Sullivan County Indiana

Death Certificates


County: Sullivan, Township: Hamilton, City: Sullivan, Charles Cline, residence: 101 North Main St.

Vitals: male, whilte, married to Sarah Cline. Charles born 25 Dec 1879, died age 57, 1 month, 7 days, occupation: retired miner, coal mine, born: Illinois to John Cline born in Ohio and Mary Jane Sweet born in Illinois.

Date of death: 1 Feb 1936, cause: bronclis pneumonia, E.M. Gorbin, M.D. 4 Feb 1936, Sullivan, IN.

Informant: Mrs. Sarah Cline, Sullivan, IN. Buried in Poplar Cemetery 4 Feb 1936. Body embalmed? Yes Embalmer: M.H. Birdnell? License No. 1306

Vitals: Irene Mae (Robertson) Cline, female born 21 Sep 1908 in Sullivan County, IN to Theodore Robinson and Viola Whittaker, widowed, occupation: homemaker in residence, white, 8th grade education.

Date of Death 25 Nov 2003 at 1139 North Centennial, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN 46222, cause: congestive heart failure (approx. interval between onset and death) 3 weeks, aortic scenosis (approx. interval between onset and death) 25 years. Decedent pregnant? No Autopsy performed? No Person who completed cause of death: Martin R. See, M.D. 10590 N. Meridan St, Indianapolis, IN 46290, medical license: 01028686A, date signed: 2 Dec 2003 Health Officer: Virginia A. Caine, M.D. Filed: 5 Dec 2003

Informant: Dolores Ryth Hart, 5437 Spinnaker Row, Murray, UT 84123, relationship: daughter, Burial: 2 Dec 2003 at Floral Park Cemetery Mausoleum, Indianapolis, IN. Embalmer's name: Stephen W. Tiffany, license #FD090000012, death was reported to coroner. Funeral director: Stephen W. Tiffany, Usher Funeral Home, 2313 West Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

County: Sullivan, Town: Sullivan Name of hospital: Mary Sherman Hosptial, 222 North Section St.

Vitals: female, white, widowed, Occupation: housewife, born 22 Jun 1881 in Indiana to W.D. Snyder and Carline Siner.

Date of death: 13 July 1963, age 82 Cause: cerebral shromhona? (interval between onset and death: 3 wks) generalized arteria sclerosis, emphysema, James B. Maple M.D. Sullivan, IN, signed 15 July 1963

Informant: Mrs. Doris Scott, Sullivan, IN, relation to deceased: great niece Burial: Center Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan, IN 15 Jul 1963 Health officer: M.H. Bedwell, M.D. Funeral director: Alexander F. Home, Sullivan, IN 15 Jul 1963
County: Sullivan , Township: Hamilton, City: Sullivan, Thomas J. Cline, residence: North Main St.

Vitals: male, white, married to Ola Cline. Thomas born 6 Apr 1873, died age 67 years 11 months, occupation: farmer, born Jasper Co, Illinois to George W. Cline born in Pennsylvania and Hana J. Evestron born in Indiana.

Date of death: 17 Nov 1933 2:23a.m., cause: aortic auerism (several years) chronic interdileat nephritis (a year or so), James B. Maple, M.D. 18 Nov 1933 from Sullivan, IN.

Informant: Mrs. Ola Cline, Sullivan, IN. Undertaker: D.N. Railsback, Sullivan, IN. Body embalmed? Yes, Embalmer's license No. 1306

Indiana Death Certificates, 1899-2011, transcribed by J.S.


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