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Steuben County, Indiana


Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Bethel Cemetery 413339N 0844906W
Block Cemetery 413626N 0850823W
Carleton Cemetery  (NEW)

Carter Cemetery 413327N 0845809W
Circle Cemetery 413218N 0850540W
Circle Hill Cemetery 413749N 0845917W
County Line Cemetery 413138N 0850636W
Covenant Cemetery 414512N 0845140W
Crockett Cemetery 413815N 0850147W
Dygert Cemetery 414112N 0845226W
Flint Cemetery 413845N 0850752W
Greenlawn Cemetery NEW 414402N 0850934W
Hollister Cemetery 413519N 0850714W
Jackson Prairie Cemetery 414111N 0851016W
Jamestown Cemetery 414441N 0850218W
Jordan Cemetery 414203N 0845759W
Kope Cemetery 413952N 0845814W
Lake Gage Cemetery 414134N 0850534W
Lakeside Cemetery 414251N 0845600W
Matson Cemetery 413530N 0850104W
North Otsgeo Cemetery 413546N 0845308W
Otsego Center Cemetery 413408N 0845430W
Sowles Cemetery 414010N 0845958W
Teegardin Cemetery 413517N 0845418W
Teeters Cemetery 414307N 0844933W
Wright Cemetery 413343N 0851121W
Old Circle Hill Cemetery 413834N 0850007W
Carlton Cemetery 414413N 0851022W
Mill Grove Cemetery 414358N 0851019W
South Scott Cemetery 413712N 0845526W
Hamilton Cemetery 413157N 0845421W
Trinity Cemetery 413506N 0850633W
Mount Zion Cemetery 413542N 0850349W
Pleasant Lake Cemetery 413431N 0850033W
Jones Cemetery 414112N 0845553W
The Old Cemetery 414335N 0845554W
Source: GNIS

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