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No history extant is free from errors. They are generally the result either of indifference on the part of those acquainted with the facts or the lack of information of the historian. This volume is doubtless one with many faults; but it is offered to the patrons as the best that could be produced under the numerous disadvantages besetting its prosecution, and without entailing an unjustifiable expense upon the publisher. Care has been taken to make the historical part of the work correct, and, although it is doubtless incomplete, it is of extraordinary length and detail for a work of its character.

The biographical part is chiefly a record of living men. These are represented from all classes, professional, business and agricultural. To write the biography of a living person is a work of appalling delicacy. Speak well of him and his enemies call it servile flattery. Speak ill of him and his friends call it the grossest injustice. Thus, it is impossible for the biographer to escape censure from one of the two sources. The different biographical subjects of this work are not unlike all mankind. They all have faults, but it is not our province to hold those faults up to the public gaze for the gratification of a certain class that delight in the depreciation of their fellow-men. The sole endeavor has been to do the subjects justice as near as possible in the short space allotted. If the biographical part is incomplete, the fault can not be justly attributed to the editor. Trusting that the work will be given a just consideration and that it may be of some value or interest to the posterity of the prominent people of Warrick county of the present it is submitted to the public.

Boonville, Indiana, 1881

* Source: "Warrick and Its Prominent People: A History of Warrick County, Indiana from the Time of Its Organization and Settlement, with Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent People of the Past and Present", By William Fortune Published by Courier Co., 1881,

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