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White County, Indiana



Joseph—Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, residing near Medaryvllle: January 7th. son. Larry.
Watkins—Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. residing west of Monon on Wolcott rural route; January 10th. a son. Roy Merlin.
Ehrlich-Mr and Mrs. Donald. Francesville: Wednesday. January 15th. a son, James Ralph.
Mr. Ehrlich is director of the Francesville school band.
The Monon Indiana News Friday January 17, 1941

Provo—Mr. and Mrs. Leo, Francesville. January 21st, a son, Charles Lawrence Lewis.
Odle—Mr and Mrs Everett. Medaryville: January 13th In Jasper county hospital. Rensselaer, a daughter.
Sandifur—Mr and Mrs. Bruce, Medaryville: January 18th   In Carneal hospital. Winamac. a daughter.
Hewitt—Mr. and Mrs. Robert, residing near Fowler: Sunday. January 19. a son. their second child, first son. Mrs.
Hewitt is the former Miss Margaret Cochran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cochran. McCoysburg.
The Monon News January 24, 1941

The Monon News Feb. 7 1941
Whistler - Mr and Mrs. Daniel, of Francesville; February 5th. a son.
Lowry - Mr. and Mrs. D.. Francesville; January 29th. a stillborn son.
Cooley - Mr and Mrs. Clifford, Monon; January 31st. a son. Edwin Leroy.
Houston - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. Monday. February 3rd. at St. Elisabeth hospital. Lafayette, a daughter.
Heinke - Mr. and Mrs. Walter. Walled Lake. Mich.. January 21st, a son, Rocque LeRoy Mrs Heinke is the former Miss Dorothy Marlowe of Wolcott.
Kain - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. Jasper county, February 3rd. In the hospital at Rensselaer, by Ceasarian operation.

The child, whose sex was not stated In notice given The News, died. The mother Is the former Miss Mary Render of Francesville.

Mr. and Mrs. James Downs are the parents of a son bom January 37th In the hospital at Rensselaer. It Is reported the child
will be kept In an Incubator two or three weeks. The mother Is the former Miss Myrtle Demps of this place.
The Monon News Feb. 7 1941

The Monon News February 14, 1941
Anderson - Mr. and Mrs. James, Sitka. February 10th. a son.
Kasteen - Mr. and Mrs. Gary, residing near Medaryville; February 8th. a son. Damon Roy.
McCollum - Mr. and Mrs. Jesse. Wolcott; February 7th In St. Elisabeth hospital, Lafayette, a son.
Heinold - Mr and Mrs. Ray. Valparaiso; February 2nd. a son. The mother is the former Miss Marie Weutrlch of Francesville.
Richardson - Dr. and Mrs. Charles, Rochester; February 3rd. a daughter, Beth Charllne. The parents are former Monon residents.
Trent - Mr. and Mrs. N. E.. Paxton Illinois; a son.Rlchard Allen. The mother is the farmer Miss Valeria Telfer of
Chalmers. Date of the birth was not stated in notice sent to The News.

Monon, Indiana Friday November 14, 1941
Johnson - Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, Francesville; November 6th at Jasper County hospital, a daughter.
Belswanger - Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Francesville November 9th at Banwart maternity home a son.
Day - Mr. and Mrs. Adrian. Lafayette; November 8, a daughter. Mrs. Day is  the former Vivian Hall of Chalmers
Faker - Mr. and Mrs Edmund, Remington: November 8th a son Mr. and Mrs. Faker


The Monon News March 7, 1941
Emonds - Mr. and Mrs. Harry; Wolcott; March 4th, a daughter.
Wiese - Mr. and Mrs. Corenz, Reynolds; February 27th in Home hospital, Lafayette, a son.
Culp - Mr. and Mrs. Walter, residing near Francesville; February 28th in Jasper County hospital, Rensselaer, a son, James Paul.
Martin - Mr. and Mrs. Wesley, Belleville, N. J. February 27th a daughter, Mrs. Martin is the former Maribel Boehme of Monon.
McCracken - Mr. and Mrs. Marlen of Kentland; February 28th, a son, Ray Thomas. The mother is the former Miss Eileen Jordan of Wolcott.
Cook - Mr. and Mrs. Ruppert, Hammond; a daughter. The mother is the former Miss Louise Plumb of Chalmers
Date of birth was not stated in notice given The News.

The Monon News December 19, 2009
Owens - Mr. and Mrs. Verun, near Medaryville: December 15th. a daughter.
Waymiro - Mr. and Mrs. Virgil, of Francesville; December 10th, a son, Ronnie Joe.
Linton - Dr. and Mrs. C. D.P Walkerton; December 13th. a son. Mr. Linton is a son of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Linton of Medaryville.

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