Indiana Trails

Death Date
Ward, Uzal
25 Mar 1827
Liberty Union Co, Ind.
Ward, Mary
12 May 1860
(nee Squire) Liberty Union Co, Ind.1
Ward, Squire
20 May 1847
Liberty Union Co, Ind. s/o Uzal and Mary Ward
Ward, Uzal
May 1873
h/o Lydia Lafuze
Ward, Charlotte
8 Jan 1825
Liberty Union Co, Ind. d/o Uzal and Mary Ward

1. "Transcribed by Barbara Z. from materials provided from the research of Lynn Stephens Headley"

Deaths 1882 to 1920
Death Date
John W. Acton23 Jan 1886Union37 YrMaleWhite
Eliza C. Adamson5 Jun 1910Harmony83 YrFemaleWhite
Martha Agea20 May 1906Harmony67 YrFemaleWhite
Alice Albright5 Jan 1910Harmony54 YrFemaleWhite
David P. Aldrich13 May 1918Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Delmar Aldrich2 Dec 1916Harmony Township40 YrMaleWhite
Flora All20 Jul 1916Harmony36 YrFemaleWhite
Magdalema Altman28 Nov 1904Harmony37 YrFemaleWhite
Mahala Altman28 Oct 1911Harmony44 YrFemaleWhite
Catherine Anderson20 Mar 1886Harmony Township76 YrFemaleWhite
Ben Anderson25 Nov 1886Harmony Township73 YrMaleWhite
William L. Anderson1 Jan 1907Harmony52 YrMaleWhite
Mary Anderson31 Mar 1884Harmony Township8 MonFemaleWhite
Bessie Anderson10 Jun 1885Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Helen Anderson18 Jan 1886Harmony Township8 MonFemaleWhite
Rosannah Applegate19 Apr 1882Harmony Township58 YrFemaleWhite
Edward P. Applegate31 May 1920Center, Indiana72 YrMaleWhite
Marian Armstrong6 Nov 1893Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Beatrice Armstrong11 Jun 1910Harmony Township
Kermeth T. Atterberry26 Sep 1916Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Dollie E. Ausburn25 Jan 1907Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Thomas Carl Ausley14 Mar 1917Harmony Township70 YrMaleWhite
Eliz Ausley4 Feb 1906Harmony Township43 YrFemaleWhite
James Austin19 Apr 1901Union71 YrMaleWhite
James Ax30 Oct 1902Harmony74 YrMaleWhite
Thomas Axton18 Dec 1906Harmony Township62 YrMaleWhite
Fannie A. Axton18 May 1919Harmony Township48 YrFemaleWhite
Euge Axton19 Jan 1896Harmony Township22 YrMaleWhite
Daisy Axton9 Feb 1897Harmony Township21 YrFemaleWhite
Edith Baden12 May 1914Jerome Union Township37 YrFemaleWhite
Beny M. Bailey8 Apr 1900Harmony Township68 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Bailey27 Mar 1897Harmony Township60 YrFemaleWhite
Elisha Bailey20 Mar 1886Harmony47 YrMaleWhite
Ann E. Bailey18 Oct 1901Harmony Township57 YrFemaleWhite
Henry Bailey20 May 1913Harmony Township48 YrMaleWhite
Celie Baker3 Apr 1917Harmony Township62 YrFemaleWhite
Geo Baker22 Dec 1918Harmony Township56 YrMaleWhite
Louisa Baker19 Nov 1891Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Celia Baker27 Jul 1898Harmony Township8 MonFemaleWhite
Margaret B. Baker6 Jun 1911Harmony Township11 YrFemaleWhite
George H. Baker16 Jun 1913Harmony Township10 YrMaleWhite
Maggie B. Barclay8 Aug 1909Harmony36 YrFemaleWhite
Will A. Barr6 Jun 1894Harmony Indiana40 YrMaleWhite
Wm A. Barr6 Jun 1894Harmony Indiana40 YrMaleWhite
Hesekiah Barrett21 Mar 1884Harmony Township49 YrFemaleWhite
Joseph A. Barrett28 Jan 1891Harmony Township54 YrMaleWhite
Claude Barrett9 Jul 1901Harmony Township14 YrMaleWhite
Daisy Behl16 Apr 1901Union17 YrFemaleWhite
John H. Bell6 Nov 1912Harmony58 YrMaleWhite
Floris Salome Bell27 Sep 1910Harmony3 YrFemaleWhite
Grover C. Bennett27 Aug 1902Harmony16 YrMaleWhite
George Benton12 Jun 1913Harmony Township2 YrMaleWhite
Louisa Bippus18 Feb 1901Union15 YrFemale
William Black13 Jul 1921Union Twp Japr. County63 YrMaleWhite
Milissa Blair4 Jun 1917Harmony, Indiana57 YrFemaleWhite
Wiley Boldersack18 Aug 1884Harmony Township3 MonFemaleWhite
John Bolerjack31 Mar 1897Harmony Township44 YrMaleWhite
Ivin Bolerjack27 Mar 1897Harmony Township6 YrMaleWhite
William Boles3 Jan 1892Union84 YrMaleWhite
Benjamin Bolin14 Sep 1906Harmony76 YrMaleWhite
Elijah Bolin21 Apr 1902Harmony68 YrMaleWhite
John H. Boren9 Jun 1913Harmony Township44 YrMaleWhite
James C. Bowen9 Oct 1899Harmony65 YrMaleWhite
Pansy May Bowen7 Aug 1914Center, Indiana1 MonFemaleWhite
John J. Bradley16 Nov 1900Harmony Township
Mary Brand12 Apr 1911Harmony Township38 YrFemaleWhite
Lizzy Brandt5 Apr 1911Harmony Township6 YrFemaleWhite
David, Jr. Brandt22 Nov 1909Harmony Township6 MonMaleWhite
Elisebeth Brechbiel20 Dec 1904Union72 YrFemaleWhite
Siseniller Breece5 May 1915Harmony Township21 YrFemaleWhite
Jacob Breith13 Apr 1910Harmony Township83 YrMaleWhite
Frederick C. Brevis4 Jan 1910Harmony8 MonMaleWhite
Rachael Brittain6 Feb 1887Harmony Township77 YrFemaleWhite
Ellen Britton19 Dec 1915Harmony77 YrFemaleWhite
David Brown13 Jul 1910Harmony65 YrMaleWhite
Hugh C. Brown28 Jul 1913Harmony33 YrMaleWhite
Catherine Bruce5 Jul 1909Harmony Township11 MonFemaleWhite
Thomas Bryant3 Sep 1905Harmony54 YrMaleWhite
Christopher C. Bundy10 Aug 1914Harmony Township79 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Bundy21 Feb 1891Harmony Township55 YrFemaleWhite
Lizzie E. Bundy20 Oct 1911Harmony Township43 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Burks1 Nov 1901Union9 MonFemaleWhite
Francis M. Burns15 Mar 1902Union48 YrMaleWhite
Louisa Burton15 May 1884Harmony Township67 YrFemaleWhite
Nancy A. Burton30 Apr 1884Harmony Township56 YrFemaleWhite
Enoch J. Butler4 Apr 1918Harmony Township70 YrMaleWhite
Emily C. Buzard25 Mar 1907Harmony40 YrFemaleWhite
John R. Campbell6 Nov 1907Harmony Township39 YrMaleWhite
Wm D. Cartwright19 Sep 1884Harmony Township29 YrMaleWhite
W. G. Cartwright8 Apr 1900Harmony Township40 YrMaleWhite
Walter C. Cartwright15 May 1920Harmony Township41 YrMale
Alberta Jane Cash21 Sep 1920Harmony, Indiana1 MonFemaleWhite
Frank Clara13 Sep 1909Harmony Township42 YrMaleWhite
Cardilia Clark20 Mar 1910Harmony Township36 YrFemaleWhite
William Cleaveland24 Jul 1895Harmony Township77 YrMaleWhite
Helen Geret Clemment20 Dec 1918Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Olive Coar20 Feb 1902Union
Katy Mary Colgate17 Feb 1916Harmony Township8 YrFemaleWhite
Walter Colgate21 Apr 1917Harmony Township5 YrMaleWhite
Wm. E. Collins24 May 1901Union79 YrMaleWhite
Isaac Jasper Collins18 Apr 1920Center, Indiana69 YrMaleWhite
Charles E. Congers18 Apr 1918Harmony Township68 YrMaleWhite
Harry C. Conyers10 Jan 1919Harmony Township32 YrMaleWhite
Hannah Cook9 Oct 1884Harmony Township90 YrFemaleWhite
Alice Copin11 Mar 1883Harmony Township64 YrFemaleWhite
George J. Coppin21 Sep 1883Harmony Township68 YrMaleWhite
Susan Cornelius17 Feb 1918Union76 YrFemaleWhite
William T. Cornick25 Jun 1883Harmony Township36 YrMaleWhite
Mary D. Cornick24 Feb 1884Harmony Township18 YrFemaleWhite
Bessie Cosart7 Jul 1888Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Saphroia Cox21 Apr 1917Harmony Township71 YrFemaleWhite
Melvinie E. Cox12 Feb 1920Harmony Township73 YrFemaleWhite
George E. Cox14 Dec 1884Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
John C. Crawford23 Mar 1896Harmony Township30 YrMaleWhite
Stephen Creek31 Jan 1892Harmony Township37 YrMaleWhite
Estella Creek26 May 1915Harmony Township35 YrFemaleWhite
Ida Lee Creek1 May 1919Harmony Township23 YrFemaleWhite
Clande A. Creek12 Jul 1913Harmony Township11 MonMaleWhite
Mary Crook18 Sep 1886Harmony Township6 YrFemaleWhite
Grace Crooks1 May 1901Union2 YrFemaleWhite
James Crosser10 Sep 1885Harmony Township52 YrMaleWhite
J. D. Crosser7 Jan 1892Harmony Township57 YrMaleWhite
Della Crosser21 Nov 1886Harmony Township1 MonFemaleWhite
Margie Crosser6 Jul 1896Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Batrice Cuddington16 Sep 1910Harmony24 YrFemaleWhite
Rachel M. Culliver12 Jan 1917Harmony Township51 YrFemaleWhite
Harrison H. Cully8 Jan 1912Harmony Township56 YrMaleWhite
Chas. Cunningham31 Dec 1898Center, Indiana69 YrMaleWhite
Isabelle Curry30 Oct 1909Harmony69 YrFemaleWhite
Viola May Dailey17 Jun 1919Harmony Township17 YrFemaleWhite
Willis M. Daily6 May 1918Harmony Township47 YrMaleWhite
William Danials17 Feb 1887Harmony Township35 YrMaleWhite
Alonzo D. Davis3 Nov 1901Union2 YrMaleWhite
Mabel Ettie Davis16 Jun 1903Harmony
Mary Dawson15 Aug 1895Harmony Township15 YrFemaleWhite
Freasa Deal11 Jul 1916Harmony Indiana2 YrFemaleWhite
John H. Decker13 Jan 1915Harmony Township52 YrMaleWhite
William Deer12 May 1918Union53 YrMaleWhite
Bidie Defer11 Jul 1893Harmony Township90 YrFemaleWhite
Matilda Deffendall11 Nov 1909Union Indiana41 YrFemaleWhite
B. Deitz28 Jun 1897Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Louisa Delaur11 Jul 1920Harmony Township28 YrFemaleWhite
Robert Dickness12 Apr 1917Harmony, Indiana79 YrMaleWhite
Margaret Dinger27 Jul 1898Harmony Township61 YrFemaleWhite
Frank Dinger25 Jul 1916Harmony Township79 YrMaleWhite
Mary L. Dinger12 Apr 1908Harmony Township50 YrFemaleWhite
Henry C. Ditlerick18 Apr 1914Harmony70 YrMaleWhite
John Donaldson1 Apr 1906Harmony66 YrMaleWhite
Charles Donaldson21 Jul 1896Harmony Township22 YrMaleWhite
William Dowd3 May 1903Union42 YrMaleWhite
Absalom Driggers21 Oct 1905Harmony Township80 YrMaleWhite
Nora Duncan14 Feb 1903Harmony Township15 YrFemaleWhite
Saml Dunlap29 Apr 1886Harmony Township52 YrMaleWhite
Agnes L. Durling8 Nov 1884Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Wm. Edward Eads5 Jan 1916Center, Indiana1 YrMaleWhite
Hazel Bessie Eads20 May 1918Center, Indiana3 MonFemaleWhite
John Eaton12 Feb 1909Harmony Township5 YrMaleWhite
Edna Pearl Eccles25 Aug 1906Union18 YrFemaleWhite
Ethel Eckton7 Jul 1902Harmony2 MonFemaleWhite
John Elder30 Oct 1888Harmony Township15 YrMaleWhite
Joseph Ell21 Nov 1897Harmony Township38 YrMaleWhite
Mary A. Eller29 Jan 1901Union5 YrFemaleWhite
Mary A. Elliott4 Jan 1886Harmony Township70 YrFemaleWhite
Helen A. Elliott19 Aug 1883Harmony Township45 YrFemaleWhite
Samuel Elliott17 Feb 1911Harmony71 YrMaleWhite
James Elliott26 Nov 1911Harmony63 YrMaleWhite
May Elliott17 Mar 1896Harmony Township26 YrFemaleWhite
Alvie J. Elliott8 Jan 1911Harmony3 YrMaleWhite
Kenuit Elliott21 Aug 1916Harmony
Ester E. Ellis23 Dec 1918Union1 MonMaleWhite
Martin A. Endicott23 Jun 1885Harmony Township45 YrMaleWhite
Louis Estes2 Jun 1885Harmony Township21 YrMaleWhite
William Estis15 Dec 1885Harmony Township24 YrMaleWhite
Infant Fear21 Sep 1888Center, Indiana
Charles G. Ferguson20 Apr 1906Harmony91 YrMaleWhite
Fannie Field15 Mar 1892Harmony Township44 YrFemaleWhite
Irene Flack9 Jul 1909Harmony
Mary P. Flynn1 Aug 1902Harmony2 MonFemaleWhite
John Flynn28 Jul 1902Harmony2 MonMaleWhite
Emma Forsyth21 Apr 1918Union63 YrFemaleWhite
Charles Frans6 Feb 1902Harmony Township37 YrMaleWhite
Jane Frazier21 Feb 1910Harmony82 YrFemaleWhite
Nettie C. Frederick28 Mar 1907Union40 YrFemaleWhite
Elizabeth Freeman7 Sep 1899Harmony Township71 YrFemaleWhite
Edward Freeman12 Sep 1903Harmony Township1 MonMaleWhite
Lyle W. Frick18 Apr 1916Union
Rebecca Garmer29 Oct 1888Harmony Township34 YrFemaleWhite
John Garringer28 Jul 1902Union66 YrMaleWhite
Jerome Garrison9 Sep 1905Harmony Township
George George14 Nov 1913Harmony53 YrMaleWhite
John Gibbons12 Sep 1902Union1 YrMaleWhite
Ernest R. Girton25 Dec 1914Harmony17 YrMaleWhite
Mary C. Girton25 Sep 1909Harmony
Marian Goodman24 Aug 1908Harmony Township2 MonMaleWhite
Leona Gose3 Feb 1906Harmony39 YrFemaleWhite
Ethel Gose20 Apr 1906Harmony15 YrFemaleWhite
Louisa Grass8 Sep 1895Harmony Township30 YrFemaleWhite
Benjiman Graves4 Jan 1920Harmony51 YrMaleWhite
George F. Green14 May 1917Harmony Township47 YrMaleWhite
John Griffin28 Jul 1887Union County59 YrMaleWhite
Effa Guffey17 Mar 1910Harmony Township6 MonFemaleWhite
Benjamin Guin18 Jan 1905Union41 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Hackett27 Aug 1901Harmony Township67 YrFemaleWhite
Henry G. Hage27 Dec 1903Union30 YrMaleWhite
Minnie Hall27 Nov 1902Union41 YrFemaleWhite
Evert E. Hall3 Jul 1901Union17 YrMaleWhite
Henry Hall9 Mar 1887Harmony Township10 MonMaleWhite
Willa Joice Hall23 Oct 1917Union2 MonFemaleWhite
Richmond Hallier10 Apr 1906Harmony70 YrMaleWhite
Sarah Hallion 24 Jun 1906Harmony68 YrFemaleWhite
John R. Hamilton2 Apr 1906Harmony22 YrMaleWhite
Bryon T. Hams2 Nov 1887Harmony Township4 MonMaleWhite
Enoch Hancock31 Mar 1908Harmony Township78 YrMaleWhite
Jordon Hancock4 Apr 1906Harmony73 YrMaleWhite
Robert Handockk15 Nov 1898Harmony Township9 MonMaleWhite
Nancy A. Hann8 Aug 1910Harmony64 YrFemaleWhite
James Hardwick10 May 1898Harmony Township52 YrMaleWhite
Thomas Hardy1 Feb 1883Harmony Township95 YrMaleWhite
Ann Hardy29 Apr 1899Harmony67 YrFemaleWhite
Leander Hardy21 Oct 1889Harmony Township7 YrMaleWhite
Edna Marie Hardy28 Nov 1917Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Wilbur W. Harnell2 Aug 1907Union2 MonMaleWhite
George Harris28 Dec 1916Harmony58 YrMaleWhite
Mary S. Harris10 Jun 1902Harmony19 YrFemaleWhite
Ruth May Harris27 Sep 1902Harmony1 YrFemaleWhite
Warren Harris16 Dec 1909Harmony
Mary Harris2 Jun 1913Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Lambert J. Hawkins18 Nov 1912Harmony31 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Haywood29 Dec 1887Harmony Township62 YrFemaleWhite
John Heacox25 Mar 1909Harmony85 YrMaleWhite
Ora G. Heacox7 Jan 1912Harmony1 YrFemaleWhite
Alma Laura Heacox14 Jul 1913Harmony7 MonFemaleWhite
Chas Hemple3 Sep 1891Harmony Township51 YrMaleWhite
Chas Henderson22 Mar 1896Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Jno Jos D. Hendricks5 May 1913Union Twp Indiana7 MonMaleWhite
Wm, Sr. Henee31 May 1893Harmony Township71 YrMaleWhite
C. L. Henry16 May 1920Harmony Township34 YrMaleWhite
James Henson20 Jan 1916Harmony Township80 YrMaleWhite
Mrs. Jas Henson20 Jul 1893Harmony Township46 YrFemaleWhite
Beoca Hetrick27 Sep 1886Union14 YrFemaleWhite
Bessie Heurd22 Oct 1891Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Charles Martin Hiat14 Oct 1915Harmony Township7 MonMaleWhite
Elizabeth Hiatt27 Feb 1894Harmony Township55 YrFemaleWhite
Harley E. Hickey5 Jul 1909Harmony13 YrMaleWhite
Chester Hickey17 Jan 1912Harmony6 YrMaleWhite
Elisabeth Hill10 Dec 1892Harmony Township54 YrFemaleWhite
Etta Hill23 Oct 1884Union5 YrFemaleWhite
Willie Hill28 Mar 1901Union18 YrMaleWhite
Henrietta Hill12 Jul 1893Harmony Township10 MonFemaleWhite
J. H. Hillen25 Jun 1898Harmony1 YrMaleWhite
Fannie Hoagland12 Oct 1900Union5 MonFemaleWhite
Gertrude Hoagland27 Dec 1904Union
Hartwell Hobby10 Sep 1900Harmony Township68 YrMaleWhite
Amanda Hobby3 Feb 1900Harmony Township53 YrFemaleWhite
Henry Hobby13 Oct 1883Harmony Township10 MonMaleWhite
Rudolph Hobby24 Nov 1888Harmony Township4 YrMaleWhite
Franklin L. Hobby3 May 1901Harmony Township7 MonMaleWhite
John Hodkins5 Oct 1892Harmony Township50 YrMaleWhite
Cornolia Hoggland21 Jul 1905Union87 YrFemaleWhite
Hiram Holland26 Sep 1916Harmony67 YrMaleWhite
Emma Holland14 Jan 1892Harmony Township23 YrFemaleWhite
Oscar Holland7 May 1905Harmony30 YrMaleWhite
Etta B. Holland8 Mar 1887Harmony Township5 YrFemaleWhite
Nora M. Holland14 Jul 1884Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Sadie Holland20 Nov 1893Harmony Township5 MonFemaleWhite
Mary L. Holland1 Nov 1900Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Cora May Holland27 Jun 1901Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Francis Hollar7 Mar 1898Union County34 YrMaleWhite
Lara Hooseir29 Apr 1894Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Elial Hordy 5 Jun 1910Harmony Township82 YrMaleWhite
Edward Alfred Huck8 Mar 1917Harmony Township
Wm Hudson16 Jun 1896Harmony Township48 YrMaleWhite
Wm W. Huebner20 Nov 1893Harmony Township39 YrMaleWhite
Emma J. Hunget28 Jan 1911Harmony Township50 YrMaleWhite
James Hunter9 Aug 1890Harmony Township72 YrMaleWhite
Belle Hunter23 Jun 1895Harmony Township26 YrFemaleWhite
James S. Hunter8 Jul 1882Harmony Township6 MonMaleWhite
Amy Hunter12 Aug 1887Harmony Township9 MonFemaleWhite
O. W. Hurcells12 Oct 1893Center, Indiana24 YrMaleWhite
Joshua Hurd18 Mar 1891Harmony Township65 YrMaleWhite
William Hurd20 Dec 1904Harmony Township44 YrMaleWhite
Ella Hurd9 Nov 1893Harmony Township26 YrFemaleWhite
Thos Hurd21 Sep 1894Harmony Township8 MonMaleWhite
William Larry Hurd17 Apr 1897Harmony Township4 MonMaleWhite
Yale C. Hurst21 Apr 1916Belle Union Indiana9 MonMaleWhite
Edward James Hyatt26 Jul 1919Harmony Township78 YrMaleWhite
Philip Hyatt2 Feb 1895Harmony Township12 YrMaleWhite
Lizzie Hyatt25 Jul 1896Harmony Township6 MonFemaleWhite
Meta Hyatt25 Jan 1901Harmony Township6 MonFemaleWhite
Palsey Jackson17 Nov 1890Harmony Township65 YrFemaleWhite
Martha A. Jackson6 Feb 1904Harmony76 YrFemaleWhite
Phoeha Jackson19 Feb 1909Union79 YrFemaleWhite
Cecelia M. Jenkin25 Aug 1912Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Heta Johns15 Sep 1905Harmony1 YrFemaleWhite
Elizabeth Johnson12 Apr 1889Harmony Township76 YrFemaleWhite
Cawma E. Johnson2 May 1899Harmony Township84 YrMaleWhite
Catherine Johnson30 Nov 1894Harmony Township70 YrFemaleWhite
Jasper Johnson16 Apr 1912Harmony Township71 YrMaleWhite
Virgil Johnson21 Oct 1897Harmony Township55 YrMaleWhite
Julia Johnson21 Jan 1896Harmony Township52 YrFemaleWhite
Sarah Jane Johnson14 Apr 1912Harmony68 YrFemaleWhite
Emily Johnson3 Jul 1916Harmony Township69 YrFemaleWhite
Katherine Johnson30 Apr 1918Harmony Township70 YrFemaleWhite
Rigdan Johnson9 Jun 1913Harmony Township57 YrMaleWhite
Louisana Johnson4 May 1886Harmony Township27 YrFemaleWhite
Sidney Johnson20 Nov 1919Harmony Township60 YrMaleWhite
Casandia Johnson28 Mar 1904Harmony Township42 YrFemaleWhite
Wm Jet Johnson12 Mar 1919Harmony Township55 YrMaleWhite
Rachael Johnson23 Dec 1883Harmony Township14 YrFemaleWhite
Reese Johnson27 Mar 1916Harmony Township47 YrMaleWhite
Laura B. Johnson11 Feb 1908Harmony Township33 YrFemaleWhite
Courtland Johnson29 Jul 1896Harmony Township19 YrMaleWhite
Nina Johnson16 Jan 1892Union9 YrFemaleWhite
Charles Johnson14 Jan 1892Harmony Township7 YrMaleWhite
William L. Johnson22 Jan 1915Harmony Township30 YrMaleWhite
Bessie Johnson17 Jul 1889Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Walter Johnson12 Aug 1890Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
John S. Johnson14 Sep 1900Harmony Township5 YrMaleWhite
Thomas Johnson2 Feb 1919Harmony Township6 YrMaleWhite
Landrick W. Johnson30 Oct 1918Harmony Township2 YrMaleWhite
John Barney Jones12 Feb 1887Union70 YrMaleWhite
Mary C. Jones3 Feb 1911Harmony Township53 YrFemaleWhite
Chas Justice17 Feb 1894Harmony Township28 YrMaleWhite
Margaret Keiser12 Aug 1906Harmony80 YrFemaleWhite
Chas Kemmerling10 Sep 1885Harmony Township58 YrMaleWhite
Eliza Kemmerling25 Apr 1907Harmony Township74 YrFemaleWhite
Susanna Kemmerling9 Mar 1913Harmony Township4 MonFemaleWhite
Mrban Kight13 Jul 1913Harmony Township65 YrMaleWhite
Artimess Kight17 Nov 1898Harmony Township48 YrFemaleWhite
Chas Kimberlani17 Sep 1897Harmony Township35 YrFemaleWhite
Katherine Kimberling13 Jan 1901Harmony Township39 YrFemaleWhite
Catherine Kimberling9 Jul 1890Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Ruth Kincheloe5 May 1910Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Elias Kinchelow18 Feb 1899Harmony Township76 YrMaleWhite
Rosa Kinchloe7 Oct 1884Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Virgie Kinchloe16 Sep 1886Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Henry C. Kirst18 Jan 1918Harmony Township73 YrMaleWhite
Edward S. Knight27 Jan 1892Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Harold A. Knowles9 Jan 1897Harmony Township6 MonMaleWhite
Samuel Lane21 Sep 1904Harmony Township40 YrMaleWhite
Earl Latham6 Oct 1909Harmony1 YrMaleWhite
John Lawrence30 Apr 1887Union41 YrMaleWhite
Mary E. Lawson28 Feb 1916Harmony87 YrFemaleWhite
William Lawson2 Mar 1911Harmony65 YrMaleWhite
Joseph Lawson31 Jan 1901Harmony6 YrMaleWhite
James M. Leak2 Jan 1918Union76 YrMaleWhite
Wilber Leatharasa13 Nov 1911Union13 YrMaleWhite
Wilber Leatherman13 Nov 1911Union13 YrMaleWhite
Elitha N. Leeder28 Feb 1910Harmony Township65 YrFemaleWhite
Lewis D. Lemay29 Mar 1910Harmony78 YrMaleWhite
Ruth Irwin Lemay17 Feb 1910Harmony1 MonFemaleWhite
Mary E. Lichtenbeger5 Nov 1911Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Wm Allen Linville8 Jul 1915Harmony Township51 YrMaleWhite
Pen M. Lods23 Oct 1900Union2 YrFemaleWhite
John Corbett Looell22 Aug 1895Harmony Township1 MonMaleWhite
William Lowll21 Sep 1893Harmony Township11 YrMaleWhite
Magdalin Lutes22 Aug 1882Union86 YrFemale
Surrilda Maddox2 Sep 1913Harmony Township74 YrFemaleWhite
Sanford D. Maggart27 Jan 1905Union61 YrMaleWhite
Hannah Mallow6 Feb 1892Union76 YrFemaleWhite
Gladys L. Mann5 Jan 1910Harmony Township8 MonFemaleWhite
Robt Manshett17 Jan 1896Harmony Township51 YrMaleWhite
Mary C. Marcus11 Jan 1910Harmony62 YrFemaleWhite
Alexander Marquis11 Jan 1917Harmony75 YrMaleWhite
Mariel Marshall11 Nov 1907Harmony Township63 YrMaleWhite
Rose E. Martin14 Sep 1901Union29 YrFemaleWhite
Frances Ruth Martin10 May 1916Center, Indiana16 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Mattox5 Jul 1901Union57 YrFemaleWhite
William F. Maurer9 Mar 1917Harmony75 YrMaleWhite
Faye G. McClelland24 Jun 1916Harmony3 MonFemaleWhite
Gail R. McClelland16 Nov 1917Harmony
Chas. B. McCoy25 Mar 1899Center, Indiana17 YrMaleWhite
Paul McCoy15 Aug 1899Harmony Township
Jennett McCuaig
Union57 YrFemaleWhite
James M. McCullough30 Jun 1902Harmony42 YrMaleWhite
Menzies McEntire30 Apr 1882Harmony Township
James McGoran22 Nov 1903Harmony60 YrMaleWhite
James McGoran3 Sep 1899Harmony19 YrMaleWhite
Edward McGraw28 Jan 1896Harmony Township42 YrMaleWhite
James Henry McIntire12 Oct 1914Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Alice McIntire7 Oct 1918Union40 YrFemaleWhite
Martha Merchanthouse26 May 1918Harmony Township69 YrFemaleWhite
Anna M. Milleer9 Mar 1904Harmony Township18 YrFemaleWhite
Margaret Miller27 Jan 1909Harmony Township69 YrFemaleWhite
Bessie Miller24 Oct 1912Union31 YrFemaleWhite
Frank Miller4 Apr 1918Union37 YrMaleWhite
Asa R. Miller1 Apr 1903Harmony Township2 MonMaleWhite
William L. Minert6 Aug 1897Harmony Township3 MonMaleWhite
Eva Minnis16 Dec 1900Union39 YrFemaleWhite
Ida Monk18 Jul 1919Harmony42 YrFemaleWhite
Ocar Moor31 Dec 1893Center, Indiana29 YrMaleWhite
Isaac B. Moore9 Jun 1901Union74 YrMaleWhite
Phoebe Moore28 Apr 1900Harmony Township63 YrFemaleWhite
Margaret A. Moore22 Aug 1904Union66 YrFemaleWhite
Mollie Moore7 Apr 1896Harmony Township28 YrFemaleWhite
William Moore15 Aug 1897Harmony Township9 MonMaleWhite
Mary Mootry13 Aug 1895Harmony Township10 MonFemaleWhite
John T. Morgan30 May 1915Harmony85 YrMaleWhite
George Lot Morlan10 Nov 1912Harmony21 YrMaleWhite
Eliza Moschell21 May 1904Union75 YrFemaleWhite
Joseph Myers31 Mar 1913Harmony72 YrMaleWhite
Andrew Nash24 Apr 1900Harmony Township90 YrMaleWhite
Julia A. Nash8 Nov 1899Harmony Township79 YrFemaleWhite
Rosa Nash8 Feb 1886Harmony Township22 YrFemaleWhite
Thos Neal15 Nov 1892Harmony Township38 YrMaleWhite
Marion Nelson9 Feb 1901Harmony Township47 YrFemaleWhite
Carrie A. Nelson21 Oct 1899Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Houghton E. New9 Jul 1897Harmony Township6 MonMaleWhite
Wm Nicholson6 Feb 1901Union6 YrMaleWhite
Mollie Norris25 Mar 1891Harmony Township20 YrFemaleWhite
Cicia Odell13 Aug 1889Harmony Township
Enoch J. Odle1 Oct 1885Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
William C. Odum10 Jul 1897Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Eliza J. Ogilby12 Apr 1903Harmony70 YrFemaleWhite
Adaline Orders10 Aug 1904Union59 YrFemaleWhite
Anna Orr12 Jan 1902Harmony62 YrFemaleWhite
William M. Osborn12 Jan 1917Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Katherine Overton12 Oct 1894Harmony Township83 YrFemaleWhite
S. E. Overton11 Aug 1890Harmony Township52 YrMaleWhite
John W. Overton2 Oct 1919Harmony Township68 YrMaleWhite
Ralph Wilson Overton22 Nov 1916Harmony Township19 YrMaleWhite
Bertha Palmer27 Jan 1920Union39 YrFemaleWhite
Bortha Palmer27 Jan 1920Union39 YrFemaleWhite
Mildred W. Parker16 Jul 1911Harmony Township9 MonFemaleWhite
A. W. Parkhurst28 Mar 1894Harmony Township65 YrMaleWhite
Francis Paschal15 Dec 1893Harmony Township23 YrMaleWhite
Ada Pashal5 Nov 1893Harmony Township1 MonFemaleWhite
Charles O. Payne1 Dec 1910Harmony9 YrMaleWhite
Josephine Peerman4 Aug 1916Harmony Township55 YrFemaleWhite
John F. Pell30 Mar 1906Harmony76 YrMaleWhite
Lula Pell3 Feb 1907Harmony48 YrFemaleWhite
Elizabeth Penfold23 Mar 1893Harmony Township76 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Percell19 Jul 1896Harmony Township37 YrFemaleWhite
Martin Pfiester26 Jun 1884Harmony Township38 YrMaleWhite
Louisa C. Pfister24 Jun 1913Harmony Township34 YrFemaleWhite
John Philips6 Mar 1917Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Mary Phillips18 May 1883Harmony Township23 YrFemaleWhite
Rachel Phillips20 Nov 1897Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Hallie E. Pickett9 Mar 1903Harmony7 MonFemaleWhite
Adelia Pitts30 Dec 1883Harmony Township34 YrFemaleWhite
Caroline Plate14 Feb 1913Harmony78 YrFemaleWhite
Anna E. Plate3 Jul 1916Harmony, Indiana43 YrFemaleWhite
Ethel V. Plate26 Nov 1906Harmony6 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Pool9 Jun 1890Harmony Township18 YrFemaleWhite
Daniel Pool25 Sep 1883Harmony Township
Joseph J. Poore9 Feb 1915Harmony, Indiana76 YrMaleWhite
Harriett Powell29 Mar 1912Harmony75 YrFemaleWhite
Hester Preston21 Sep 1902Harmony79 YrFemaleWhite
William D. Preston15 Apr 1911Harmony64 YrMaleWhite
Ethel Mildred Preston28 Jan 1912Harmony3 MonFemaleWhite
Romelia Price27 Nov 1907Harmony Township86 YrMaleWhite
Grace L. Price5 Dec 1883Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
Charles F. Price9 Apr 1889Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Quigley14 Aug 1911Harmony76 YrFemaleWhite
Thomas, Jr. Quigley22 Apr 1906Harmony2 YrMaleWhite
Cynthia Quinn20 Apr 1889Harmony Township89 YrFemaleWhite
Rebecca Randolph27 Apr 1895Harmony Township88 YrFemaleWhite
Charles Randolph16 Aug 1914Harmony Township72 YrMaleWhite
Spplmona Rawlings22 Oct 1900Union6 MonFemaleWhite
Francis M. Reeder12 May 1888Harmony Township45 YrMaleWhite
Jane Reister6 Apr 1899Harmony42 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Richards25 Nov 1887Harmony Township61 YrFemaleWhite
Polly Richards12 Jun 1888Harmony Township6 YrFemaleWhite
Jno. Richardson15 Dec 1905Union78 YrMaleWhite
John Elliott Ridens20 Dec 1916Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
M. Riggs10 Jan 1892Union71 YrFemaleWhite
John T. Rissler12 Aug 1915Harmony78 YrMaleWhite
Henry S. Rissler31 Aug 1906Harmony9 MonMaleWhite
Katherine Rogers16 Sep 1896Harmony Township69 YrFemaleWhite
Isaac Rogers1 Nov 1899Harmony Township44 YrMaleWhite
Willie Rogers12 Oct 1894Harmony Township5 YrMaleWhite
William Henry Rohrig18 Dec 1902Harmony1 YrMaleWhite
Kate Ryan16 Sep 1906Center, Indiana70 YrFemaleWhite
George N. Sackett16 Sep 1910Harmony58 YrMaleWhite
Mary Saltzman12 Dec 1882Harmony Township62 YrFemaleWhite
Fannie Saltzman21 May 1910Harmony Township38 YrMaleWhite
Bertha Saltzman2 Nov 1918Harmony Township30 YrFemaleWhite
Ernest Sandermier26 Nov 1901Harmony Township73 YrMaleWhite
Barbara Schaffer28 Aug 1890Harmony Township81 YrFemaleWhite
Elisabeth Schaffer14 Nov 1889Harmony Township46 YrFemaleWhite
Edna Schaffer12 Apr 1918Harmony Township27 YrFemaleWhite
Emma S. Schlatter9 Nov 1910Harmony
Anna Schliser3 Mar 1900Harmony9 YrFemaleWhite
Jacob Schmall28 Jun 1886Harmony Township78 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth C. Schmall22 Jun 1919Harmony Township77 YrFemaleWhite
Chas R. Schnack30 Oct 1913Harmony Township1 MonMaleWhite
Wm L. Schnee19 Feb 1907Harmony38 YrMaleWhite
Ralph Scott24 Sep 1901Union20 YrMaleWhite
Margret Seifert26 Apr 1900Harmony Township70 YrFemaleWhite
Margaret Seikman4 Dec 1906Harmony Township80 YrFemaleWhite
Fred Seikurann13 Feb 1896Harmony Township76 YrMaleWhite
Ollie Servies6 Apr 1903Union18 YrMaleWhite
Wm. W. Shafer12 Aug 1908Union13 YrMaleWhite
Martin L. Shaffer31 Jul 1909Harmony78 YrMaleWhite
Frank Shaffer29 Aug 1910Harmony34 YrMaleWhite
Mary W. Shane22 Jan 1884Harmony Township20 YrFemaleWhite
Augusta Shanks7 Oct 1907Harmony29 YrFemaleWhite
William T. Shanks17 Jun 1903Harmony7 YrMaleWhite
Jane Shepard12 Sep 1894Harmony Township61 YrFemaleWhite
Nancy Shephard29 Sep 1895Harmony Township79 YrFemaleWhite
Thomas Shephard16 Oct 1895Harmony Township69 YrMaleWhite
Nancy Jan Shepherd9 May 1914Harmony Township62 YrFemaleWhite
Chas Sherman29 May 1895Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Richard Shook6 Feb 1908Harmony Township20 YrMaleWhite
Alvin Thos Simpson18 Jan 1884Harmony Township2 YrMaleWhite
R. H. Singer27 Jul 1885Union56 YrMaleWhite
Charles Slack30 Jul 1909Harmony33 YrMaleWhite
Eliza Slaughter9 Jun 1897Harmony Township12 YrFemaleColored
Mary C. Sledge28 Jun 1907Union62 YrFemaleWhite
J. Leo Smiley24 Jul 1911Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Alfred Smiley14 Jan 1915Harmony Township1 MonMaleWhite
Robert Smiley14 Jan 1915Harmony Township
Mrs. George Smith11 Jun 1919Union Township Ben. Co70 YrFemaleWhite
Robert Smith9 Jan 1894Harmony Township44 YrMaleWhite
Jas Smith20 Jan 1894Harmony Township35 YrMaleWhite
Alvin Smith25 Jun 1902Harmony Township10 YrMaleWhite
Rose Smith11 Sep 1897Harmony Township4 YrFemaleWhite
John E. Smith5 Sep 1897Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
George S. Smith3 Feb 1912Union3 MonMaleWhite
Jessie Madine Smith14 Sep 1917Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
James E. Smythe21 May 1905Harmony68 YrMaleWhite
Daniel Snell29 Mar 1907Harmony61 YrMaleWhite
Thomas Snell10 Jan 1920Harmony, Indiana66 YrMaleWhite
Amanda B. Snell5 Jul 1913Harmony38 YrFemaleWhite
John Snyder13 Oct 1902Union81 YrMaleWhite
Walter Snyder6 Dec 1918Harmony Township27 YrMaleWhite
Cerelia E. Spindler14 Oct 1918Union
John Staley13 Oct 1913Harmony Township88 YrMaleWhite
Mary Stallings30 May 1888Harmony Township72 YrFemaleWhite
Edwin Stallings8 Jul 1903Harmony Township78 YrMaleWhite
Francis M. Stallings3 Nov 1919Harmony Township82 YrMaleWhite
Geo C. Stallings21 Nov 1912Harmony Township72 YrMaleWhite
Henrietta Stallings6 Jul 1911Harmony Township70 YrFemaleWhite
Laura Stallings27 Jul 1918Harmony Township74 YrFemaleWhite
Ebijh W. Stallings26 Mar 1918Harmony Township72 YrMaleColored
Ellen Stallings31 Aug 1903Harmony Township56 YrFemaleWhite
Leranda J. Stallings17 Oct 1918Harmony Township64 YrMaleWhite
Ida Stallings29 Jan 1892Harmony Township36 YrFemaleWhite
Louilla Stallings15 May 1891Harmony Township23 YrFemaleWhite
Dica Stallings25 Aug 1917Harmony Township39 YrFemaleWhite
Ernest Stallings27 Aug 1890Harmony Township9 YrMaleWhite
Harry Stallings8 Oct 1894Harmony Township3 YrMaleWhite
Lena Stallings28 Mar 1913Harmony Township21 YrFemaleWhite
Alberta Stallings25 Dec 1898Harmony Township1 MonFemaleWhite
Catherine Stallings23 Aug 1903Harmony Township11 MonFemaleWhite
Ida M. Stapleton4 Jan 1912Harmony41 YrFemaleWhite
Nancy Steward25 Sep 1895Harmony Township42 YrFemaleWhite
Sarah Stewart29 Dec 1916Harmony Township55 YrFemaleWhite
Hatie Stewart4 Feb 1890Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
W. G. Stillwell1 May 1891Harmony Township77 YrMaleWhite
Lowise M. Stillwell27 Feb 1900Harmony Township73 YrFemaleWhite
Caroline Stillwell25 Apr 1905Harmony Township55 YrFemaleWhite
Oran W. Stillwell3 Mar 1918Center, Indiana28 YrMaleWhite
Nancy Stilwell21 Jul 1888Harmony Township63 YrFemaleWhite
Celia B. Stockton25 Jun 1910Harmony Township1 YrFemaleWhite
Benjaman Stoker28 Feb 1911Harmony Township90 YrMaleWhite
Fred Stoker29 Nov 1918Harmony Township41 YrMaleWhite
Charles Stuart22 Dec 1900Harmony Township
Celia Sundemeir24 May 1897Harmony Township9 YrFemaleWhite
Minnie Sundermeier20 Aug 1917Harmony Township72 YrFemaleWhite
Asenath Terry18 Oct 1912Harmony81 YrFemaleWhite
Claude Thomas9 Aug 1885Harmony Township3 YrFemaleWhite
John Henry Thomas28 Jan 1913Harmony18 YrMaleWhite
Thelma L. Thomas7 Jul 1915Harmony9 YrFemaleWhite
Robert F. Thompson24 Dec 1909Harmony67 YrMaleWhite
James Tillett26 Jun 1900Union66 YrMaleWhite
Mary Ann Tilley26 Jul 1914Harmony77 YrFemaleWhite
Milton Tilley26 Jan 1904Harmony66 YrMaleWhite
E. M. Tinkey12 Aug 1883Union57 YrMaleWhite
Pearl Travelstead10 Jul 1900Harmony Township9 MonFemaleWhite
George C. Travis27 Oct 1919Harmony Township69 YrMaleWhite
Mary J. Tucker11 Mar 1915Harmony Township48 YrFemaleWhite
Isabelle M. Turner24 Oct 1913Harmony1 YrFemaleWhite
Cora A. Tyler19 Sep 1905Harmony32 YrFemaleWhite
Ruby Tyler16 Sep 1905Harmony7 YrFemaleWhite
Mary Urwin23 Aug 1905Harmony67 YrFemaleWhite
Hazel Utterback13 Jan 1892Union5 YrFemaleWhite
William Vail31 Dec 1912Harmony67 YrMaleWhite
Owen Vandiver23 Feb 1900Harmony Township11 YrMaleWhite
D. S. Vandivier5 Jul 1892Union27 YrMaleWhite
Rud Veits16 Nov 1886Harmony Township5 MonMaleWhite
Malinda Verbryck25 Oct 1925Union67 YrFemaleWhite
Jane Viets28 Apr 1883Harmony Township
Wm K. Wade20 Dec 1900Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Oren Wade5 Jan 1914Harmony Township13 YrMaleWhite
Mason Wade5 May 1908Harmony Township8 MonMaleWhite
Ida Walker29 Feb 1904Harmony Township31 YrFemaleWhite
Wesley Wallace26 Apr 1908Harmony Township27 YrMaleWhite
Eva M. Warricks15 Nov 1897Harmony Township2 MonFemaleWhite
Lydia A. Waterman14 Apr 1905Union Conter60 YrFemaleWhite
Thomas Watkin11 Sep 1904Harmony67 YrMaleWhite
Eliza Watson3 Dec 1917Harmony Township84 YrFemaleWhite
Angeline Watson2 Mar 1920Harmony Township58 YrFemaleWhite
Sarah Watson13 Sep 1902Harmony Township31 YrFemaleWhite
Rosa May Watson24 Apr 1913Harmony Township25 YrFemaleWhite
William A. Weaver18 May 1910Harmony77 YrMaleWhite
John Weaver17 Mar 1885Union
Peter Weber9 May 1895Harmony Township46 YrMaleWhite
John C. White13 Nov 1883Harmony Township39 YrMaleWhite
George White23 Jan 1883Harmony Township27 YrMaleWhite
Martha Whitehead23 Jun 1900Harmony Township53 YrFemaleWhite
Earl Whitehead23 Apr 1899Harmony Township5 YrMaleWhite
Ralph M. Whitner24 Feb 1917Harmony4 YrMaleWhite
Rufus K. Whitson10 May 1901Harmony Township56 YrMaleWhite
Myrtle C. Whitson25 Jan 1896Harmony Township12 YrFemaleWhite
Ida Wilchance27 Apr 1916Harmony Township38 YrFemaleWhite
Fredrick Wiley20 Nov 1891Harmony Township26 YrMaleWhite
John Wilkerson30 Jul 1886Union69 YrMaleWhite
John Wilkerson8 Mar 1901Harmony Township84 YrMaleWhite
Mary Wilkerson2 Apr 1897Harmony Township78 YrFemaleWhite
John Williams4 Nov 1909Harmony76 YrMaleWhite
Franklin Williams24 Aug 1884Harmony Township29 YrMaleWhite
Alden L. Williams14 Jun 1900Harmony Township28 YrMaleWhite
Almida Williams10 Feb 1893Harmony Township19 YrFemaleWhite
May Williamson23 Jul 1886Harmony Township2 YrFemaleWhite
Margaret S. Wilson15 Dec 1919Harmony Township87 YrMaleWhite
Andrew R. Winn30 Dec 1903Harmony2 YrMaleWhite
Eurig Winnehan5 Apr 1887Harmony Township18 YrMaleWhite
Leroy Woods19 Oct 1894Harmony Township6 MonMaleWhite
Thos W. Woodson21 Oct 1920Harmony Township55 YrMaleWhite
Robert Wordall2 Nov 1890Harmony Township10 MonMaleWhite
Cayborn Wright12 Feb 1902Union78 YrMaleWhite
John Wright31 Mar 1918Harmony72 YrMaleWhite
Rosa Yant15 Jul 1916Harmony48 YrFemaleWhite
Rachel York26 Mar 1911Harmony Township81 YrFemaleWhite
Thomas York1 Jul 1906Harmony Township67 YrMaleWhite
Elizabeth York24 Jun 1917Harmony Township77 YrFemaleWhite
Arthur T. York3 Mar 1900Harmony Township16 YrMaleWhite
Mary York19 Aug 1910Harmony Township9 MonFemaleWhite
Charles A. York25 Jul 1915Harmony Township1 YrMaleWhite
Valmea Marie York22 Nov 1918Harmony Township2 YrFemale
Peter Young30 Jan 1892Harmony Township46 YrMaleWhite
Thomas Young28 Sep 1913Harmony Township
John Younglas29 Oct 1899Union64 YrMaleWhite

This May Not Be A Complete List
Source: Vital Records