Clinton, IN. Sept. 10,1898.
Dr. John H. Bogart, hat at the request of the heirs, been appointed as administrator of the estate of ex-Governor Matthews and qualified as such today. Mr. Bogart has for many years been the confidential friend of the family, and during the Matthew’s administration was treasurer of the Soldier’s And Sailor’s Orphan’s Home. Governor Matthews left no will.

Clinton, Ind.. Sept. 29.—The campaign in Vermillion county is now fairly on, and the indications were never more favorable for a Republican victory. There Is perfect harmony in the ranks, while there is a factional fight In the Democratic camp. The temperance element of the free-silver forces is In revolt against Frank Slater, the Democratic nominee for sheriff, who Is an ex-saloon keeper, and was nominated at the command of Morgan J. Tucker, saloon Keeper and Democratic county boss. Slater wag run in as a "dark horse," and the candidates declare his nomination was secured by treachery. Two of the leading Democrats of the county who were slaughtered In the convention are out working for the defeat of the entire Democratic ticket. The Populists cut practically no figure in Vermillion county politics, but the temperance element will go to the Republican party. The feeling against Congressman Paris, of this (the Fifth) district, has almost subsided, and it is almost certain he will receive the undivided Republican vote of the county. Samuel Hamill, the Democratic candidate, is making his canvass, but at every appointment is greeted with discouragingly small audiences.
Source: Indiana Journal Oct 5, 1898

Clinton IN- September 10-Dr John H. Bogart has, at the request of the heirs, been appointed as administrator of the estate of ex-Governor Matthews and qualified as such today.  Mr. Bogart has or years been confidential friend of the family, and during the Matthews administration was treasurer of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home.  Governor Matthews left no will.
Submitted by Desiree Burrell Rodcay
From the "Indiana State Journal" dated September 14, 1898

remaining in the Post Office at Newport, Vermillion county, Indiana, on the 31st of December 1826 - which if not taken out within three months will be sen to the General Post Office as dead letters.
C - Caldwell Saml, M Cotrelle John, Coleman, Isaac
D - Daggot, Jacob
F - Fielder, Enis, Fielder, Rentald, Frasier, David
H - Hendrix, John, Haworth, James, Hubbard, N & C
L - Ludwick, Ludlow
M - Mankins, John
R - Randale, Jasper
S - Straby, Charles
W - Woles, Wm, Wheler, Jesse
V - Vance, John W, Vance, Moses B
Z - Zabrisky, Christian
John Collett, P.M.
The Western Register and Terra Haute Advertiser, Vol 3, No 49, Terre Haute, Vigo County, 14 Feb 1827

On the 12th day of October 1829, Thomas Hughes, of the county of Loudoun, Virginia, put into the post office at Leesburg, in said county and state, a letter directed to "Constantine Hughes, Perrysville, Vermillion county, Indiana; enclosing one note on the Bank of the United States, payable to its branch at Norfolk, for one hundred dollars; letter E, No 46, date not recollected; And the right hand halves of four other notes on the Bank of the United States, of the following amount and description--one for one hundred dollars payable at the branch at New Orleans, letter E No 1150, dated the 1st day of January 1825--one for one hundred dollars payable at the same branch, letter D, No 167, dated the 5th day of April 1817--one for twenty dollars, payable at the branch of Richmond, letter E No 616, dated the 7th day of May 1817--and one for five dollars, No 3860, dated Lexington, 7th January 1828.--Which letter, with the notes aforesaid,  never came to hand, but was stolen, lost or destroyed. The subscriber will give the above reward for such information as will lead to the recovery of said notes. CONSTANTINE HUGHES, Vermillion county, Inda, Apr 25, June 25, 1831 25 3 mo.
Genius of Liberty, Vol 15, No 26, 2 Jul 1831

Will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of my man LEWIS to me at my residence in Limestone county, Alabama; or $100 dollars, secured in any jail in the United States, so that I get him again. He is about 25 years old, of a mullatto color, bushy head, has a cut across one of his hands, (not recollected which,) that causes one finger to be a little stiff, and is about 5 feet 10 inches high. He was lately apprehended and put in jail in Vermillions county, Indiana, but was released before I could get him. Information to get given to me by letter, directed to Athens, Alabama. SAM'L D. WHITE,September 20, 1831--35-3m
Western Sun & General Advertiser, Vol 25, No 38, Vincennes, Knox County, 11 Oct 1834

Daily Tribune (Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN) 16 Nov 1914 - transcribed by J.S.
Terre Haute, Although Smallest of 54 Districts in United States, Ranks Sixteenth

Out of fifty-four recruiting districts in the United States, Terre Haute, which is the smallest of any of the stations, ranks sixteenth, accending to the report recently issued by the adjutant general of the army. During the past week twenty two men have enlisted at the local station. Three of these men have seen service in the navy before their enlistment and three of thm[sic] re-enlisted. The men are:

Thomas McKown has served four years in the navy and was discharged from the Philadelphia December 18, 1909.
John F. Grass, Decatur, Ill, coast artillery; Grass has served four years in the navy and was discharged from the Arkansas October 23, 1913.
Robert F. Ponton, Vermillion county, Indiana, cavalary; Ponton has served four years in the navy and was discharged from the receiving ship at Norfolk, Va, July 1, 1913.
James E. Blackburn, Sullivan, Tenn, field artillery; Blackburn has served three years in Battery C, Second field artillery, and was discharged, as a first-class gunner August 24, 1914.
Marshall Johnson, Terre Haute, , coast artillery; Johnson has served three years with Company L, Seventh infantry, and was discharged May 24, 1914.
Elvy Henis, Evansville, Ind, coast artillery; Henis has served six years as a member of the One Hundred and Nineteenth company, coast artillery, and was discharged October 13, 1914.
John Horan, Poughkeepsie, NY, cavalary.
Charles P. Mullen, 941 South Twenty-fifth street, Terre Haute, infantry.
Clarence Dunn, Washington DC, infantry.
Charles C. Wheeler, Galesburg, Ill, infantry.
Lenzy Pruitt, Breckenridge, KY, field artillery.
Berlyn Marvin, Springfield, MO, field artillery.
Guy B Deep, Lexington, KY, coast artillery.
Lester C. Morris, Amboy, MInn, field artillery.
Noah A Long, Carroll county, Indiana., cavalry.
John H Frankling, Campbellville, Ky, infantry.
Silas Parks, Chrisman, Ill, cavalry.
Harry L Delmore, Portsmouth, O, coast artillery. Walter Safford, Terre Haute, coast artillery, and
Robert E Albin, Terre Haute, field artillery.

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