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Mrs. Flora Eldridge Nolon, Monon. was granted divorce. Monday, from S.
W. Nolan and given restoration of her name. Flora Eldrldge.
The Monon News Friday January 10, 1941


Hazel Yount has filed suit in Tippecanoe circuit court for divorce from James Yount. Montlcello
and asks custody of their minor son. They were married December 23. 1935, separated June 3. 1938.
The Monon News February 14, 1941


Nellie M. Allen of Monticello was granted divorce from Charles R. Allen, and given custody of their six minor children.
Nina R. Davis, residing near Monticello, was granted divorce from Loren F. Davis and given custody of their minor son.
The couple married November 29, 1916. separated October 10, 1940.
The Monon News January 24, 1941

Mrs. Nora Frank of Monon was granted divorce from Oscar Frank Thursday of last week.
The couple was married September 10, 1929, separated February 11, 1940.
Pearl Hough of Monon was granted divorce from Logan E. Hough.
They were married November 2, 1935, separated September 26, 1941.
Atty. R. G. Bostick represented the plaintiff's in both suits.
Mrs. Irene Blackwood of Monticello has filed suit for divorce from William Blackwood.
The couple was married May 3, 1941, separated August 22, 1941.
The plaintiff asks the custody of their minor child.
The Monon News December 19, 2009

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