Aydelotte, Zachariah, a prominent business man, an official, taxed at $400.
Amory, Frank George W., constitute the firm, sterling business men, taxed in the town at $1,500; total amount of taxes, $650.
Amory, Francis, Jr., one of said firm, taxed at $2,500, other property included $47,000.
Amory, George [W]., $500, and other property, making in all, $3,500.
Armstrong, John, active business man, taxed at $21 8.
Ashley, Robert, $200.
Armstrong, Kirby, $612.
Archer, Thomas, good business man, afterwards known as one of the first engineers on the E. & T. H. R. R., $1,100.
Anthony, William, well known as the owner of ferry opposite Henderson, taxed in town $3,880; whole amount of taxes in the county, $17,103.
Angel, Joseph, farmer, $450.
Aiken, David, farmer just above town, $3,173; total taxables, $14,033.
Alsop, Thomas & Son, traders, $2,520.
Butler & Coleman, merchants, $19,300.
Barker, W. H., carpenter and builder, $300.
Barnett, Joseph, farmer near town, $1,000.
Bray, Dr. M. J., leading physician and surgeon in 1836, now living in the city.
Brown, John, trader, $2,000.
Browning, Richard, farmer and miller, Scott township, $2,585.
Burtis, Jesse, farmer, $600.
Burtis, Steven, farmer.
Boardman, Sylvester, county commissioner, $200.
Barnes, Robert, a merchant with great peculiarities, $28,000.
Barnes, Neriah, brother Robert Barnes, $700.
Bourne, Charles I., clerk of court.
Burbank, John, capital, $13,000.
[C]lark, Amos, very prominent lawyer and representative in the legislature.
Clement, Charles, $2,500.
Carpenter, A. B. & Co., the company was composed of Williard Carpenter, A. B. Carpenter and John Burbank.
Caldwell, Wm., $3,100.
Chute, Daniel, then the leading school teacher of the town, afterwards postmaster, succeeding Benjamin F. Dupuy, known as one of the most accommodating and efficient men in the country round.
Cody, Barney, prominent farmer, $200.
Coffits, William, an old German soldier who was in the battle of Waterloo, very old man at this date, $200.
Calvert, James, chief clerk of the dry goods store carred on by Butler & Coleman.
Cawson, James, retired merchant, $5,500.
Dunham, Horace, one of the original settlers and a man of learning, $2,500.
Horace Dunham's brother, $12,000; and then the leading Episcopalian of our city.
Dunk, Charles, florist, $800.
Douglas & Mitchell, merchants, $10,800.
Duncan, Thomas, brother-in-law of Robert Barnes, $233.
Decamp, Abraham, farmer near town, $600.
Doming, Charles, river trader, $400.
Damon Reuben, farmer in bayou, $1,200.
Dupuy, Benjamin F. succeeded to postmastcrship in 1838.
Douglas, John, a wealthy old bachelor, and first cashier of what is now known as the Old National Bank, $8,900.
Daleran, Edward, trader in stock, $4,500.
Erskine, Andrew, Blue-grass farmer, taxed in town at $494.
Erskine John, brother of the above, $600.
Elliott, Win. N., $400.
Elliott, Joseph P., $150.
Elliott W. M. & Jos. P. Elliott, saddler merchants, $2,000.
Ewing, John A., trader, $500.
Eaton, Allen H., prominent carpenter, died not very long ago.
Edmonds, George, farmer below town.
Edmonds, William, farmer below town.
Edmonds, John, farmer below town, $546.
Edmonds, Thomas, farmer below town, $200.
Erwin, Camellius, farmer above town.
Fickas, John, farmer above town, $1,736.
Fickas, John, farmer above town, $3,500.
Fairchild, Seth, Stringtown, $1,400.
Fairchild, Ira, $1,400.
Fairchild, Sherman, $800.
Fairchild, Zera, $1,000.
Fitzgerald, Thomas, farmer near town, $1,340.
French, Ira, $450.
Granger, Ira P., farmer above town, of great notoriety at that time, $336.
Gillman, John, hatter and fur trader, $400.
Gibson, Robert, farmer, $2,200.
Goldsmith, Daniel, county commissioner, $2,500.
Goodsell, Fred E., merchant, $19,850; postmaster in 1837.
Gerard, Hamilton, Andrew, William and Eli, farmers, $2,655, $1,000, $1,000 and $300, respectively.
Greek, Katherine, mother of John Greek, now living in this city $2,000.
Griffith, C. M., a very prominent hardware merchant, stock taxed at $3,000
Goodlett, R. E., known as Judge Goodlctt, father of Ex-Mayor Goodlett, of this city, $1,000.
Hutchinsou, Abraham P., grandfather of the present Dr. Hutchinson, dentist, $2,110.
Hutchinson, Abraham P., Jr., father of Dr. Hutchinson, dentist, $2,500.
Hull, Emanuel, prominent farmer, $12,600.
Hugo, John, steamboatman, $70.
Harrington, Erin, tobacco merchant and afterward a jeweler prominent in business, $800.
Haus, Ira.
Hopkins, Hiram, farmer close to town, $1,400.
Ham, Thomas, Sr., father-in-law of John J. Chandler, Sr., and grandfather of the present John J. Chandler.
Hutchinson, Isaac, physician.
Hazard, Wm., composing the firm of Hazard & Hibbard, dry goods merchants, stock taxed at $5,000.
Harrington, C. B., $2,100.
Humphrey, Noah, trader and peddler, $2,000.
Hugo, Jenkins, river captain, $500.
Hopkins, Stephen, merchant, $4,400.
Hornby, Henry, farmer, $270.
Hornby, Wm. $527.
Hilliard, James, $1,350.
Hilliard, Wm., $1,450.
Hilliard, Alexander, $1,400; all brothers and Blue-grass farmers.
Hayhurst, James, father of the present Dr. Hayhurst.
Hooker, Thomas, Sr., and Thomas Hooker, Jr., prominent Blue grass farmers; also Levi Hooker.
Hornbrook, Saunders, wholesale and retail merchant in Armstrong township, $7,900.
Hornbrook, Philip, $500.
Hopkins, Lorenzo, farmer near town and a man of sterling worth, $100.
Ingle, James, farmer, $515.
Inwood, William, $13,749.
Ingle, John, postmaster of what is known as Inglefield and postmaster under President Monroe, held the office until hi.s death. He was the father of the present John Ingle, Jr.
Ikeby, Jacob,
Jones, Charles, trader in merchandise, $1,725.
Jones, Michael P., carpenter and builder. He built what is now known as the Old National Bank Building of this city; relatives living in the surrounding country taxed at $5,200.
Jerauld, Sylvester, merchant, afterwards moved to Princeton, $4,500.
Jones, James, G., prominent attorney and colonel of the Forty-second Indiana of the late war and first mayor of Evansville, Indiana.
Jones W. L. and James G., firm of prominent attorneys, $600.
Johnson, Charles, groceryman, $1,500.
Jerard, John, $1,715.
Kelsey, Broser, farmer near town, $2,274.
Knight, Isaac, farmer near town for whom Knight township was named, $3,700'
Knowles, Charles, prominent tanner, Blue grass, $1,675.
Keegan, Patrick, $800.
Kennerley, Eberton, county commissioner of this county at that time, $400.
Kirkpatrick; James, farmer, $280.
King, Robert, farmer, $2,000.
King, John, bayou farmer, $3,050.
King, Jeremiah, bayou farmer, $2,785.
Lilliston, J. W., associate judge, $500.
Lister & Shanklin, $1,300.
Lewis, Mrs. Octavia, widow of James Lewis, deceased, of the large business firm of James and Win. Lewis, were the leading merchants for years, left a large estate which was well managed by the late Mrs. Octavia Lewis.
Livingston, William, prominent clerk, $500.
Lyon & Wilcox, merchants, $9,600.
Lamb, Jesse, prominent contractor, the man who built Williard Carpenter's residence, the finest house in Evansville at that time.
Lane, Dr. Daniel, prominent physician in town and county.
Larnphear, Jerome, merchant, father of DeWitt Lamphear of our city.
Lockwood, John M., merchant on small scale, but now the leading banker of Mt. [Vernon].
Lacy, Wm., merchant, relative of the Lewises of this city, moved to Cynthiana and died.
Lister, Samuel, $6,300.
Lyon, Patrick, farmer below town, $3,250.
[O]' Laughlin, Alex & Co., represented by Samuel Orr, at that time manager in the iron business and pork packer, $3,000.
Long, Simon, bayou farmer, $3,150.
Lofton, Siner, colored, $1,050; servant of General Kobert M. Evans, who gave her a full lot, corner Third and Walnut, as a gift for kind services rendered during his life.
Lewis, Wm. and James, leading merchants and property holders.
Maidlow, E., $1,968 ; leading farmer in Scott township.
Maidlow, John S., $1,038 ; also farmer.
McGill, John H., leading merchant, $5,000.
Malone, Samuel, river captain, $607.
Malone, S. & S., $5,000.
Mathena, Morris, river pilot, $1,374.
Mitchell, John, first president of the Old National bank, $22,000.
McCallister, Wm. E., $2,050.
McCallister, John C., $3,100.
Mills, Brackett, for many years a contractor and carpenter, but having met with a severe accident, a fall, while building Carpenter's block, he was elected magistrate during the remainder of his life.
Miller, Daniel, sheriff of county, father of Calhoun Miller, river pilot at the present time.
Mansell, Samuel, owned large portion city wharf at that time, afterwards sold to Dr. L. Bray and others; has many relatives now living.
McCallister, Clar, $4,240.
Morrison, Wm., merchant tailor, prominent business man, $370.
McKnitt, Wm., then sexton at cemetery.
Newman, Jonathan, $1,000.
Nightingale, [R]obert, $1,000; Jesse Nightingale, his brother, prominent business men.
Nelson, Hiram, prominent merchant and auctioneer, $600.
Negley, David, then owned the Negley mill, a great place of resort for grain men.
Olmstead, Samuel, associated judge, $2,900.
Onyet, William, prominent farmer, moved to California.
Onyet, Thomas and John, prominent farmers.
Parrett, Robert, father of Judge Parrett and others, proprietor of Parrett's addition to the city of Evansville, Ind.; prominent Methodist divine, preached throughout the country.
Rowley Royston, Barney, then treasurer of Vanderburgh county and merchant, $8,000 ; grandfather of the present Barney Royston.
Shanklin, John, leading merchant, father of the present editor of the Courier, $54,305.
Sherwood, Marcus, prominent hotel man and real estate owner, father of the present Wni. Sherwood, $16,200.
Stinson, John M., very large property holder, once o[w]ner of what is now known as the southern enlargement of Evansville, Ind.
Stinson, Thomas, lately deceased.
Stinson, [W]m. H. brother of Thomas Stinson.
Sinzich, Jacob, father of all the Sinzichs that have left the city ; his wife was founder of the present orphan's asylum.
Scantlin, James, father of Thomas and James Scantlin, now of this city, tinner by trade, $1,000.
Scantlin, Thomas, now of this city.
Scott, Grandel, farmer near town, $1,300.
Satterlee, Varney, wagon and carriage maker; he built for the present Thomas Scantlin the first buggy ever built in this city.
Stevens, Joshua, an extensive farmer of Stringtown ; removed to California early in the forties and died.
Stevens, Silas, son-in-law of General Evans, father of the present Mrs. James Scantlin, of this city. He was the first saddle manufacturer of Evansville, Ind.
Townseud, Leauder, $2,000.
Thorn, Clinton, one of the Journal's attaches, $6,620.
Thurston, Wm. & Co., dry goods merchant, moved to Cincinnati, was the original proprietor of the Burnett house.
Trafton, Dr., one of the leading physicians of this country.
Tupman, James, farmer near town, $1,200.
VaiiD, John A. and Jesse L. The present Squire Vann is a descendant of one of these brothers and occupies the same old farm in Knight township.
Voorhees, Charles, civil engineer, laid out the Wabash and Erie canal, completed in 1837, $2,696.
Viele, Charles, of our city, a young man then, clerk for A. B. Carpenter & Co.
Wood, Luke, prominent farmer near city, $9,975.
Warner, Alanson, stage contractor from Evansville to Vincen[n]es, at that time a very prominent man in the undertakings for the prosperity of Evansville, afterwards composed the firm of Setchell A. Warner, livery stable men.

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