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Rockport High School Commencement 1899
The annual commencement of the Rockport high schools will be held at Armory hall Thursday. May 25. The address of the evening entitled-"Uncle Sam." will be delivered by Rev. L. E. Brown. pastor of the First Christian church of Frankfort, Ind.
The members of the graduating class are:
Dorothy Fuelster,
Ellis Union Fay,
Della Myrtle Greeene,
Daisy Belle Higins,
Horace LeRoy Hayford,
John Huffman,
Mary Ann Hainees,
Alberta Melita Kennedy,
Shirley Charles Lang,
Katie Allen Niblack,
Elizabeth Savage
and Mabel Evelyn Zuckriegal.
The baccalaureate sermon will be delivered Sunday. May 14. by Rey. W. L. Guard of the Trinity Lutheran church.
Sunday, May 14, 1899
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN

St. Meinrad Church and College edifice
An immense church and college edifice, is to be erected in the town of St. Meinrad, Spencer county, Indiana, by the Roman Catholics.
The-building is to have a front of three hundred and ten feet, with two wings, each one hundred and eighty feet in depth. It is to be of free stone, a beautiful and very fine quality of which is abundant in the immediate vicinity of. the town. Work will be begun as soon as the weather becomes favorable. The building will be three-stories high, with a half story attic. This will be the largest churoh and collegiate edifice in Indiana.
Monday, March 12, 1866
Paper: Age, Philadelphia, PA

"White Caps" of Spencer County, Indiana, Issue a Manifesto, and Threaten Editors Who Refuse to Publish it.
EVANSVILLE, IND, June 2 —[Special—The "White Caps," of Spencer County, have startled the people of that locality once more with a bold and fearless proclamation, which has been written out and posted in different parts of the county. It is a lengthy document, which goes largely into detail in defence of the lawlessness of the organization, as being provoked by the laxity and negligence of the Judiciary to promptly punish the class of criminals which they have undertaken in regulate.
In their manifesto they direct their remarks especially to wife-beaters, able bodied men who persist in idleness and refuse or neglect to support their families, bar room bummers and loafers, and to boys under sixtteen years of age who run about the streets at night. The proclamation also dwells with great force upon lewd women, and the men who frequent houses of ill-fame. The penalty for violating thole rules is graded according to the offence or the age of the offender, from 60 to 250 lashes laid on hard, but the strongest and boldest, part of this singular document is the command it makes that the Spencer Lender, Chrisney Sun, Dale Reporter Rockport Democrat and Pocket, all of the papers in the county shall publish the said proclamation under penalty of thrashing if any refuse to do so.
This order was immediately complied with by the Leader, and it is not known if the rest will or will not do so, although the Rockport editors, are said to be in a state of great trepidation, and one of them is said to have left the city. This last movement of the "White Caps" is said to be fraught with great seriousness, as it is construed as a preliminary to many fresh outrages.
Strange as it may seem, several prominent citizens as are reputed to belong to the organization, and consequentIv public sentiment is very much divided against them.
Sunday, June 3, 1888 Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, Cincinnati, OH
An Indiana Tragedy
Rockport, Oct 15. - In this city this morning Robert Burr shot and instantly killed Arthur Williamson. Burr saluted Williamson on the street, saying that he wanted to speak to him. While conversing, Burr drew a revolver and shot Williamson in the head, the wound causing instant death. Williamson claimed that Burr had visited his home during his absence. There is great excitement about the jail where Burr is confined and threats of violence are heard.
Idaho Daily Statesman 1894-10-16

Two Negroes Lynched by a Howling Mob at Rockport, Indiana
Barber on his way home was attached and beaten to death, young man who witnessed the deed became raving maniac
Victim's wife likely to die from the shock
Rockport, Ind. Dec 16 - Two Negros, Jim Henderson and Bud Rowlands, who waylaid. murdered and robbed Hollie Simons. a white barber, early this morning, were lynched today in the jail yard by a mob of 1,500 persons. The Negros were arrested soon after the murder occurred, and although Rowland's clothing had blood stains on it, they claimed they were innocent.
In the meantime Sheriff Clemensof Union county, Kentucky, arrived with a trained bloodhound. When the dog was placed on the trail he followed it to a house where Rowlands lived, six blocks from the scene of the murder, and baying to the bed the negro occupied. this was enough for the excited citizens. within a few minutes a mob of a thousand Rowing, bloodthirsty men, with sledge hammers, ropes and guns, were on the way to the jail.
Sheriff Anderson and his two deputies made an attempt to protect the prisoners. The officers were sized by the leaders of the mob and disarmed. The sheriff, although locked in a room and placed under guard, stoutly refused to give up the keys or tell where the prisoners were hiding.
The mob made a determined but unsuccessful attempt to break in the jail door. Finally they secured a telegram pole and using it as a battering-ram caved in the side wall of the jail. The door Rowland's cell was then quickly broken in which sledge hammers, and he was dragged from the jail to the east side of the courtyard, where a noose was placed about his neck. He was given time to make a statement in which he implicated Jim Henderson and another negro. Rowlands then begged piteously for mercy, but the mob swiftly swung the confessed murder to a tree and riddled his body with bullets.
Leaving the dangling body of Rowlands, the mob rushed back to the jail and burst open the cell occupied by Henderson. Before the bars yielded to the blows of the sledge some one in the crowd fired upon the terrified negro as he crouched in the far corner. It took but a few minutes to get at Henderson and the negro, more dead than alive, was dragged at a rope's end to the courthouse yard and swung to the tree beside the body of Rowlands. Firing a parting volley at the swinging bodies, the mob eager for another victim, hurried away to catch the other negro implicated by Rowlands. He was found at a hotel, where he was employed as a porter. The negro escaped to the roof of the building and Manager Debruler succeeded in convincing the mob he had nothing to do with the crime. The mob then dispersed, apparently satisfied with its work of vengeance.
Simons was murdered in the most brutal manner one square from the main street of the city as he was going home from his barber shop at 2o'clock this morning. He carried the receipts of the days work, a fact of which the Negros were aware. They attached him from behind, striking him over the head with a club into which a large nail had been driven. Although terribly beaten, Simons made a desperate fight. His cried attracted two passers by. The Negros drove them away, and accomplished their criminal design, securing a bag containing something over $40.00 from their victim and then escaped.
When an officer arrived Simmons was dead. His skull was crushed in and his head and face beaten to a pulp. The spike on the club had penetrated his brain.
Walter Evans, one of the young men who attempted to rescue Simons and who afterwards witnessed the lynching, had become a raving maniac. The dead man's wife is prostrated and it is believed she will die from the shock.
Butte Weekly Miner 1900-12-20

Rockport, Ind.. June 11
The widow of General James C. Veatch has been granted a pension of $30 a month, dating from the death of her husband on Dec. 21
Source: Indiana State Journal June 17 1898

Rockport, Ind., Jan, 7
The name of Spencer Post, No. 143, of this city, has been changed to James C Veatch Post, in honor of the late Gen. James C Veatch, who was a member of the post, and who served as its first commander. Spencer W. R. C, No. 112 will, also, hereafter be known as James C. Veatch Corps.
Fort Wayne News January 15, 1896

Rockport Ind. April 24.—The board of county commissioners has appointed a committee, composed of Flavius Jones, Perry Phillips and W. C. Mason, to investigate the books of Walter Jones. Democrat, ex-trustee of Jackson township. A
petition, signed by seventy leading taxpayers of the township, was filed, charging Jones with busing material from himself at an exorbitant price, paying for a great deal of lumber never used by the township and issuing large numbers of warrants, records of which do not exist.
Indiana Journal April 28 1897

The annual meeting of the Knights of Pythias of the Twentieth Indiana district was held at Rockport yesterday and about five hundred knights attended. The parade was abandoned on account of cold weather. Several members of the Grand Lodge were present. Otto Kolb, grand chancellor, responded to the address of welcome, and Grand Instructor J. H. Willard spoke on Pythian knighthood. The meeting closed with a banquet.
Indiana Journal February 3, 1897

In Kercheval's Home.
Rockport, Ind.. Jan. 27.—The Republicans of Spencer county are ready for the approaching campaign. C. B. Laird has been re-elected county chairman. James A. Haines vice chairman. John Chewing secretary and E. E. Wessler
treasurer. The election of the Hon. S. E. Kercheval, of this city, for district chairman, is exceedingly encouraging to the party.
Weekly Indiana State Journal January 29, 1896

A Methodist revival is being conducted in Rockport by Evangelist Harris and wife, assisted by the pastor, the Rev. R. A Kemp, Presiding Elder J. K. Steele has been present a part of the time.
Weekly Indiana State Journal January 29, 1896

Throat Cutting Affray.
Rockport, Ind., Feb. 19.—A fight between Jack Spradlin and Bob Daugherty, both young men, at Oak Grove church, southwest of here, resulted In Daugherty's throat being cut almost from ear to ear, and he will probably die. The quarrel began over an old grudge during church services, going out to settle it.
Warren Republican Feb. 21 1895

Miss Alice Beeler, of Chrisney, a passenger on the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis line in July last, who was crippled in an accident, is suing the company for $7,000 damages, claiming she is disabled for life.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 9 December. 1890

Miss Bettie Love, of Rockport, met Annie Brown in the postoffice, and assaulted her with a sling-shot, inflicting very dangerous injuries. Jealousy was the inciting cause.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 11 December, 1890 Page 6 column 5 and 6

Loon Sam, a Chinese laundryman of Rockport, has cut off his "pig-tail" and joined the Methodist church.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 15 December. 1890 Page 6 Column 5 and 6

Hoosier News Notes
Anton Kohlbecker, of Rockport, was run down and killed by a train. It is thought to be a case of suicide, as he was financially embarrassed and despondent.
Date: 1891-09-05; Paper: Elkhart Daily Review

ROCKPORT, Ind., Jan 16, 1896 – The stores of George Wandel, William Finch and August Tonio, of Grandview, were burglarized last night. Loss in money, in goods taken and injury to property, $10,000.
Contributed by Laudi (Albers) Culbertson

School News. At the meeting of the school board last Friday, Prof. H. L. Davidson was elected as superintendent of the Hayti school. Prof. Davidson is conceded by many to be one of the best instructors in Pimiscot county and his energy and earnestness appeals to every one. He taught two terms in room five of this school, and his work was so well liked that after a year's absence from the school he has been given the highest place.
Prof. Davidson has been State Organizer for the Improved Order of Red Men during the past year, and made the best record in the 51 years history of the order in this state.
He is originally from Gentryville, Spencer County Indiana and comes of excellent family. In his home state he spent some time In the practice of law. being at one time assistant prosecuting attorney in his county But he is now a full fledged citizen of Missouri, having bought property in Hayti, where he will make his future home, Mrs. Davidson having joined him here a few weeks ago, which was as early us she could finish her school work in Indiana.
The Hayti Herald., Hayti MO, June 02, 1910
Announce Marriage.
ROCKPORT, Dec. 24,-(Special)— James Martin Byrd, Jr., and Martha Louise Whltaker, both of Owensboro; Ky. today announced their marriage which took place here last Sunday.
The Evansville Courier December 25, 1937

Rev. E. J. Schmitt, of this city, who was recently ordained into the Catholic priesthood at St. Meinrod's Academy in Spencer county, has been assigned by Bishop Chatard to the Catholic parish at Boonville.
Public Press Wednesday  July 2 1890 p. 4

Gentryville Reunion Held
GENTRYVILLE, Ind., June 7.—(Special)--A reunion of the family of Mrs. G. W, Harris was held at her home, Sunday. Those attending were:
Charles Harris; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Boyer; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Webb;
Mrs. Harry Dravo: Charles Boyer and son, Donald: Miss Mildred Bickel;
Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Harris; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fust, Louisville;
Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. Harris, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd I. Harris and daughter, Nancy Ann, Bevard. N. C.;
Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. Harris, Jr., and children, Charlotte and Wayne Reidy, Rocky Mount, N. C.;
Mrs. Josie Bunton, Magdelena, N. M.; Mrs. Sallie Lemond and Ambrose Lemond, 'Duff;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grabbert; Mrs. Koehler; Rev. and Mrs. Clyde Koehler and son. Donald, Evansville.
Sunday, June 8, 1941
Evansville Courier and Press, Evansville, IN
Submitted by J. M. Kell