Sullivan County Indiana



Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Benefiel Cemetery 385736N 0872043W
Harper Cemetery 385735N 0872129W
Land Cemetery 385935N 0872101W
McDade Cemetery 385834N 0871601W
Posey Cemetery 385928N 0871749W
Skidmore Cemetery 385850N 0872037W
Trimble Cemetery 385837N 0871949W
Dooley Cemetery 385827N 0872355W
Engle Cemetery 385853N 0872437W
Haddon Cemetery 385755N 0872345W
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 385838N 0872520W
Ledgerwood Cemetery 385751N 0872520W
Lewis Cemetery 385911N 0872733W
Old Town Cemetery 385829N 0872401W
Vester Cemetery 385753N 0872532W
Webb Cemetery 385954N 0872902W
Booker Cemetery 390042N 0871919W
Brodie Cemetery 390427N 0872204W
Deckard Cemetery 390337N 0871903W
Dugger Cemetery 390340N 0871531W
Houck Cemetery 390426N 0871958W
Pirtle Cemetery 390119N 0871803W
Smith Cemetery 390103N 0871828W
Spencer Cemetery 390229N 0872201W
Walters Cemetery 390113N 0872030W
Woodward Cemetery 390149N 0871604W
Clayton Cemeteries (historical) 390303N 0871834W
DeBaun Cemetery 391314N 0873012W
Johnson Cemetery 390807N 0873230W
Pogue Cemetery 391405N 0873110W
Riggs-Ernest Cemetery 391250N 0873114W
Pound Cemetery 403601N 0845618W
Milam Cemetery 385823N 0873029W
Burris Cemetery 390831N 0871502W
Good Hope Cemetery 390740N 0872128W
Knights of Columbus Cemetery 391110N 0871638W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 391413N 0871609W
Hale Cemetery 390057N 0871443W
Bennett Cemetery 390257N 0873002W
Burton Cemetery 390539N 0873245W
Mann Cemetery 390643N 0873513W
Massey Cemetery 390245N 0873347W
Old French Cemetery 390130N 0873209W
Alkire Cemetery 390954N 0872918W
Chowning Cemetery 391137N 0872824W
Douglas Chapel Cemetery 391142N 0872652W
Ebenezer Cemetery 391251N 0872301W
Little Flock Cemetery 391013N 0872431W
McKinney Cemetery 391215N 0872525W
Moore Cemetery 390755N 0872626W
West Lawn Cemetery 391445N 0872325W
Boone Cemetery 390029N 0872449W
Burnett Cemetery 390258N 0872922W
Center Ridge Cemetery 390533N 0872521W
Coffman Cemetery 390607N 0872328W
Free Cemetery 390529N 0872535W
Hollenback Cemetery 390023N 0872935W
McCammon Cemetery 390031N 0872347W
Morgan Cemetery 390226N 0872552W
Mount Zion Cemetery 390249N 0872847W
Parson Cemetery 390115N 0872745W
Pirtle Cemetery 390019N 0872543W
Poplar Cemetery 390639N 0872940W
Providence Cemetery 390038N 0872333W
Purcell Cemetery 390141N 0872240W
Snyder Cemetery 390010N 0872242W
South Cemetery 390141N 0872634W
Timmons Cemetery 390529N 0872535W
Walls Cemetery 390708N 0872312W
Island Cemetery 390743N 0873818W

Olive Chapel Cemetery

Source: GNIS

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