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Byrd-Whitaker Announce Marriage

ROCKPORT, Dec. 24,-(Special)— James Martin Byrd, Jr.. and Martha Louise Whltaker, both of Owensboro; Ky. today announced their marriage which took place here last Sunday.
The Evansville Courier December 25, 1937


Mrs. R. L. Bullock of Rockport has announced the. approaching marriage of her daughter, Bettye Lucile, to Joseph Wiliam Kincaid of Richland.
The wedding will be solemnized on Saturday morning, August 30, in Trinity Lutheran Church, in the presence of the immediate families and close friends.
Miss Bullock was graduated from the Newport, Ark.. high school, an later attended Lindenwood College at St. Charles, Mo. Mr. Kincaid received his education in the Richland schools. H served in the late war with the Marine Corps.
Both are descended from early settlers of Spencer County
August 24, 1947
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
(Transcribed by J. M. Kell)


Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Anderson of Rockport, Ind. announce the marriage of their daughter, Beatrice, to Louis Lakey Kramer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kramer of Rockport. The marriage took place Aug. 16, at the residence of Rev. Henry Fox, pastor of the Chrisney Zion's Evangelical Church. Mr. and Mrs. Kramer are both graduates of Rockport High School. Mr. Kramer is associated with his father in the contracting business. After a honeymoon trip, the couple will reside with Mr. Kramer's parents.
Sunday, August 27, 1939
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
(Transcribed by J. M. Kell)


Tobin Leaf, a well-known young farmer of Tobinsport Ky will go to Eureka, in Spencer County, Indiana, this week to be married to Miss Kate Polk daughter of Edwin Polk who recently moved from Tobinsport to Eureka.
The Breckenridge News., Cloverport Ky, February 17, 1904

McCullough Black

Married at Boonville Dec 27 1905
Miss Estelle McCullough, the daughter of well to do farmer George McCullough was married today to William Black a timber dealer. Miss McCullough and Mr. Black have long been lovers and the marriage is the result of a long courtship which lasted for more than five years. The bride's people are prominent in the history of Spencer county and the Blacks are well known in the northern part of the state.
Evansville Courier, Evansville Ind.


C. IVAN MONTGOMERYof Edwardsport, Ind., announces the engagement of his niece, Miss Dorothy Montgomery, to William F. Richardson, of near Rockport, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Richardson.
Miss Montgomery is a graduate of Indiana State Teachers' College. At present she is Home Demonstration Agent in Spencer County Mr. Richardson, graduate of Purdue University, served four years in the Army, and is now instructor of the Veterans' On-The-Farm Training Program in Spencer county.
Sunday, November 10, 1946
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN

Thomas - Harris

Rockport Girl is wed in Church Rites.
On Sunday July 10 at 3 p.m. Miss Florence Harris, Rockport became the bride of Robert Thomas also of Rockport. The ceremony was performed in the Methodist parsonage, the Rev. Robert DeLong officating with the single ring ceremony.
The bride wore a navy blue tailored street length suit, with white and navy accessories. Her corsage was of white carnations.
Her only attendant was her sister Miss Irene Harris of Boonville. She wore a pink dress with white and black accessories.
Garland Harmon Jr. of Rockport was the best man.
Mrs Thomas is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Harris, Boonville. Mr. Thomas is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Silas Thomas, Rockport and a nephew of Sid Barrett with whom he has lived since childhood.
A family dinner was served to 35 in the home of the brides parents. Mrs Thomas is an inspector at General Electric Tell City. Mr. Thomas is with the Powers Jewery store, Rockport. They are living at the Vogelsang apartments, Rockport.
Sunday, July 17, 1949 Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN


Rockport Ind. April 12 Mr. George C. Wiseman and Miss Nannie Burkheart daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Burkheart were married at the home of the bride in this city last evening. Rev, Kemp of the M.E. Church Officiated. Miss Burkheart for the last two years has been employed by the Southern Hospital for the Insane. Mr. and Mrs Wiseman will reside in Evansville.
The Indianapolis Journal., April 13, 1895,
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

Rockport Ind. March 20,
Lester Polk and Juliette Myles and Robert Tobin and Kate Polk were married near Rockport Monday by Rev. T.A. Aspy.
Date: Monday, March 21, 1904
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

W. W. Meyers of Rockport and Miss Martha Kornrumpf of Huntingburg Ind
eloped last Thursday night and were married in Rockport Ind.
The young lady is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kornrumpf.
Date: Monday, April 30, 1900
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

Rockport_ Dec_ 24.--(Special)--Marriage licenses today were issued to:
Ellis Renfrow of Detroit, Mich. and Belva Hoover. of Hartfford Ky.;
Cleo Hurst of Lewispot, KY. and Eva Dean Taylor, Owensboro, Ky.;
Pravey Titchenor of Centertown, Ky.; and Eva. Gabbert of Owensboro, Ky.;
Clarence Alvey and Arville Barlett both of Owensboro, Ky.;
Marcus Pea and Delma Jones both of Owensboro, Ky.;
Hugh Hardison of Pontiac, Mich. and Annabelle McDonald of Greenville. Ky,:
and Hershel Simonson and Iva Irene Hudson, both of this city.
Justice of the Peace Kessner officiated in each marriage.
Tuesday, December 25, 1928
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Submitted by J. M. Kell

ROCKPORT. Ind., June 7.—(Special)—Rev. Oakley Russell officiated at the marriage of his daughter, Dorothy, to Guild Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs.. James Anderson. The ceremony took place in the Rockport United Brethren Church, of which the Rev. Russell is the pastor. The bride is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Oakley Russell. Attendants were Miss Anna Belle Van Winkle. Miss Virginia Bechort. Charles Russell. brother of the bride. and Oscar Anderson, brother of the groom.
Sunday, June 8, 1941
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Submitted by J. M. Kell

Derr - Ferguson
Boonville Indiana Dec. 28, 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C, Derr of Boonville, announce the marriage of their daughter Joan, to Arnett C. Ferguson, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Dodge Ferguson, of Rockport, Ind.
The wedding was an event of Saturday morning, Dec 28 at the home of the brides parents. Father Joseph Brown, pastor of the St, Bernard's Catholic Church, Rockport, read the single ring service in the presence of the immediate families. An improvised altar was placed beneath the archway in the Derr living room. The archway was decorated with cedar and pine and from the center was hung a white wedding bell. The color scheme of green and white was carried out throughout the house with baskets of white mums and lillies and ferns. Tall white tapers burned in silver holders.
Preceding the ceremony, Joseph Campbell of Boonville played a number of organ selections including "Liebstraum" and "I Love You Truly". Mr. Campbell played a traditional processional and recessional. At the end of the plighting of vows he played "To Each His Own".
Miss Virginia Derr was her sister's maid of honor. J.C. Vittitoe of Rockport served as the best man.
The bride wore a two piece wool suit of Cuban Rose. Her accessories were black and she wore a corsage of white orchids. For "something old" she wore a wide gold bracelet belonging to her mother and a blue pin.
Miss Derr wore a gray suit with black accessories and her corsage was a purple orchid.
Mrs. Derr, mother of the bride, wore a blue wool dress with black accessories and a corsage of pink roses. Mrs Ferguson, mother of the bridegroom, wore a gray suit, black accessories and he corsage was of white gardenias.
Following the ceremonie a buffet luncheon was served. The bride's table was centered with a large white candle circled at the base with cedar. A three tiered wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom was placed at one end of the table which was laid out for 12. Other guests were served at smaller tables.
Immediately after the Luncheon Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson left on a southern motor trip to New Orleans La. Mrs. Ferguson traveled in a black and white checked suit with black accessories and a white orchid corsage.
The bride is a graduate of Boonville high school. She attended Indiana University, and is a graduate of Lockyearws Business College. Prior to her marriage she was employed by Indiana Bell Telephone Company in Boonville. She is a member of Pirate Club and Tri Kappa and was also a member of Sub-Deb.
The bridegroom is a graduate of Rockport high school. He served four years in the army, three years with air transport command in North Africa. He is now associated in business with his father in the International Harvester company in Rockport.
Mr. and Mrs Ferguson will reside in Rockport.
Sunday, December 29, 1946
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

In the presence of a few friends and immediate family Saturday Aug 23, 1947 Miss Lillian Nichols became the bride of Glen Freshley. The wedding was solemnized at Trinity Methodist Chruch, Rockport at 2:30 p.,m..
The Rev. Robert DeLong Officiated using the double ring ceremony. The bride was given in marriage by her father. The altar was decorated with baskets of flowers and lighted candles. Preceding the ceremony Miss Lois Atkinson, organist, played the traditional wedding marches from Lohengrin and Mendelssohn.
Miss Wanda Adams was matron of honor and James Nichols, brother in law of the bride, best man.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Edward Nichols of near Rockport. She was graduated from Rockport High School and has been employed by Indiana Bell Telephone company of Rockport.
Mr. Freshley is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Freshley of Rockport. He was graduated also from Rockport High School. He was in the armed forces two and a half years located in Casablanca. He is employed at Servel Inc. Evansville.
After the ceremony a reception was given by Miss Helen Freshley aunt of the bridegroom amd Miss Wanda Adams at the home of Miss Freshley. Ice cream and cake were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Freshley will live in Rockport.
Sunday, August 31, 1947
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

Couple Wed at Chrisney
Chrisney Ind. Dec 13.- (Special)
Mis Maxine Egnew, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Egnew, and Delbert Hinton grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy, were married Dec 7 at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. E. M. McCoy. Mrs. Autis Alvey was maid of honor and Autis Alvey was best man. Mr. and Mr. Walter Plock, Cannelton, were also attendants. They will reside in Rockport.
Mr. and Mrs Arthur Egnew entertained with a dinner for the bridal party and the following invited guests: Mrs. Robert Kennedy, Rockport, Mr. and Mrs. Woodard Egnew and daughter Sharon: Aldah Mae Meyers and Mis Edna Thrasher, Evansville.
Sunday, December 14, 1941
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M.Kell

Crowder Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H Crowder announce the marriage of their daughter Tryllis to Robert J. Harris, Richland, Ind. The wedding took place April 25 in Henderson Ky. Rev. Childers pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Harris will be at home after May 10 in Covington, Ky.
Sunday, May 12, 1940
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Transcribed by J.M. Kell

Schrode - Doss
Cards announcing the approaching nuptials of Miss Lilly, daughter of C. E. Doss, to John Leroy Schrode were received by friends of these young couple this week.
The ceremony will be a quiet one and will be at the residence by Rev. J. R. McAfee in the presence of the family and a few intimate friends on Wednesday Evening, March 7th, at 8 o"clock.
The bride to be is an attractive young woman and a fine musician. She is quite popular and justly so, with a large circle of friends.
The prospective Groom is a native of Chrisney Ind., but has resided here for the past year and holds a responsible position with the Marion (KY) Electric Light & Ice Company. He has made many warm friends since coming to Marion who will congratulate him on winning the heart and hand of one of Marion's finest girls.