dozen masked men overpowered Sheriff Gobln and secured the keys to the Jail. A telegram was sent to Governor Mount by the Dally Democrat asking him what he intended to do in regard to bringing the lynchers to Justice. His reply was as follows:

"The presumption Is that local authorities and the grand Jury will vigorously prosecute the Scottsburg lynchers. The state will render whatever assistance may bo found necessary. Such lawlessness Is degrading and In-tolerable. It is stated also that the state secret service will be put to work on the case and that the governor Is determined to make an example of all the members of the mob he can identify.
Date: Monday, December 26, 1898 Paper: Elkhart Daily Review (Elkhart, IN) Page: 1 

Garland Arnett.
Garland Newton Arnett, aged 73, father of Everett Arnett and Mrs. Olen Morningstar of this city died last Friday, at his home in Scottsburg, lnd. He had been a lifelong resident of the state, although he was born in Green county. Ky, August 12 1842. He is survived by his wife and nine children. 
Date: Thursday, November 4, 1915 Paper: Elkhart Truth (Elkhart, IN) Page: 7

Mary, the twelve-year-old daughter of John Miller, fell from a swing at Cedarbeach, near Goshen, and broke her neck.
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1891 
Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN)  Page: 2

Dr. Solomon Davis
County Name: Scott Co. State: IN
Newspaper: Bluffton Chronicle Date: Jan 15, 1891
Submitters Name: Teresa Haines Rigney
Obit: Dr. Solomon Davis, an old soldier and prominent citizen of Lexinton, died of heart disease. The old man had been confined to his room for several years from the effects of a fall. He was found sitting in his invalid chair, dead.

The wife of David Fields, who resides about three miles north of this place, was found in a well on the premises, last Friday. It is not known how she came to be there, but the supposition is she was attempting to draw water and fall in, but what looks very remarkable about the matter is that the curb over the well is only fourteen by sixteen inches.
Date: Tuesday, June 8, 1880   Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Volume: XXIX   Issue: 160   Page: 2

Sunday evening in Johnson township, Scott county, Indiana, an eight year old boy named Leftus became angry at a little girl seven years old, a daughter of Jerry Chandler, and taking up a shotgun fired the contents into her stomach. The gun was loaded with slugs. The girl lingered till morning, when she died.
Date: Friday, September 13, 1872   Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Volume: XXI   Issue: 81   Page: 1

One of the oldest and moat honored citizens of the state passed away last night from the effects of a painful disease long and patiently endured. In the loss of Major Ellsba G. English the community will mourn for one who watched over the cradle of the commonwealth and lived to witness Its rapid growth to mature prosperity. He was a native of Kentucky, and came to Scott county, Indiana, In the year 1818. He continued to reside In that county until his removal, a few years ago, to the residence of his son, the Hon. Wm. H. English, In this city. For a long period be took a conspicuous part In public life, and for nearly forty years was sent by his neighbors to the legislature, elthor Id the capacity of senator or representative. Perhaps no man of the present generation has seen service in so many sessions or daring such an extended period. He was the companion snd the peer of a race of statesmen now gone from the scenes of active life, but never to be blotted from the grateful memories of their fellow citizens. Besides his career In the state legislature, Major English served in other capacities, which showed equally well the position which he held In the esteem of the people. He was several times chosen sheriff of Scott county  and was for some years United States Marshall of Indiana, and under his control the census of the state was taken in 1860. Throughout his life he was a man of steadfast principle and was devoted to the success of old fashioned democracy; but notwithstanding his strong party affiliations be never lost the respect and confidence even of those opponents with whom he came In contact. He was a faithful friend and open, generous foe. Even In his advancing old age he retained his remarkable strength and vigor, but about sixteen years ago the cause of his death, a fibrous tumor in the axills, began to appear. It increased slowly until within the last six months when its growth became so rapid as to threaten his life. The only hope of his relief and recovery was the removal ot the tumor, and this delicate operation waa performed about ten days ago by Prof. Yandell, of Louisville, consulting with Prof. Cowling, of the same city, and Drs. Thompson, Woodburn, New and Todd, of Indianapolis. Apparently the patient was getting along prosperously until yesterday, when secondary hemorrhage set in and carried him away about 12 o'clock at night. Major English preserved his senses to the last, recognized his danger, and bade an affectionate farewell to his friends. He leaves behind him his aged wife, the partner of the trials and triumphs ot a long life, whose chief consolation will be the hope of a reunion which can not, In the nature of things, be far off, and his only son, the Hon. W. H. English, formerly member of Congress from the district, and now the president of the First National Bank.
Date: Sunday, November 15, 1874   Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana)  Volume: XXII   Issue: 34   Page: 4  

OBITUARY. The funeral of Mrs. Nannie Wilson occurred at Mt. Zion church Tuesday afternoon,   Rev.   Farrell officiating. Mrs. Wilson was born in Scott county, Ky., May 4, 1878, and departed this life Sunday, Feb. 6, '09 at the home of her parents, 1215 North Senate avenue Mrs. Wilson came to this city some years ago, since which time she has gained a large circle of friends, and was beloved by all who knew her. Mt. Zion has lost a faithful member and her family a bright jewel.   The deceased leaves a father, mother and seven sisters and brothers and host of relatives and friends.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 1899   Paper: Recorder (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Page: 4

Mrs. Farah Barbee whose home was at 318 West Eleventh street dropped dead while walking on Twelfth street between Missouri  street  and Senate avenue Wednesday. The woman had long been affected with heart trouble, which Corner Nash believes was the cause of her death: She was only a square from her home when she died and the body was taken there. She was fifty years old and leaves five children.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 1899   Paper: Recorder (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Page: 4

Frank, the young son of. Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Chavis who has been sick for several weeks, departed this life at the home of his parents in West Michigan street Thursday morning. Funeral was held from the residence Friday afternoon, Rev. D A. Graham officiating.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 1899   Paper: Recorder (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Page: 4

Deaths reported by Undertaker Willis: Frank Chavis, Sarah Bybee, John Wright.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 1899   Paper: Recorder (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Page: 4 

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