NAME First Postoffice
Occupation Nativity Date Settled
Armstrong, Charles W Boonville Attorney Evansville, Ind., 1848
Adams, T. S. Boonville Farmer Cumberland County, Ky 1817
Broshears, A. F. Boonville Deputy Sheriff Ohio County, Ky 1857
Brown, Frank Boonville Pnnter Boonville 1862
Bennett, M. W. Boonville Grocer Indianapolis, Ind. 1841
Barker, Wm. L. Boonville Physician Charleston, S. C. 1846
Bock, Edward Boonville Saddle and Harness Maker Stattgart, Germany 1876
Bates, B. N. Boonville   Hampshire County, Mass 1841
Baum, George Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1840
Bateman, Samuel Boonville Farmer Amherst County, Va 1849
Brant, J. D. Lynnville Farmer Spencer County, Ind 1874
Bateman, W. J. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1854
Bone, Wm. H. Folsomville Tobacconist Warrick County 1837
Cockrum, John B. Boonville Attorney Oakland. Indiana 1878
Campbell, James W. Boonville Sheriff Warrick County 1852
Cabbage, James W. Eby Representative Russell County, Ky 1832
Caswell, Orrin Yankeetown Farmer New York 1841
Campbell, Morris B. Eby Farmer Cuyhoga County, Ohio 1837
Cook, Frederick Canal Trustee of Greer Township Cambridgeshire, England 1851
Campbell, Philetus Eby Farmer Cuyhoga County, Ohio 1837
Carlisle, P. P. Foisomville Commissioner Pike County, Indiana 1838
Dickey, F. J. Boonville Physician Gallatin County, Illinios 1879
Dailey, W. W. Boonville Physician Breckenridge County, Ky 1860
Dillingham, Charles H. Boonville Farmer    
Donaldson, Wm. Chandler Farmer Defiance County, Ohio 1865
Davis, Wm. R. Boonville Farmer Mercer County, Kentucky 1839
Dailey, T. G. Boonville Physician Breckenridge County, Ky 1856
Day, Jasper N. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1862
Dail, John C. Eby Farmer Clermont County, Ohio 1842
Davis, W. H. T. Canal Farmer Ohio County, Kentucky 1833
Downs, T. J. Boonville Farmer Ohio County, Kentucky 1855
Eby, Isaac Boonville Grocer Jackson County, Indiana 1871
Ferguson, C. C. Elberfield Physician Philadelphia 1845
Freundlich, Jacob Eby Proprietor of Saw-mill Warrick County 1857
Freck, Andrew Boonville Merchant Warrick County 1851
Fuller, Benjamin Boonville Saloon-keeper Westheim, Germany 1867
Fuller, W. W. Boonville Shoemaker Westheim, Germany 1875
Fisher, J. C. Boonville Trustee of Boon Township Warrick County 1829
Ferguson, Charles Boonville County Superintendent Warrick County 1856
Ferguson, W. D. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1845
Fay, T. J. Boonville Farmer Newcastle County, Del 1846
Eckstein, Leonard Boonville Superintendent Poor Asylum Warrick County 1834
Ewen, George Yankeetown Merchant Warrick County 1845
Gough, Edward Boonville Attorney Manchester, England 1855
Gordner, Charles, Sr. Boonville Blacksmith Abendtheier, Germany 1856
Graves W. H. Boonvllle Farmer Ohio County, Kentucky 1872
Goad, Homer Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1861
Gee, E. D. Eby Farmer Geauga County, Ohio 1838
Graham, R. M. Boonville Publisher Boonville, Indiana 1849
Handy, John B. Boonville Judge of Second Circuit Washington, D. C. 1841
Hudson, J. W. Posey Indiana Merchant Boonville, Indiana 1856
Houghland, U. S. Boonville Dentist Boonville, Indiana 1863
Hudspeth, J. M. Boonville Merchant Boonville, Indiana 1850
Husk, Mrs. M. J. Boonville Proprietress Prince Albert Hotel Mercer County, Kentucky 1852
Hollis, C. L. Boonville Salesman Henderson County, Ky 1859
Hatfield, S. B. Boonville Prosecutor of Second District Meade County, Kentucky 1876
Hepp, F. C. Boonville Grocer Birkenfeld, Germany 1847
Hines, Nathan P. Newburgh Farmer Warrick County 1861
Hargrave, W. J. Boonville Miller Warrick County 1833
Hart, D. L. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1834
Hart, T. B, Boonville State Senator Warrick County 1836
Hinman, D. L. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1862
Hartel G, H. Eby Farmer Geauga County, Ohio 1859
Heim, Constantine Canal Farmer Eisfeld, Germany 1853
Heim, Adolph W. Canal Trustee of Campbell Township Eisfeld, Germany 1853
Hodges, T. J. Folsomville Teacher Warrick County 1860
Johnson, Harvey Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1840
Jones, T. B. Lynnville Physician Spencer County 1873
Koegle, F. W. Boonville Bookseller and Grocer New Orleans, Louisiana 1853
Kulpe, Wm. H. & Co. Boonville Dealer in Agricultural Implem'ts Dayton, Ohio 1877
Knight, A. Boonville Farmer Vanderburgh County 1880
Keegan, C. J. Canal Physician Vanderburgh County 1858
Kelley, Commodore Folsomville Trustee of Owen Township Warrick County 1844
Lunenburgh, Albert Boonville Merchant Duessoldorf, Germany 1852
Lowell, John W. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1835
Lowrance, W. R. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1835
Lee, G. G. Eby Farmer Perry County, Kentucky 1842
Masters, George L. Boonville Postmaster and Merchant Warrick County 1845
McKinney, J. W. Boonville Dentist Spencer County, Indiana 1877
McAvoy, J. F. Mt. Vernon, Indiana Liveryman New York City 1880
McCulla, J. H. Boonville Merchant Boonville 1839
Morgan, Charles F. Boonville Merchant Boonville 1855
Matthewson, C. C. Boonville Druggist Boonville 1840
Moore, R. D. O. Boonville Clerk of Warrick County Boonville 1848
McGlasson, T. D. Boonville Teacher Warrick County 1859
Madden, J. G. Boonville Teacher Warrick County 1861
Miller, Preston Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1864
Massie, Mrs. Kate Boonville   Cumberland County, Ky 1862
McCool, Emery Chandler Farmer Warrick County 1838
McCoy, J. S. Elberfield Physician Spencer County, Indiana 1876
Morris, Joseph Welte's Grocer Baltimore, Maryland 1877
McVey, W. H. Selvin Physician Spencer County, Indiana 1868
Oatley, C. L. Boonville Miller Muskingum County, Ohio 1859
Olin, Townsend Boonville Farmer and Teacher Benin_ ton, Vermont 1823
Parke, Charles Canal Physican Westneath County, Ireland 1819
Patterson, W. H. Boonville Attorney Warrick County 1847
Pelzer, F. W. Boonville Teacher Warrick County 1859
Perigo, Ezekiel Boonville -- Ohio County Kentucky 1819
Perigo, Robert Boonville Blacksmith Osnabrech, Germany 1860
Phelps, A. M. Newburgh -- Hartford Vermont 1830
Piatt, R. M. Boonville Attorney Warrick County 1850
Picker, C. F. Boonville Merchant Berlin, Germany 187x
Reith, G. M. Boonville Butcher Bavaria 1869
Reynolds, John A. Boonville Farmer Geauga County, Ohio 1840
Roth, George J. Boonville Merchant Westheim, Germany 1861
Roth, Will Boonville Merchant Pike County, Ohio 1854
Scales, H. M. Boonville County Treasurer Warrick County 1841
Scales, Wm. B. Boonville Physician Warrick County 1841
Scales, Wilson Boonville Salesman Warrick County 1827
Schneider, Charles, Sr. Boonville Gunsmith and Grocer Idar, Germany 1854
Seitz, Jacob Boonville Tobacconist Warrick County 1841
Seitz, Wm B. Boonville Tobacconist Warrick County 1857
Shafer, John C. Boonville Tinner Montezuma, New York 1866
Shepherd, J L. B. Canal Mechanic Spencer County, Indiana 1879
Schrieber, Gustavus Boonville Grocer Herford, Prussia 1871
Shrode, F. P. Eby Farmer Spencer County, Indiana 1825
Shrode, T. Judson Eby Teacher Warrick County 1858
Simon, Patrick Boonville Saloon-Keeper Golway County, Ireland 1858
Stone, Joseph H. Boonville Farmer Cumberland County, Ky 1848
Stone, Wm. T. Boonville Blacksmith Warrick County 1841
Stone, W. H. Boonville Coal Dealer Henderson County, Ky 1849
Stubbs, Wm C. Canal Farmer Campbell County, Ky. 1844
Summers, W. I. Newburgh Farmer Butler County, Ohio 1837
Swint, Wm. Boonville Publisher Jasper, Indiana 1870
Taylor, John L. Boonville Attorney Warrick County 1850
Taylor, Simon W. Boonville Teacher Spencer County, Indiana 1856
Thornburgh, John C. Boonville Grocer Greenfield, Pennsylvania 1844
Thornburgh, J. W. Boonville Teacher Warrick County 1860
Taylor, Mrs M. J. Boonville   New Harmony, Posey Co 1836
Tanner, H. W. Boonville Music teacher Warrick County 1846
Tilman, J. R. Newburgh Physician Cumberland County, Ky 1850
Tyner, S. L. Lynnville Physician Posey County, Ind 1852
Wilde, G. O. E. Boonville Druggist Pomerania, Prussia 1869
Williams, W. A. Boonville Ex-Sheriff Warrick County 1842
Weierbacher, Chas F. Boonville Dealer in sewing machines Warrick County 1856
Wood, James M. Boonville Printer Newburgh, Ind 1863
Weiskopt, Phillip Evansville Teacher Hesse Darmstadt, Germany 1870
Wilson, Rice Boonville County Recorder Russell County, Kentucky 1848
Wylie, James Boonville Tobacconist Ayershire, Scotland 1869
Williams, Henry Newburgh   Randolph County, N. C. 1810
Wisdom, J. W. Lynnville Teacher Metcalf County, Kentucky 1877
Wilson, W. Yankeetown Physician Grayson County, Kentucky 1873
Whittinghill, Wm. S. Selvin Attorney Warrick County 1852
Whittinghill, W. Scott Gentryville, Ind Teacher Warrick County 1850
Whittinghill, P. N. Selvin Fanner Warrick County 1826
White, James P Boonville Farmer Perry County, Penn 1849
Youngblood, I. E. Boonville Publisher Warrick County 1849
Youngblood, Edward Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1854
Youngblood, T. B. Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1827
Youngblood, J Wilson Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1823
Youngblood, Andrew Boonville Farmer Warrick County 1844
Zimmerman, D. C. Lynnville Attorney Lynnville Ind 1851